Attunement to the Light through Love and Spirit

GRANDMA’S SCHOOL OF LIFE tells the story of Jacob and Amanda, who are spending the night at their grandparents’ house. Grandma, much to their delight, answers their questions about the Creator and life upon Mother Earth.

While GRANDMA’S SCHOOL OF LIFE is written especially for children ages 4 to 12, it is a book for all of God’s children, young and old.

Excerpt: “You are the twinkle in the Creator’s eyes,” Grandma adds. “When you love yourself and are kind to yourself, you are shining God’s Love and Light everywhere.”

“This book resonates deeply with my understanding and connection to Source and is helping me to bring in that understanding for my children in such a beautiful way. I so appreciate you and you sharing your gifts with the world.” – Carrie Larita


I never considered writing a children’s book. But during a Christmas visit here on Maui from our family, I was inspired by our grandson Josiah who was deeply upset and crying on Christmas Eve because he was sure he would have no visit or presents from Santa Claus because he had been mean to his little sister earlier that day.

When I heard this, I knew immediately that I needed to write a children’s book, though not about what we teach our children about Santa Claus or about the necessity of being “good” so that they receive presents. What it brought up for me was how so many of us have been taught or believe that we are not worthy of being loved by God, that we must strive to earn that Love, and that we are judged by the Creator for our actions – that if we make mistakes or are not “good,” we do not deserve that Love.

GRANDMA’S SCHOOL OF LIFE is a book for all of God’s children – young and old. It is about the Creator’s Unconditional Love for us all. It is about the Oneness of all of life. It is about trusting our hearts to know the answers as we journey through life, as we learn and grow together upon this great classroom Mother Earth.

“Everything is alive and made of God’s heart. We are all One Heart.”

Keys For Creating Your Life: A Guide for Young People

Sulara channeled thirty-six messages from Teran, each a chapter of “Keys for Creating Your Life.” Originally published as a four-volume series, each chapter presents a key, or guiding principle, for living a joyful life and healing ourselves, Mother Earth, and all of life upon her.

Join Teran as he reminds us of these Universal Truths and the wisdom needed now as this Great Awakening is unfolding and the foundations of the New World based upon the beauty and power of Love are created. These times which have been foretold are here now. So now is the perfect moment to offer all of Teran’s principles in one volume to serve as a guide for all who are so guided to step forward to serve Humanity, Mother Earth, the Universe, and all of Creation.

Sulara’s Story: A Life Inspired by Spirit

“Sulara’s Story” offers two of my books together, “The Magic of Dreams and Spirit Guides” and “Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit”. My autobiography “The Magic of Dreams and Spirit Guides” tells the story of how I have lived my life guided by Spirit as well as how I developed my intuitive gifts during my life’s journey. “Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit” shares the gift of the words of wisdom from Spirit which have been brought into the Earth by me as a result of developing those intuitive gifts. This book of excerpts from readings I have done can be used daily to receive a personal message of inspiration from Spirit.

Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit

Spiritual laws govern all that unfold in life—in this world and in all realms. In Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit, Sulara, an intuitive and channel for healing, shares excerpts from her channeled readings that unveil wisdom from Spirit to all who have come seeking Truth. These timeless teachings elevate our lives to unimagined heights. Among the themes addressed in Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit are Heaven, Divine Purpose, Illusion, the Healing of Mother Earth, Freedom and more. Readers can use this book as a daily soul workbook, drawing on it for inspiration and guidance. 

Keys for Creating Your Life, Volumes 1-4

Teran landed briefly in the Earth on June 12, 1994. He opened his eyes, looked at his father with infinite love, then departed without taking a breath. Remaining in the Earth plane in spirit form to fulfill a mission of love and service, Teran later asked his mother Sulara to channel these books with him as a guide for living for the Indigos and all those who wish to raise the consciousness of the Earth through the power of Love. Each chapter of the 4-volume series contains a principle, or key, for living a joyful life and healing the planet.

Keys for Creating Your Life

Volume One   

Volume 1 tells the fascinating story of Teran and how Keys for Creating Your Life was brought into the Earth, channeled through his mother Sulara. The first nine principles are introduced, principles which help one to live a joyful life and heal the planet (Principle 5: Claiming the Peace, Love, and Joy Within Is the Only Means of Securing Peace on the Earth).

Keys for Creating Your Life

Volume Two   

Teran continues, in Volume 2, to present principles that help raise the consciousness of the Earth. He shares wisdom for living (Principle 10: To Lead a Life Which Fulfills Your Highest Destiny, Balance and Harmony Are the Key Ingredients) while presenting Universal Truths: “Life is flow. Life is change. The key to balance and harmony is allowing yourself to flow with the change that is occurring constantly everywhere, within everything, all the time.

Keys for Creating Your Life

Volume Three        

In Volume 3, Principles 19 through 27 take the reader deeper into the spiritual wisdom needed to bring one’s gifts of light, love, understanding, and compassion into the world. Teran reinforces simple truths (Principle 27: Laughter IS the Best Medicine) and reveals our magnificent potential (Principle 23: All Manner of Miracle Can and Will Be Manifested in the Physical Plane As the Children of God Claim Their Gifts of Co-Creativity).

Keys for Creating Your Life

Volume Four       

Teran’s final nine principles guide us (Principle 30: All of Life Is Interrelated. Treat All of Life with the Honor, the Love, and Respect with Which God Grants You in His Limitless Love), uplift us (Principle 33: Each and Everyone Is a Facet of the Crystal of Light and Love Which the Creator Is) and enlighten us (Principle 35: Heaven Dwells Within).

The Magic of Dreams and Spirit Guides

(Sulara aka Robin James)
In her autobiography, Robin ventures into the world of spirit as she is guided by her dreams and spirit guides. Opening and surrendering to divine guidance, Robin’s own intuitive gifts awaken to lead her into magical adventures and deeper understanding of the joys, sorrows, and challenges of her life.

Robin says, “This time on Mother Earth is a very special, very exciting time. We have all chosen to be here. It is easy to forget this in the day-to-day challenges. Most of us have forgotten the magic and the true purpose of our walk here on Mother Earth. Somehow between the ups and downs of life on this Earth at this time, I have been given the gift of glimpsing this magic. It is a gift that is meant to be shared–like all of life’s gifts. So come with me now as I walk my walk and talk my talk, and we will remember the magic”.

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