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here By Teran with Sulara New Year’s Day, 2019 Blessings be, my dear Mother Sulara. I, Teran, and my band of angels come forward this day, the first day of 2019, to bring blessings and joy, to bring blessings, joy, and hope to all those who will receive this message, to all those whose hearts are […]


get link January 10th, 2018 Blessings, daughter of the Light. We are honored to be called upon to bring a message of hope, joy, and Love into the Earth plane with your loving assistance for this New Year, 2018. As we have said in past, great changes lie just ahead for the planet, as many preparations have […]

“Gather with your spiritual families…” – 9-10-17

enter “Gather with your spiritual families to wait out the storms, strong in your unity, supporting a New World founded on… Love. Dearest Friends & Loved Ones, The above is from “The Voice of Oneness #10” by Teran with Sulara. Teran and I invite you to read this timely message now (posted here August 5th), given […]