Great Changes Ahead

November 8th, 2020

Aloha Dear Friends,

These are such remarkable times we live in! Over the past several weeks, Genesis and I have observed some very interesting, incredibly bright lights behind our home, over Mt. Haleakala, in different places at different times throughout the night. We live at the base of Mt. Haleakala, so have a clear view of our sacred mountain. Not long after we began seeing these UFO’s, many others on our side of the island also reported inexplicable sightings, not always stationary in the sky (as we had observed them) and in different areas rather than over Mt. Haleakala. They are not believed to be satellites.

In the Messages from Spirit from Teran and the dolphins that I share with you, we are always assured of their love and their presence and assistance during these times and whatever may lie ahead. I believe the recent sightings may be further confirmation that we are also being watched over and protected during this powerful time by our Star Brothers and Sisters.

I am writing today to share a message I received a few days ago from a beloved guide. While it was a personal message for Genesis and me, perhaps it may also be helpful to you, my friends, family, and spirit family, in the times ahead:

“There are great changes ahead. It may feel like your whole world has turned upside down. Nothing will be the same. DON’T BE AFRAID. I remain here with you along with…your Spirit Family of Love to help you move from the darkness into the Light.”

I believe we are all loved and watched over by our guides and angels.

After this message, along with the visitations in the sky, I am feeling very loved, very safe, protected, and blessed during these interesting and uncertain times. My purpose in sharing this most recent message with you is to hopefully prepare you if needed, as Genesis and I have now been prepared, to expect the unexpected without fear and to encourage you to feel safe, loved, protected, and blessed.

One of my favorite mantras I would like to share (from our friends Pia, Cullen, & Laarkmaa) is: Breathing in Love, breathing out Trust. Breathing in Joy, breathing out Compassion. I hope that you find it helpful, as I have, if it speaks to you.

I also find the following, from my beloved teachers Al Miner and Lama Sing (given in 2018), hopeful:

LAMA SING: The current time has begun a series of changes that will manifest more and more, and the rapidity of these changes is upon the Earth in a blessing,
not as a burden, but rather, as that which is intended to be a gift of opportunity for change. And quite straight, forwardly that is what we see manifesting in the
current time and that which lies just ahead.

With Joy, Blessings & Aloha, Sulara

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