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Introduction to Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit by Sulara

All of us receive messages from Spirit throughout all our lives. The more one is open to this possibility of guidance and ask for help, the more our helpers in Spirit will communicate and assist us. Here is the introduction to Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit, shared messages Iʻve received over the years that have inspired […]

The Life of an Empath

Being one myself, I can certainly empathize with all you empaths out there… hahahh ☺ Last night, as my husband Genesis and I watched a production of “Miss Saigon” here in Maui, as usual, I experienced a roller coaster of energies. Even though I have learned to view these as just energies, neither “good” nor […]


Blessings. There are many gathered here who have heard your call to serve as a channel for a message of Love and Light from Spirit on this first day of the New Year of 2014. As this season of Love continues into the New Year, many new energies are coming forth to assist the Earth […]


The time has come for all those who want to serve Love and serve the Light to join together in community and in Love. For, in no other time in history has there been the convergence of energies which will allow change to this degree, energies that will allow the transmutation of fear, of anger, […]