Aloha Dear Friends,

I hope you are all happy and well. It has been quite a while since I have brought you a Message from Spirit. The last few months have been busy and totally dedicated to moving to a new home on Maui. It’s been both exciting and challenging for Genesis and me.

Since the passing a few days ago of Queen Elizabeth II, I have had very uncomfortable physical symptoms – feeling extremely heavy, emotional and waking in the middle of the night with a very deep aching throughout my entire body.

I knew that the energy I was feeling was not mine.

Realizing that as an empath, I was feeling the mass mind consciousness’s reaction to the death of the Queen and the grief of many all over the world, I also heard her request that I bring you a Message from Spirit directly from her.

I bring you her message in the spirit of Love and Oneness.

Sending you all much Love and Many Blessings,



September 12th, 2022 (died 9/8/2022)

Blessings, and a very good day to you, Sulara. You are a sensitive, open to hearing, feeling and receiving information from those on these levels after they have made their transition from life upon the Earth and returned to the heavens.

Though not many were aware of my sensitivity, I as well felt and sensed things from the world of Spirit. My intuition was a strong guiding force in my life. That is why I have chosen to bring this message through you, one who is strongly sensing and feeling the mass mind consciousness in response to my passing.

My time upon the Earth was one of great privilege and honor, with my every need taken care of. I agreed to come into the Earth to serve the greater good, to act as an angel upon the planet, an honor and a blessing that I chose and that suited my needs for this just experienced lifetime. I had been well prepared in previous lifetimes for the demands made of one in the limelight, for one holding power and a position in life where much was expected and required – demanded, you may say.

It was my honor to take up the mantle of the royal family in a country much loved and respected, in general, by the world. Yes, I was certainly fully human and experienced the trials and errors of being fully human, in spite of my high standing in society.

I went through rigorous training in other lifetimes as well as when I was a young child and young woman in this incarnation. So, I was well prepared for my duties as a monarch and as an example of one in power who is guided by love and honor. Yes, I was very much human, experiencing all kinds of trial and error, though as you well know, there are no errors or mistakes, but only wisdom gained from one’s choices.

I was always guided by my heart, first and foremost, in spite of being required to fulfill my royal duties in the required and expected way. I did my very best to lead with my heart, in the spirit of Love, and to serve as an example to all those close to me and to a whole nation, and even as that example to many in the world. It took discipline, it took a strong sense of purpose, and most of all, it required remembering that I was a being of Love, guided by my heart and a Creator who is Love, a force of good blessings and Grace.

I was loved by many because I dedicated myself to this purpose, I committed myself fully to this purpose, and I accomplished this purpose and this lifetime’s mission. It was a long and blessed life, a role that I was honored to fulfill, in accordance with God’s will and my own. For God’s will is the will of one who is dedicated to Love.

I am happy to have crossed over the Bridge of Light surrounded in Love and in the joy of the Creator and all of those whose lives I touched on some level. I am especially grateful to be joining my beloved once again, a soul mate who never left my side on all levels. We agreed to serve humanity together, to bless our country and the world to the best of our ability, to serve as examples of lives well lived, in accordance with the principles of devotion, faith, compassion and service. And serve well, we did. We are blessed to be together again, in service to the Light, to Mother-Father God, who created all of life.

My son the King will also serve to the best of his ability, in service to humanity and the Light. He has experienced much and gained much wisdom on his journey, and I stayed upon the Earth long enough to assure his readiness to serve his country, his people and the world in the highest and best way. He has regrets, but he will step up to his duty as King and in service. He has much more to experience and to learn, to grow in wisdom, as all upon the Earth do as they journey through life. I will be guiding him, as will many.

There were many changes during my reign, and one of the greatest affecting the royal family was the realization of the necessity to choose one’s joy while following the guidance of the heart. The highest and best path is that of knowing the truth within your heart and following that truth. That is the path to God, through serving Love to your highest and best ability.

I learned many important lessons throughout this lifetime that have served my spirit and my gifts of co-creation well. I lived a life of honor, of joy and service to the best of my ability, and I have made my transition surrounded by and enfolded in the Light and the Love of the Creator. And I encourage you to stay true to that path as I did, and I know you will. We are Sisters of the Light, part of a soul grouping dedicated to service and to being examples of lives well lived by following our hearts and dedicating ourselves to the greater good for all of humanity.

And so be it. Yes, as you always remind all:

Hey Ho See, we are One.

Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.


Aloha Dear Friends,

I offer you this Message from Spirit of Hope and Rebirth. May we all
move through these times of challenge
connected by our Love and our Oneness.

From my heart to yours…

With Many Blessings & Much Love, Sulara

April 12th, 2020

Blessings, O beautiful Sister of the Light! This day holds so much hope and so much promise for so many upon Mother Earth at this time – the promise of the beauty and new life of spring, and the promise of eternal life as exemplified by our dear Brother Jesus, who walked upon the Earth as a man embodying the Christ Spirit more than 2000 years ago.

These times have brought to many upon your planet hardship, challenges, and the loss of many beloveds. While this is a tragic time for many throughout the planet, this is also a time of rebirth for many as their hearts have been opened through the events which for so many have been heartbreaking or at the least challenging. It is the time of rebirth, of Spring, of spirits and hearts opened to the truth of the importance of life, precious life.

Eternal life is the message brought to so many by our Brother Jesus. We, His family upon the Earth – the maidens and disciples, all those who chose to walk that walk with Him at that time – come to reassure you, along with our beloved Brother Jesus, that just as there is a light at the end of this tunnel, there is eternal life, the gift of eternal life given by Mother-Father God as She created each of you in spirit and has given each of you the opportunity to explore your divine heritage as a part of the heart of the Creator.

Each of you, as a child of God, has eternal life. For the spirit never dies. The Love which is the Creator only expands as each soul explores its free will and divine heritage through life upon Mother Earth and in infinite realms. Each spark of the Divine is a part of the heart of the Creator, given the right of free will choice.

And as difficult as this time upon the Earth has been and continues to be, it has been a blessing for those who whose hearts have been opened to the truth of the Love, Unity, Oneness, Compassion, and Peace which lie within each and every heart as a part of Mother-Father God. And as the trees and blossoms awaken to new life at this time of Spring upon Mother Earth, many hearts are reawakening to hope and to the truth that we are all One, that we are Love.

A gigantic wake-up call has been issued through the challenges of this time to those who have been asleep, to those who have forgotten the truth of their divinity and the blessings which are always offered and available to each and every heart who is willing to acknowledge and claim the Love that they are through their choices for Love. This wake-up call continues, adding more and more whose hearts are opening to the Love of the Creator and to the Love that they are.

This wake-up call is part of the Great Awakening that is happening all over the world. All are offered this opportunity of hope and a New World and a rebirth. And for those who choose not to take part in the creation of the New World, their eternal spirits will continue to have the opportunity of this Great Awakening in other realms. For life is eternal, and all roads in all realms lead back to the heart of the Creator. There are many pathways, many opportunities leading back home. Each soul has the gift of co-creation and free will choice and may create their own opportunities to reawaken to the truth of who they are as children of God, when and if they so choose.

We are here with you as you are reading or hearing this, part of the Spirit Family of our beloved Brother, who chose to walk upon the Earth to bring the gifts and blessings to all who had open hearts and recognized the Love that they themselves are through the eyes and the heart of Brother Jesus. He has never left the Earth plane, but remains within the hearts of all who so choose to open to Love and to the truth that we are all One Heart whose spirits never die and live eternally as One with all of creation.

We – Mother Mary., Sister Mary Magdalene, Joseph, all the maidens and apostles who assisted Jesus as He walked his walk long ago – have come forward to bring you this message of Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace. Our Brother has never left you as you choose the Love which He exemplified and lived during His walk upon Mother Earth. Know that all is in divine order and truly, the spirit never dies, and no one leaves the side of the Creator. Your body in the Earth provides the temple of the living spirit of Love.

Our Brother Jesus is with us here now, filling your hearts with His Love and His Grace, which are always offered without judgment. No matter what path you choose, you are always honored and loved by our Brother and the Creator as you explore your divine heritage of co-creation and free will choice.

Know that many blessings are being experienced through this time of challenge, and great will be the reward for those who choose to be Love and to act in accordance with Love. It is the time of Spring, of rebirth and of hope for those who can look into their own hearts and claim the Love which lies within as a part of the heart of the Creator.

We are here with you, helping to lead the way, at the side of the Creator as so many hearts are opening to the truth of who they are as children of God. We thank you for this opportunity to speak from our hearts to yours on this holiest of holy days, one which promises rebirth and eternal life.
Hey Ho see, we are One. Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

Our Brother remains at One with you, within your heart of hearts if you so choose. May Peace be yours, now and forevermore.


Blessings. We thank you for your presence. We welcome you with love and with joy. For all are blessed by your presence here and wherever you may go. You bring understanding that many don’t have of the connection of place with Spirit.

We have come forth to ask for your assistance in helping us, the ancestors and spirits of this place, to connect with those who live and work here to honor us and their connection to this land. You are our voice if you are willing.

We call upon you to speak to those who are willing to listen. We ask to be honored and acknowledged, that the beauty and sacredness of this land be recognized and honored. Some who come, who are drawn here, have this knowingness and are drawn to the beauty and the power here, but not many.

We would be grateful if you would connect with the powers that be to bring our message, and as well that you two together, led by your gifted husband, perform ceremony and healing for this land. For it retains its sacredness. But it is a dim light due to lack of connection with the people and the owners here.

We and the spirits of the dolphins and the whales and all of life here honor you and your visit, and we ask that this ceremony go as you are guided, with you bringing healing so that many may feel their connection to this land and to all of life, and that a healing occur as well for us, the ancestors and guardian spirits of this land – that in future, the power and the beauty of this land will be felt by many, and many will be guided here to receive our gifts and to connect with the power and the beauty of all of life here and to connect with us as well.

Thank you for hearing our call and for whatever you are guided to do for this ceremony and this healing that will bless us and bless many, now and in the times to come.

We bless you with our love, and we honor you. Thank you for honoring and hearing us.

And so be it.

A MESSAGE OF HOPE FROM SPIRIT with Sulara – 10-1-16

Blessings, dear Sister of the Light. You have heard us knocking at the door of your heart, so to speak. For we have a message for all those upon the Earth who are walking the path of Love, aligning with their divine soul blueprints at this momentous time in the Earth. Thank you for bringing our message of hope.


This is and has been a time of heightening energies, both those of the Light and those that exist in and about the Earth plane in illusion and a lack of light. Yes, the polarities are becoming more and more divided as free will choice becomes more and more important. For changes in the Earth plane are just around the corner.


Those who have come to bring light, to serve as examples and beacons of light during these times of great change that lie just ahead are being called upon to step into their power with courage and conviction. For you will be leading those who choose to manifest a reality upon the Earth based upon the Truth, Love, Light, and Joy that so many long for.


There will be great changes as Mother Earth and all her children who choose to live in the reflection of what is within each heart as a part of the heart of the Creator experience the Great Awakening. Teran, who is among us this day as we speak, has spoken many times through you of this opportunity being offered to God’s children. This is the time that has been foretold through many and through the eons.


This time is a gift from the Creator, a gift which may be opened by those who so choose. This gift is the opportunity to step off the wheel of karma and to step into the Light and to claim who you truly are as children of God. Many have forgotten their connection to Source. As a part of Mother-Father God, all of His children have the right to step into their full power as co-creators and manifest the reality upon Mother Earth for which they yearn – a world based on love, kindness, compassion, truth, and joy.


The time is quickly approaching when those who so choose may claim and live in the true power and joy which is theirs, to spread their wings and to fly as the angels of Light that the Creator gifted with the precious gift of life. So many have gotten lost upon the way, upon their paths of co-creation, and have forgotten the truth of their freedom and the beauty of their souls as a spark of Light of All That Is, the Creator.


Many have been experiencing difficulties and challenge as energies have been brought into the Earth plane to assist in the cleansing that is necessary and has been long needed to shed layer upon layer of illusion created throughout this lifetime and many others that have blinded so many to the truth of their divinity. Slowly but surely, and more rapidly these past months, have these layers of illusion been revealed and released by those who have chosen to see through eyes of love and connect with the truth within their hearts as children of God, claiming responsibility for the creation of their own reality and the realization that what has been created outside in the world is but a reflection of free will choices that have been made by humanity.


Those who have had the courage and the fortitude to look within their own hearts and make their choices based upon the love and the light that reside within will soon be rewarded by the Promise. And what is that Promise? That Promise is the blessing of the claiming of their full power as sons and daughters of the Creator to enjoy the fruits of their labor as they have made their free will choices based on love not fear, light not illusion, compassion and kindness not violence, unity and Oneness not separation, and the truth that we are all Love, sparkling jewels in the crown of the Creator and the unimaginable magnificence which is the Creator.


Does this mean that only those who have never made “mistakes” will be the recipients of this Promise of the full glory of the acceptance of their true nature as children of God? No, of course not! To be human is to make choices along the way which may not be based on love in the quest for wisdom and alignment with one’s divine nature. The key to unlocking the Promise within your own heart is loving self as the Creator loves you, unconditionally and fully without judgment, and the desire to claim the love and the light within, the desire to choose based upon the truth and the beauty within your heart.


You have never left God’s heart; you have simply forgotten at times the truth of your divinity and forgotten to claim your true beauty. You have simply forgotten at times upon your journeys of discovery and of co-creation that all of life – everyone and everything – is connected and is created in the energy of Love.


The key to claiming the Promise is fully opening your heart to yourself in complete and total forgiveness of all that you have judged to be transgression. The key to unlocking the Promise is embracing self, accepting self, and claiming self to be all that you desire to be, making choices based upon the truth, the love, and the light which reside within your heart as an eternal creation of Father-Mother God. The love and the peace of God are yours to claim, for that eternal flow of love and peace is the Creator’s gift to you as His child.


These energies leading to the manifestation of the Promise for all those willing to open their hearts to this divine gift of realization and awakening have been building and will soon reach a point where the doors of your heart are blown open, so to speak, and you experience the love and the peace of the Creator in a way you have never imagined. And this gift from the Creator is yours simply by claiming it through choosing love and forgiving self and then claiming that truth that we are all One, are connected and created and unified by the Love of All That is, God/Goddess.


So this is our message for this day. Open your heart fully to yourself and to all of life, which is a precious gift and creation. You are eternal. Life is eternal. Love is eternal. We are all connected in Oneness, in Love.


Hey Ho See, we are One. Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.


This is the sacred Truth and the Creator’s sacred Promise. Know it. Claim it. Live it. Don’t be afraid. There is nothing to fear. You and Love are One and the same, eternally.



Blessings. And we are grateful to be called upon to assist in ushering in information concerning the energies of this New Year, 2016. The numbers of this year add up to the number 9, the number of completion. And accordingly, there will be the completion for many, of projects that have been begun previously, the completion of many energies which have been part of dreams and visions which many have been co-creating through their free will choices and through their gifts of co-creation.

For those who so choose, this will be a year of completion for much housekeeping that has been ongoing. By housekeeping, we mean the clearing and cleansing of many energies that no longer serve one’s highest and greatest good. Every event, every experience, every emotion has served specific purpose for you of the human race upon your journey and path upon Mother Earth.

And yet, illusions that have been a necessary part of those journeys and that are no longer useful, need to be released as old baggage which tends to weigh one down as the opportunity to spread your wings and to fly is being brought into the energies upon Mother Earth in this New Year, 2016.

This is the year when many will release layers of illusion that have been preventing clear sight and a clear mind and spirit. Veil upon veil of illusion has been cleared out as shadows from this lifetime as well as parallel lifetimes, or what many in the Earth consider past lifetimes, have been released from the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies and brought into the light. As these shadows emerge, many changes will also be felt in the physical, as these illusions are also expressed in the physical body as a result of those emotional experiences that are stored in the physical form as well.

This will be a year of release, and thus a year of greater freedom on all levels for those of you who are on a path of Light, making choices based on Love – love for yourselves, your brothers and sisters, and your planet. As these shadows and illusions are released, there will be a rebirth for many of hope, of joy, of a sense of joyful expectancy.

Yes, the challenges for many will continue as Mother Earth and the forces of Nature assist in opening eyes and hearts. But there will also be changes on many levels in life upon the Earth that will give great hope of the possibility of healing for Mother Earth and all of life upon her.

Outmoded, outdated institutions of ways of being will continue to collapse all over the world, and many who have come to assist with the New World will be coming forward to present a new vision and new possibilities for a better, more peaceful, more loving existence for those in the Earth. It is all shifting in divine order, seemingly slowly to many, but surely. Before the new is created, the destruction of the old must be completed before the reconstruction can begin.

It will be a year of great change and great shifts in consciousness as many awaken to the understanding that all of life is connected – not only upon the Earth, but in the cosmos and in all realms. Many will be awakening to the truth that to change the world, they must be the change. They must learn to love themselves first and foremost. Then they will naturally be able to extend that love to others and to all of life. Many will awaken to the truth that Love is the answer to every question – seeing through eyes of Love, hearing through ears of Love, speaking through the heart with Love.

As all have freedom of choice and free will, the chasm between those choosing love and those choosing fear and violence will widen. Those choosing Love will experience an Earth created through the principles of Love. The reality of those who choose fear and violence will experience an Earth reflective of that choice. There are many parallel realities, and what you choose will be created with others of like mind.

Focus on Love and envision a world of Love, and that reality will become your experience. There is much to be done before Mother Earth becomes the radiating planet of Love which she can be as more and more gather together to create that reality.

That work begins within. Each and every day, go within your heart and sit in the energy of Love which is the Creator. From that place, make your choices for the day based upon your joy and the highest and best actions to create that joy and that peace for which you long. Going within is the key. Looking outside of self for fulfillment is not the answer. That love that you are seeking lies within your heart, as you are a part of the heart of the Creator.

Claim your gifts of co-creation by tapping into this wellspring of Love and go forward each day in the trust and the knowledge that as a son or daughter of God, you are capable of creating the love, the joy, and peace which you seek. Mother-Father God has given you these great gifts of free will and co-creation. The greatest gift that you can give to yourself and all of life and to the Creator is to claim all that you are as a co-creator.

What brings you joy? Know yourself and open to claiming all that you desire through going within your heart of hearts and choosing your actions and creating your life based on that Love that resides within as a part of the heart of the Creator, the flame of Love.

Every choice that is made through Love radiates as light into all of Creation, bringing more light, love, joy, and peace into each heart and into all of existence. For we are all connected. Each choice based on Love that blesses self blesses all others.

So step forward into this New Year with Trust and Hope. The Great Awakening is occurring. The New World is being created by every choice based on Love. The power and light of Love cannot be extinguished. Be a part of the flame, be a part of the creation of the New World. Love, love, love… that is the answer.

We are with you. Legions and legions of angels are gathered to assist you, all of you upon Mother Earth who are opening your eyes and your hearts to the Truth that you are Love. You are loved. You are already everything you want to be. You have only to claim that Sacred Truth as your own truth. You are who you want to be. Don’t look outside of self, but go within to the Love that you already are.

Claim it. Live it. Be it. Don’t be afraid. We are here, supporting you, loving you, encouraging you to step into the full power of who you are as a son or a daughter of God.

Hey Ho See, we are One. Hey Ho Sha, we are Love. And so be it.




Blessings, dear Sister of the Light. We are honored to be called upon during these challenging times when, as you’ve said, it seems the world has gone mad. So much killing, so much fighting, so much violence.

As you know, this is that time when all are choosing, choosing between following the light or following the darkness. These polarities are reaching the fulcrum. The duality is at its greatest. Those who are following the darkness are committing atrocities, heinous acts of violence, fueled by the forces of hatred, vengeance, and greed. These are exploring their free will choices, as is their right as co-creators with God. It is an exploration of the darkness by these perpetrators, and it is their right.

While it is difficult for most, it is important to remember, as Lama Sing has said, that there are no enemies, only those who are learning to know themselves. It is important to remember that while the violence is real to all upon the Earth, by the choice of those committed to following the Light, there is the opportunity to help bring peace into the Earth plane through committing to live a life of Love, Joy, and Peace, to focus on only the goodness of God/Goddess within.

All those who are committing these acts of violence and hatred are learning the power of their own choices. And they will gain wisdom through their choices. They will suffer the consequences of their actions, if not while on the Earth, then as they pass into other realms where they judge themselves and are not judged by the Creator. They will gain wisdom as they explore their own choices.

It is important to remember during these times that there is no death. The physical form simply shifts and is transformed into another form of energy. The soul lives on and cannot die. All of life is an exploration, where each spirit is given the gift of free will. While those souls have chosen to act from the darkness and harm others, those souls who have experienced harm and suffering have agreed to take part in this drama upon the Earth. They have agreed at the level of their souls to experience these acts. It is all a part of the learning of each and every soul affected by this drama. While it is very real on the level of the Earth plane, it is all a part of the drama of exploration that everyone has agreed to take part in for their learning.

Violence begets violence. And as events develop, it is important for those who choose the Light to refuse to be part of the darkness. Through your prayers and acts of kindness and love, and choosing peace and forgiveness over retribution will the violence abate. The more that violence is answered with violence, will that violence be perpetuated.

Protect yourself by connecting to your own heart, the flame of Love which is the Creator. Even the perpetrators of these heinous acts hold within their hearts the flame of Love. It has been diminished through their choices, but there is always hope for their realization that we are all One, all a part of the living God, and that to harm anyone or anything is to harm oneself.

Through their experiences and their karmic opportunities they will gain wisdom, and there is the opportunity for each and every soul, no matter what their choices, to know themselves as a part of the Creator, as a part of the Love of which we all are. These souls are upon the wheel of karma and what is commonly known as reincarnation, although it is beginning to be understood by many, that what is known as reincarnation is simply a way to understand parallel lifetimes. Truly, every choice that is made in each moment affects one in all of their experiences in all dimensions. Each choice made in each moment impacts one’s soul experiences on all levels. As well, each choice made by each individual impacts all of life on some level.

Precious Mother Earth and all of life are impacted as well as each individual when one chooses hatred over Love, fear over freedom, anger and vengeance over compassion and forgiveness. These recent acts shall require and create the need for more balancing on the physical level by Mother Earth. All of life is a reflection of what is within each person’s heart. So to create peace upon the planet, it is imperative that one connect with the Peace, Love, and Joy within the heart, which is a part of the heart of the Creator.

Retaliation, war, and violence are not the answer to peace. Claiming and becoming the peace of the Creator is the answer. Focusing on actions guided by Love is the answer. Doing everything in your power to see in Love, act in Love, and be in Love is the answer, the only answer to creating Peace.

As difficult as it may be, it is important to understand that everything has purpose. Every person who has chosen to take part in life upon the Earth at this time has the opportunity to be a part of the healing of Mother Earth and all of life upon her. And it is important to remember that all of those innocents who are suffering as a result of atrocities have chosen at the level of their souls to take part in these events, for the eventual good of all.

It is difficult to see with this perspective from the level of the Earth. But go into your heart and connect with that Truth that all things are of God, that the duality is all a part of the experience of co-creation. Many upon the Earth are choosing at this time to explore the darkness. Many are choosing the Light. Go within and fill yourself with the Light and the Love and Peace and the Joy of Mother/Father God if that is your choice.

Truly, nothing can harm you. For the spirit lives eternally, beyond the physical. Know that all of these events are leading to the opportunity for wisdom and the opportunity for all to choose Love. Pray for peace, pray for the healing of Mother Earth and all of life upon her. Pray especially for the perpetrators of this violence, that they learn to see through eyes of Love and that they choose to pierce the veils of illusion and choose to be Love and act only in Love, through the knowledge that we are all One, all a part of the heart of God.

We each have free will and freedom of choice. Those who choose darkness will hold themselves responsible and accountable for their choices. God loves and forgives all. They will have the opportunity to love and forgive themselves as they have journeyed to the depths of darkness as they use their right of free will and explore their co-creativity.

You have the choice to choose Love and to act in Love and to be Love. Live your life with compassion for self and all of those who choose other than Love. Love yourself and all others as a part of the Oneness, the Love that we all are as a part of God/Goddess. Compassion, kindness, forgiveness, joy. Go into your heart and choose these things as it is your right as a son or a daughter of God. Connect with the Light. And that light will be reflected without. Do your part to be part of the healing by choosing to focus on Love, focus on Light, focus on Joy, focus on Peace.

You want peace? Be kind, gentle, compassionate and loving to self and with all of life. See with eyes of Love, speak with words of Love. Envision a world filled with Love. Fill yourself with that Love. Choose every thought, action, and deed based on the Love, and your understanding that we all One, and One with all of life, creating our own reality based upon our choices as co-creators with Mother/Father God. What is within our hearts is reflected without. Be a part of the solution by living each moment guided by Love.

Hey Ho See, we are One. Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

YOUR PURE HEART AND SPIRIT – Message of the Moment – 8/27/15

Greetings! It has been quite a while since we have had the honor of speaking through you, your pure heart and spirit.

And that is the subject of our message today – the purity of heart and spirit. All children of God are of God and a part of the pure and loving heart of God. This is the gift of life that the Creator has given to each and every soul. Each has a pure heart and pure spirit. Yet lifetimes and lifetimes of illusion and experience in the illusion have placed veil upon veil of illusion upon pure hearts in Mother Earth.

Why, you might ask, is humankind so caught up in illusion? And what is illusion? Anything that is not the Love, the Light, and the Sacred Truth of the Creator is illusion. As humans have been given the right of free will as co-creators, and the right to explore that co-creativity to their hearts’ content, illusion has been the tool through which one may explore this co-creativity. What would be the point of simply remaining within the known, the Truth of Mother/Father God?

As we journey and explore creation, we do just that… create. An exploration of the heart of God reveals that God is all things. Since free will is a gift, everything that God’s children create is sacred. The heart and creativity have no true boundaries – simply those that humans impose upon themselves.

Illusion implies something that is not real, not truth. Yet humans, in their desire to explore their creativity and free will choices, create illusion as a tool for learning to know themselves. But in that process, many humans have forgotten their connection to the Creator. They have forgotten to come back into the heart of God to reconnect with the Love that they are as a part of the heart of the Creator.

Illusion has become the reality. It is important to realize that as we create illusion to gain wisdom, the only thing that is truly real in our lives is that flame of Love which resides within each of our hearts. In order to explore our creativity, we must forget that the dramas in our lives are illusion. They must seem real, otherwise the tool does not lead one to the sacred truth within their own heart.

At this point in the history of Mother Earth, humans are being asked to step back for a new perspective of life, to remember that you are all actors playing your parts to explore your own divinity as a part of the Creator. Now is the time for those in the Earth to remember that they are Spirit and not the drama, the illusion that they have created as a tool to expand their consciousness. Humankind is encouraged in this time to step back and see these dramas for what they really are – illusion. What is the definition of “illusion”? Something that is not real.

To realize that one is not seeing truth, one must be able to step back, get out of the picture, so to speak, and become unattached to the drama which they have created. So illusion is a valuable part of life, a tool which allows one to explore aspects of life in very creative ways. Yet now is the time to claim the truth that humankind has gotten lost in their illusions.

Humans were never meant to forget their connection to the truth and the love of the Creator. Now is the time to step back from the drama in your life to become the observer. It is time to incorporate the perspective of the spirit into your lives, and the best way to do that is to realize that you are not truly the illusions you have created. You are spirit, creating the game of life in order to gain wisdom and expand the heart of the Creator.

So take a deep breath. Still yourself and connect with your breath, the breath of God. Step back and see yourself as you truly are – a spirit traveling in the Earth in body to explore your co-creativity with God. Step back and observe. Connect with the heart of God, of which you are a unique and valuable part. Connect to the purity of your heart and spirit.

Humans have been lost in the drama, the illusion. It has been part of the progression of the growth of the soul. But now it is time to bring your spirit more regularly into the drama, to connect to the truth of who you truly are. You are not the drama. You are not the illusion. You are a child of God, and it is time to bring that child of God into the heart while in the physical in the Earth.

It is time to expand and explore the heart of God while being more aware of the connection to the Creator. You are so much more than you believe. It is time to connect to the heart of God and to expand the growth of your soul by stepping back, into the realization that you are not bound by the illusions of the Earth.

See yourself as the co-creator that you are. Release yourself from the illusion that you are limited in your creation. Step back and observe your choices and how you have limited those choices. It is now time to move beyond the illusion that humans are limited, that your choices must be made in alignment with illusions of the Earth. You are much more than you can imagine. Your spirit is the spirit of God. Your heart is the heart of God. It is now time for humans in the Earth to move through their explorations and through their lives together with and in alignment with their spirits.

How to do this? Step back and observe yourself believing yourself to be limited. Bring your spirit into alignment with your physical body. Begin to make your choices in alignment with your spirit, rather than in alignment with the illusion of being limited.

Claim your authority, your gifts as a daughter/son of God. Know that in every moment, the choice is yours. You can make your decisions based on the illusion in the Earth that you are weak and powerless. Or you can claim your power and make your decisions and determine your actions through the greater perspective of an empowered human being, a physical body embodying the magnificent spirit of God, of which you are a part.

Step forth in courage. Step forth in strength, knowing that you are creating your own reality and creating the planet which you wish to change. Release all fear and claim the truth of who you are, an unlimited child of God. Step forth into the light of who you are.

Go into your heart and become the observer. Watch without judgment your decisions, your actions. Were they chosen in alignment with the illusion that you are only a human being, limited in your choices? Determine to see yourself for who you truly are – a co-creator, a spirit of Love and Light. Go into your heart and vow to claim all that you are – Love, Light, Joy, Peace, and Compassion. It simply takes acknowledging this truth and claiming it.

Stand in your power. Never again see yourself as weak or powerless. Know yourself to be a co-creator with God, with all the resources you need to create a life and a planet of abundance and joy. Go forth in this moment and every moment as the God/Goddess that you are, in strength, courage, and love. Know that there is nothing to fear. The spirit never dies. Step forward in the truth that you are eternal as a daughter/son of God and base your choices upon the Truth, the Love, and Joy within your heart.

You have the power to change your life. You have the power to create the planet you want to live upon, one which is healthy and created through the power of Love, based on the truth that you are in relationship with all of life. Every blade of grass, every star, every stone is made of spirit, is made of love and has consciousness.

Know that you are not separate. You are one with all of life. Honor and respect yourself. Honor and respect all of life and make your choices based on love. Know yourself. Know what brings you joy. Speak your truth. Live your life based on the truth within your heart. This is the way to create the peace in your life and upon the planet for which you long. It is the only way. Be love, choose love. This is the way to create a planet based on love. Join together with those whom you love and share this truth and this desire to create a planet filled with love.

We are through here for the moment. But we here in other realms who love you join hands with you as you move through this transition upon the Earth. It is a challenging time. But there is strength in numbers. Join hands and walk through the fire and the floods. Walk through the transformation of consciousness needed to birth the Golden Age. You can do it. Do it together with your brothers and sisters. Do it together in relationship with all of life, knowing that there is spirit in all things, and all things and all of life are a part of the beautiful, living, breathing heart of God. Know your heart to be one with God’s heart. And together you can and will create the new reality based upon the love for which you long.

WISDOM – 4/12/2015

Good morning world and all of you beautiful & precious friends, family, and loved ones! What a beautiful energy the Equinox, Full Solar Eclipse, and New Moon have brought in and blessed us with! Do you feel it?

Last night as I drifted off to sleep, I heard very clearly, “There are no shortcuts to wisdom”. Something to consider this beautiful new day… Aloha, Sulara

Sulara, Author, Clairaudient and Channel for Healing

I am so grateful for the service Iʻve been guided to do and even more inspired when I receive notes from people such as this!

“Sulara’s insight and guidance has been such a blessing for our family. We received a newborn reading for our son and it is simply amazing. I love how her reading gives us guidance as parents on our son’s path through this lifetime. It is comforting how everything she has channelled has a positive tone to it. There is clearly connection to the source, unconditional love, and acceptance that all shine through. As suggested by Sulara we look forward to sharing our son’s reading with him on each of his birthdays in the years to come. We are so grateful for this experience.” Carrie.

Sulara’s New Year 2015 Message of the Moment with Spirit

 The Year of EnLIGHTenment

 Blessings. And the New Year has arrived. And with it greater hope, greater wisdom, greater joy. For as the forces of light and of dark (or lack of light) have progressively become more and more distinct and separate, many have been asked to choose and have chosen which path they wish to follow. Fewer and fewer are able to continue to sit on the fence, but as a result of their experiences in this past year, have been encouraged to choose the path with which they align… that of Love and Joy and responsibility for their choices and the co-creation of their reality and what is reflected without into the world, or the path of fear and victimhood.


Many have been assisted by the energies that entered during the past year, to take a stand, to make a choice to follow their hearts. The powerful and intense energies and events during the past year have made it more and more difficult for those sitting on the fence, so to speak, to remain there. Their eyes have been opened to Truth, and those with the courage have chosen to take a leap of faith and follow the wisdom and the love within their hearts. Those who have chosen otherwise are just as loved, just as cherished and blessed by the Creator, as those who have chosen the Light. For Mother-Father God does not judge and does not withhold Her unconditional Love from any, but honors the gift of free will which She has given to each and every soul as a co-creator.

And so, as this year of 2015 unfolds, there will become an even greater separation between the light and the darkness. While in Truth, all is of God, All That Is, this duality serves the purpose of allowing all to choose their path, that of Love or that of fear. All things are of God. It is all a matter of individual choice and free will. Every event in life is an opportunity for growth. There are no wrong choices, only the opportunity for, and the blessings of, greater wisdom. Life is a gift, a magnificent journey of expansion and contraction, wonder, and co-creation with the Creator. There truly are no mistakes, just consequences of our choices which open the eyes and the heart to allow clarity and the opportunity to choose Love or fear, joy or sadness, involution or evolution.

As the Golden Age progresses in 2015, there will be more and greater opportunities for the children of God to see more clearly, to open their eyes and hearts to Love and Light and Truth, and to choose their paths to create their reality, to paint upon the canvases of their lives, choosing the colors from unlimited palettes.

As the year progesses, the institutions which are built upon foundations of illusion will crumble and fall. Then the rebuilding of these institutions based upon foundations of Truth, Light, and Love will be able to move forward. Much illusion, much pain, much fear will be brought to the surface of the consciousness of many so that those beliefs that no longer serve humanity and the individual may be released. This is not a comfortable process, as many experienced in 2014. This process will continue on an individual and a global level as so much illusion and darkness are cleared on many levels from many realities which are coming together in this year of enLIGHTenment. Yes, many eyes and hearts will continue to be opened in this New Year to the truth that we are Love, we are One, we are co-creators with Mother-Father God.

See the events of this year, no matter how challenging or difficult, as an opportunity to polish the facets of the crystal that we are as part of the heart of the Creator. The rough edges are being exposed, brought out into the light, and polished. The truth that we are Love and are deserving of every kindness and all joy and all blessings is being brought into the consciousness of the children of God. The truth that we are One with all living things, with all of existence, is making itself known so that there may be a healing, a reawakening in the hearts and minds of all upon Mother Earth.

With each challenge, give thanks that the facet of the crystal that you are as part of the heart of God is being polished. Love yourself, bless yourself, embrace yourself with kindness and compassion. Accept yourself for what you truly are – a jewel in the robe of the Creator.

Go into your heart each day, connecting with this Love that you are, in complete acceptance and claiming of the magnificence of your spirit and your life as a co-creator with God/Goddess. Choose Love, not fear, joy not sadness, power not victimhood. Know that in each moment, it is a choice. Be grateful for this precious gift of life and free will. Trust that all is unfolding for the highest and greatest good. Know that you CAN make a difference in each choice made in and out of Love for yourself, for others, and for every living creature and thing upon the Earth.

Know that there is spirit in all things and that you are a part of that spirit of Love, the Creator. Know that you know all that you need to know if you will but go within your heart of hearts and ask. Know that you are guided by God, by your own spirit, by legions of angels whose honor it is to guide you and bless you and love you as you make this magnificent journey which is your life.

Know that you have multiple lifetimes on multiple levels, all occurring in this moment and that each choice you make in each moment affects all of life with which you are One.

Know that this New Year of enLIGHTenment, 2015, is your opportunity to claim everything that you are and to live the life that you want and to create the world that you want. The time is now to open your eyes and your heart to the truth of your magnificence and power as a co-creator with Mother/Father God.

Each choice that you make in Love is a step upon the path of Light, a step in creating a life and a world filled with beauty and goodness and hope and joy. In this year of enLIGHTenment, lighten up. Release your burdens, your baggage. Know that you are perfect just as you are. Laugh at yourself. Laugh with others. Laugh and the world will laugh with you.

Know that each tragedy has purpose. Look for the blessings in each and every moment and in every event, personal or global. Trust. Have faith that humanity is being shown the truth so that choices can be made out of Love, not fear, truth, not illusion. Do your part in creating a world based on Love and Truth and Joy by connecting to the Love and Truth and Joy within your own heart as a part of the heart of the Creator.

Go forth in this New Year in courage, in faith, in hope, in joyful expectation, in Trust that all is unfolding for the highest and greatest good. Choose your actions and deeds in alignment with Love, and you will be doing your part to create the world which you desire.

Claim your power as a co-creator, as a son/daughter of God and help to usher in the Golden Age and this year of enLIGHTenment, in which more realize that we are all One, all connected by lines of Light, lines of Love. Know yourself to be Love and to be all that you want to be as you go within your heart and connect to the Love of the Creator, which you have always been, are, and always will be.

Hey Ho See, we are One.

Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

Blessings of Love, Light, Peace, Joy, and Ease upon each and every one of you as you claim your own light during this year of enLIGHTenment. Shalom.