Blessings. There are many gathered here who have heard your call to serve as a channel for a message of Love and Light from Spirit on this first day of the New Year of 2014.

As this season of Love continues into the New Year, many new energies are coming forth to assist the Earth plane and all of life upon her. This past year has been a time of transition, a time of development as those who are to move ahead into the new consciousness have been experiencing many shifts as all the bodies (mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical) are responding to changes that continue to prepare all of you there in the Earth who will be leaving behind the old habits entrenched in fear and resistance to the flow of Light which is manifesting to assist in the changes in consciousness that are occurring during these initial stages of the Golden Age.

Gold is the color of the light which is heralding in the changes that are needed to make the changes that are in alignment with the new order which is being introduced and established into the Earth plane.

It is a time which can be confusing and chaotic for many, as the new energies are brought in while the old energies which no longer serve the Earth and her inhabitants remain quite prevalent and active. These energies are as two opposing forces, the old ways of being for individuals as well as institutions, and the new, vital energies that are being brought forth to assist in the transition to a new order based on Love and Truth rather than fear and illusion.

This will be a year of Great Change, not only personally for those who are moving forward into the flow of the New Dawn, but also for the outdated institutions that are inhibiting the transition into the Golden Age.

There will be further chaos in the coming year as Mother Earth continues her cleansing that is needed to raise the vibration of the planet which provides the home and nourishment to all of life in the Earth plane. There will be upheaval on multiple levels, which is needed in order to prepare for the new foundation that will be part of the new consciousness upon the planet.

How to weather all this upheaval, chaos, and confusion? Going within, into your heart of hearts wherein the only true stability and foundation reside, is the answer. This will be a year which will challenge many but that will also strengthen many and support many in the positive changes they have made as their spirits have called upon them to choose the path of light rather than that of habit in ways that no longer serve them.

Change does not come easily to most humans, yet with an attitude of gratitude, that change may be accomplished with relatively little discomfort and challenge. There is nothing to fear as long as one knows and trusts that these changes which seem to bring such chaos and challenge are the stepping stones to a planet which reflects the peace and joy which are so deeply desired. Peace, joy, and Love are those things that will rise through the rubble, the destruction of the old ways of being.

Hearts that are open and receptive to the new ways of being that are necessary to effect a true healing to the very core for the planet and for all living things will be the outcome of those challenging events which will help usher in the new energies which are needed for a true shift from fear into Love for the planet.

Remember that the discomfort, the chaos, and the confusion are a necessary part of the transition, just as when humans give birth to new life. Instead of the few minutes or hours of transition that may be experienced by a mother during the birth process, the period of transition as the Earth is cleansed and gives birth to the new energy of Love which is to be the new foundation for the planet and the life upon her is on such a larger scale, that the transition has many stages and must necessarily cover a much longer period of “time”.

But just as the discomfort of the childbirth is acknowledged by most as well worth it for the end product of the miracle of birth, this time of transition is well worth the birth of a new energy which shall transform the planet and all of life upon her into a new existence based upon Love and joy and peace.

So as all seems to be falling apart around you, trust that all is in perfect order, worth the “labor pains” involved in such a birth. This knowledge and this trust shall help you to endure any discomfort. Hold an attitude of trust and peace in the knowledge that the changes that all truly long for in their lives and upon the planet are occurring.

So honor these changes and know yourself to be fully capable of weathering any storm that surrounds you as long as you go within to the core of your being, that flame of Love which you are as a part of the Creator.

2014 will not bring the birth to the desired conclusion of a planet free of fear, anger, and violence. Yet some major and important steps toward that achievement will be realized.

Remain true to your path of choosing Love, not fear, and joy, not sadness and victimhood, and you will be assisting in and creating this new Planet of Peace for which you long. You are the co-creators. You are the change which you long for. You are the answer to the question of what is needed to create a planet filled with the Love, the joy, and peace which is so desired.

Hold this hope in your heart. Hold this truth in your heart. This New Year holds the seeds of all which you desire to create within your heart and upon the planet. Nourish these seeds with your intent and loving care to be the change that you want to see in the world around you. Love, laugh, and be grateful for your life and this opportunity to co-create a planet based on unconditional Love, peace, and joy.

You are the answer to your prayer. You are the answer you are waiting for. As this New Year unfolds, live in each moment choosing Love, choosing joy, choosing peace. Thus shall these things be created within and upon the planet.

2014… The numbers add up to 7, the number of beginnings and endings. Let go of the old and welcome the new. Let all old habits that do not support Love drop away. Replace them with thoughts, hopes, prayers, and actions which create the changes that you want. Be grateful for the gift and blessing of Life which you have been given. Don’t take it for granted. Make the most of it in each and every moment.

Love yourself. Love the Creator. Love all of Life and give thanks for this opportunity of co-creation and for all of your many blessings.

Open your heart to receive all the Love, all the Light, and all the gifts and blessings this year of new beginnings and endings is offering on this magnificent journey.

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