The time has come for all those who want to serve Love and serve the Light to join together in community and in Love. For, in no other time in history has there been the convergence of energies which will allow change to this degree, energies that will allow the transmutation of fear, of anger, of violence, of war. For the Earth plane has reached the apex of those energies which are needed to realize what truly is possible in life. For what is possible is a world without those things, a world based on unconditional Love, compassion, joy, trust, and freedom.

This time has brought forth energies which will now contribute to the destruction of illusion, all the illusions which mass mind thought has built, has contributed to. The illusion that there is anything to fear. The illusion that everything in life is outside of one’s life. All the chaos that we see around us has been created through the fear within the hearts of man/womankind in the Earth.

It is the time when all will be asked to choose between Love and fear. It simply boils down to that. Are you ready to accept the Love that you are, the Love that you carry within your heart as a part of the Creator? You have created the chaos upon Mother Earth as a part of the mass mind consciousness. But you are also a part of the solution, a part of the unconditional Love which God is and which can heal all fear, all violence, all greed, all sadness.

You are the solution, in every act of kindness which you share. You are the solution in every choice you make based on Love, not fear. It is your choice. You are the creator of the reality which is reflected in the Earth. Everything can be changed by each choice that you make. As you go into your heart, you can change the world by choosing Love, not fear. Kindness instead of anger. Joy and gratitude instead of victimhood.

Now is the time for all those who truly want to make a difference to go within your hearts and resolve to become the change you want to see. In every moment, in every situation, choose Love. Yes, it is as simple as that.

Choose truth, spoken to self or others with kindness and compassion. Choose joy, the joy which may always be found and tapped into if you take the time to go into the heart and immerse yourself within. The way to peace, to joy, to compassion is through knowing that there is a choice. Choose to live in gratitude. Gratitude paves the way for creating the world you want to live in.

Be grateful for your life each and every moment. Live in the moment. Live in gratitude. Be grateful for the vehicle, your body, from which your soul shines forth and is able to move in and through the physical world. Thank your body each and every day for all that it does for you. Love it. Appreciate it. Bless it with care and love and kindness and respect.

Be grateful to the Creator for your life. Thank the Creator for allowing you to experience the physical, to explore your powers of co-creation and free will. Thank the Creator for the gift of life.

Be grateful for each and every challenge that you encounter. For each challenge is an opportunity for growth, an opportunity to expand the boundaries of wisdom and to choose Love. Appreciate each and every challenge as the gift and blessing that it is.

Be grateful for all of life – what you might think of as the good, the bad, the ugly, the brilliant, the dull. It all makes up the beautiful fabric of your life. And know that you are the weaver. As you put Love and passion into your creation of the fabric of your life, the tapestry will begin to change into a creation of brilliant beauty, with each thread shining, luminescent, filled with the energy of Love and abundance and freedom which Love and passion create.

The tapestry of your life is forever changing, filled with the energy of your Love and the energy of creation, that gift from God which is ours as we acknowledge it. Take charge of your life now. Now, as never before, you are given all the assistance you could possibly need to change everything you would like to change in your life and everything you would like to change in the world. For what you see without is simply a reflection of what is within each heart.

Choose to begin each day in Love, loving yourself and all others. Choose to live each moment in gratitude, in thanksgiving for your life which the Creator has given you as an open slate, upon which you write your destiny, your intentions, your hopes, your dreams.

Make every choice each day based upon Love and what you would like to create in the world around you. Go into your heart and know your heart and make your choices based upon the truth and the light and the Love you find within your heart. Now is the time. Now is the only moment. Don’t plan for tomorrow. Choose for today, for this is the only moment. If you choose Love and Peace and Joy and Compassion today, you will flow with the river of Love, and your life will reflect that. The world will reflect that.

Now is the time to come together in unity and in community. You are being brought together with those with whom you resonate. It is obvious, it is clear. Join with those of like mind who are choosing to live in their truth, with Love and Oneness as their guides. Choose to join with those who are weaving the fabric of their lives with the gold and the silver threads of unconditional Love and Peace and Joy.

Together you can create the world which you dare to dream. No man or woman is an island. We are all interconnected with each other, with all of life, with all of creation.

Honor yourself, honor each other, honor all of life. It all begins with Love. It all ends with Love. Love is the answer to every question. It all begins within. Love yourself. Love yourself as God/Goddess that you are. Honor yourself. Know yourself to be at once a child of, and a co-creator with God/Goddess.

Look around you and see that each and every person is part of the heart of God, just as you are. Know that each star, each blade of grass, each insect, each speck of life is filled with the energy of Creation. Honor and respect all of life.

Now is the time when you are being asked to choose. Choose to love yourself and everyone and everything as a part of that Love which is the Creator.

Know that there is nothing to fear because you are Love. Nothing can truly harm Love. And Love can never die. Determine and choose to release all fear and begin living the life you want to live today, a life based in Love and the freedom that that choice brings.

You are Love. You are Joy. You are Peace. Know this. Choose this. Be this. Know that we are One. Honor and respect all of life as part of the Oneness.

Happiness and heaven dwell within, nowhere else. Know this. Choose this. Live this.

Be all that you are. You are Love. Be Love. Choose Love, and nothing can stop you from being all you want to be and want to create.

Nothing can stop the power of Love. Nothing can change the Truth that you are loved and you are Love if you choose to accept this Truth.

May peace prevail forever in your hearts, and thus in everything that you create and reflect into the world around you.

The time is NOW. Know the Love that you are, that the Creator is. Choose Love and Be Love, now and forevermore.


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