GIFT FROM THE WHALES – 2-14-17 One morning not long ago, I hung upside down in the ocean with my ear next to the bottom, taking in the song of the whales., I do a lot of that when I swim during whale season, opening my heart to take in their love and sending them love & gratitude in return for their many gifts & blessings to humanity, Mother Earth, and all of life upon her. Right after that time with them that morning as I was walking on the beach, I was given this GIFT FROM THE WHALES. It has become my daily mantra. Whenever I feel the need for balance and ease (which is often these days), I begin breathing…

see Breathing in PARADISE
Breathing out GRATITUDE

non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs alternatives to viagra Breathing in THE SONG OF THE WHALES
Breathing out COMPASSION Breathing in PEACE
Breathing out PURE JOY

Breathing out HER LOVE.

follow Just wanted to share this once again because it brings me so much joy, as do the whales… WARMEST ALOHA TO YOU! 🙂

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