My husband Genesis is a very gifted shamanic healer. When I wasn’t feeling well and asked him for a journey recently, he brought the following meditation through from Spirit for me. I want to share it because I find it to be very powerful and healing…



Do this meditation every morning and night no matter how you’re feeling, and do it again anytime during the day when you’re feeling upset.

Go to a quiet space and take a few calming breaths. See yourself going to the door of your heart and opening it, finding your little girl (or boy) inside the room.

Observe your little girl… she may be happy, playful, quiet, sad, depressed, afraid, angry etc. Go to her and hug her, assuring her that you love her and are here for her.

As you are hugging her, begin to focus on your breathing, breathing the mana, the Universal Life Force, into this hug into your heart and into your little girl while you are hugging her.

With every out breath, release whatever emotion is not serving you, and breathe in the totally abundant life force from the universe that you need and have complete access to at any time.

Open to that mana and breathe it in, filling your heart with life force with every breath, filling your whole body and then letting it radiate out from you like a radiant, loving star.

Sit in the glory of it, holding your little girl in your heart, knowing the Love of the universe, sitting in that place of Oneness and connection and ready for your life.