Sulara’s New Year 2015 Message of the Moment with Spirit

 The Year of EnLIGHTenment

 Blessings. And the New Year has arrived. And with it greater hope, greater wisdom, greater joy. For as the forces of light and of dark (or lack of light) have progressively become more and more distinct and separate, many have been asked to choose and have chosen which path they wish to follow. Fewer and fewer are able to continue to sit on the fence, but as a result of their experiences in this past year, have been encouraged to choose the path with which they align… that of Love and Joy and responsibility for their choices and the co-creation of their reality and what is reflected without into the world, or the path of fear and victimhood.


Many have been assisted by the energies that entered during the past year, to take a stand, to make a choice to follow their hearts. The powerful and intense energies and events during the past year have made it more and more difficult for those sitting on the fence, so to speak, to remain there. Their eyes have been opened to Truth, and those with the courage have chosen to take a leap of faith and follow the wisdom and the love within their hearts. Those who have chosen otherwise are just as loved, just as cherished and blessed by the Creator, as those who have chosen the Light. For Mother-Father God does not judge and does not withhold Her unconditional Love from any, but honors the gift of free will which She has given to each and every soul as a co-creator.

And so, as this year of 2015 unfolds, there will become an even greater separation between the light and the darkness. While in Truth, all is of God, All That Is, this duality serves the purpose of allowing all to choose their path, that of Love or that of fear. All things are of God. It is all a matter of individual choice and free will. Every event in life is an opportunity for growth. There are no wrong choices, only the opportunity for, and the blessings of, greater wisdom. Life is a gift, a magnificent journey of expansion and contraction, wonder, and co-creation with the Creator. There truly are no mistakes, just consequences of our choices which open the eyes and the heart to allow clarity and the opportunity to choose Love or fear, joy or sadness, involution or evolution.

As the Golden Age progresses in 2015, there will be more and greater opportunities for the children of God to see more clearly, to open their eyes and hearts to Love and Light and Truth, and to choose their paths to create their reality, to paint upon the canvases of their lives, choosing the colors from unlimited palettes.

As the year progesses, the institutions which are built upon foundations of illusion will crumble and fall. Then the rebuilding of these institutions based upon foundations of Truth, Light, and Love will be able to move forward. Much illusion, much pain, much fear will be brought to the surface of the consciousness of many so that those beliefs that no longer serve humanity and the individual may be released. This is not a comfortable process, as many experienced in 2014. This process will continue on an individual and a global level as so much illusion and darkness are cleared on many levels from many realities which are coming together in this year of enLIGHTenment. Yes, many eyes and hearts will continue to be opened in this New Year to the truth that we are Love, we are One, we are co-creators with Mother-Father God.

See the events of this year, no matter how challenging or difficult, as an opportunity to polish the facets of the crystal that we are as part of the heart of the Creator. The rough edges are being exposed, brought out into the light, and polished. The truth that we are Love and are deserving of every kindness and all joy and all blessings is being brought into the consciousness of the children of God. The truth that we are One with all living things, with all of existence, is making itself known so that there may be a healing, a reawakening in the hearts and minds of all upon Mother Earth.

With each challenge, give thanks that the facet of the crystal that you are as part of the heart of God is being polished. Love yourself, bless yourself, embrace yourself with kindness and compassion. Accept yourself for what you truly are – a jewel in the robe of the Creator.

Go into your heart each day, connecting with this Love that you are, in complete acceptance and claiming of the magnificence of your spirit and your life as a co-creator with God/Goddess. Choose Love, not fear, joy not sadness, power not victimhood. Know that in each moment, it is a choice. Be grateful for this precious gift of life and free will. Trust that all is unfolding for the highest and greatest good. Know that you CAN make a difference in each choice made in and out of Love for yourself, for others, and for every living creature and thing upon the Earth.

Know that there is spirit in all things and that you are a part of that spirit of Love, the Creator. Know that you know all that you need to know if you will but go within your heart of hearts and ask. Know that you are guided by God, by your own spirit, by legions of angels whose honor it is to guide you and bless you and love you as you make this magnificent journey which is your life.

Know that you have multiple lifetimes on multiple levels, all occurring in this moment and that each choice you make in each moment affects all of life with which you are One.

Know that this New Year of enLIGHTenment, 2015, is your opportunity to claim everything that you are and to live the life that you want and to create the world that you want. The time is now to open your eyes and your heart to the truth of your magnificence and power as a co-creator with Mother/Father God.

Each choice that you make in Love is a step upon the path of Light, a step in creating a life and a world filled with beauty and goodness and hope and joy. In this year of enLIGHTenment, lighten up. Release your burdens, your baggage. Know that you are perfect just as you are. Laugh at yourself. Laugh with others. Laugh and the world will laugh with you.

Know that each tragedy has purpose. Look for the blessings in each and every moment and in every event, personal or global. Trust. Have faith that humanity is being shown the truth so that choices can be made out of Love, not fear, truth, not illusion. Do your part in creating a world based on Love and Truth and Joy by connecting to the Love and Truth and Joy within your own heart as a part of the heart of the Creator.

Go forth in this New Year in courage, in faith, in hope, in joyful expectation, in Trust that all is unfolding for the highest and greatest good. Choose your actions and deeds in alignment with Love, and you will be doing your part to create the world which you desire.

Claim your power as a co-creator, as a son/daughter of God and help to usher in the Golden Age and this year of enLIGHTenment, in which more realize that we are all One, all connected by lines of Light, lines of Love. Know yourself to be Love and to be all that you want to be as you go within your heart and connect to the Love of the Creator, which you have always been, are, and always will be.

Hey Ho See, we are One.

Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

Blessings of Love, Light, Peace, Joy, and Ease upon each and every one of you as you claim your own light during this year of enLIGHTenment. Shalom.










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