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see I was recently asked by the spirit of the dolphins to serve as their voice by channeling their messages. I call upon the  dolphins to sing their songs of Love through me. I am honored to  serve as their voice upon Mother Earth. Hey Ho See, We are One. Hey Ho Sha, We are Love. […]


get link Blessings and good day. Someone has asked of us, “Who or what is the Creator?” We are excited to be called upon and to serve in this manner.

follow The Creator is the force, the power, the energy of Love. The Creator is, was, and always shall be. The Creator is an energy from which all is created. The Creator has created everything with Life Force, or Mana, which is Love. The Creator is energy. Everything in life is made up of energy, the energy of Unconditional Love, in its pure state. While the Creator has expanded this Love by creating all of existence, He/She has gifted His children with this power of creation through …


side effects of chinese viagra drugs Blessings. And good day to you on this special day of gratitude. Of course, all of you who are on this path of Light with us, Teran and my team of angels, know that gratitude is the foundation from which great, honorable, and loving works are founded. Gratitude creates a powerful energy of Light which slices through the darkness, expanding the field of the consciousness of the Creator. Gratitude creates an energy in which illusion and dark forces cannot thrive easily.


http://realestatelibrary.com/?x=cheap-viagra-in-uk Yes, it is with great joy that I begin this new work with you, Sulara, my mother in the Earth. Thank you for offering yourself once again as my voice for this new project, which shall be called The Voice of Oneness. For this voice, my voice along with many other spirits of light, shall call out unto not only your realm, but many others, connecting one and all in the spirit of Love and Oneness.