December 17th, 2023

Blessings, our Daughter of the Light. We thank you once again for this opportunity to bring a message of Love, Light, and Hope into Mother Earth at this holiest of holy times, the time of celebration when many around the world are opening their hearts to receive the Love, the Light, and the Grace that are always being offered by our Father-Mother God and all those who are coming forward to bring this message into your beloved Mother Earth.

Mother Earth, the spirit of Mother Earth herself, is here to express her Love and to join in the celebration of this holy time.

While that place of the birth of our beloved Brother the Christ is in turmoil, in chaos, and is mostly deserted at this time of war and violence in the Earth, the energy of those times more than two thousand years ago when our beloved Brother Jesus entered into the Earth to journey there and bring His message of Love and the Oneness of all of life, of the miracle of life, of the divine heritage and gifts which he embodied during his walk upon the Earth – the energy of Love, Light, and Grace during those times – endures in that holy place.

Love never dies, as does the spirit never die. Love and the spirit both live eternally. The energy, the Love, the holiness of the place of His birth and His gifts of Love, Light, and Grace endure, in spite of all the destruction and chaos in those holy lands. They remain holy. For the spirit of the Christ remains from those lifetimes when He walked upon the Earth.

The spirit of His Love and His teachings endure throughout time. That spirit can never be lost or destroyed. That spirit, that Peace and that Love will rise and continue to live in the consciousness of all those who hold the Love of the Creator and his Son, our Brother Jesus, in their hearts.

While the streets of Jerusalem are mostly quiet, deserted during this time of war, the Spirit of Love, as well as the soul, is eternal and lives on and on in the hearts of those in alignment with Love and the path of Peace.

Better times lie ahead on Mother Earth as those who band together in the name of Love and in service to the Creator gather together to create the New World where Love, Joy, Compassion, Hope, and Peace abound. There is beauty, there is hope, there are blessings and Grace ahead for those who are gathering today and will gather to co-create the New Earth through their choices for Love and in service to the Light.

Hold strong. Support each other through these dark times in preparation for the arrival of the Light. As those who have been feeding the Flame of Love through their free will choices and actions for and in service to Love choose to stand together in courage during this time of preparation for the time of the Great Awakening and the creation of a New World stay true to their hearts, there will come a time, a glorious time of rebirth, a rebirth of beloved Mother Earth and all those brothers and sisters who choose the Light, the path of Grace being offered by Goddess Herself.

Everyone has the opportunity to choose the blessings and the gifts of this time of the Great Awakening as they claim the Love that they are and their divine heritage as children of All That Is. All the Creator’s children have the opportunity to choose Love and to claim the gifts that are already theirs as a part of the heart of the Creator. And all His children, no matter what their choices during this magnificent time on the Earth, are loved unconditionally, without judgment. No one is loved less than another. All are in control of their choices and their destiny.

There comes ahead in the Earth, the New Earth, a time of 1000 years of Peace. You yourselves are creating that time as you stand together in the name of Love and co-create this new reality based on Love and Peace. This time lies ahead, the time of the Light at the end of the tunnel. All may co-create and step ahead into this Light or remain in the tunnel of darkness – the tunnel of illusion, violence, war, separation, and fear. There is no judgment from on High, only Love and acceptance and the gift of Grace that may be chosen at any time as one journeys upon the Earth.

We are the Angels of the Light upon High, in the heavens and also there on Earth, those who are serving the Creator and all those upon Mother Earth at this time of the Great Awakening. We surround you with our Love. We bless you with our Love and our service and our dedication to bringing the Light into the Earth. We are here with you, helping to show The Way onto the Path of Light, back into connection with the One Heart, the heart of the Creator.

You are loved, you are blessed. You are the Peace, the Love, the Joy, the Light that you seek. You already are all those things that you seek. You have been given these gifts through your creation as a part of Mother-Father God. These – all the things you desire – are the gifts that are waiting to be claimed.

So at this holy time, for those who celebrate the birth of Jesus and those who celebrate Love in all different forms and names, we encourage you to claim the gifts that are already yours as a part of your divine heritage as a child of Goddess. You are Love, you are Light, you are Peace. Claim your gifts and live the life you desire. You are precious. You are perfect. You are deserving. Claim the Love that you are and spread your wings, claiming all the gifts that are already yours.

We send you Peace during this holy time and always. Go into your heart of hearts and that Peace, that Joy, that Light, that Love that are already yours for the claiming of those gifts through your free will choices and your divine heritage of co-creation.

We, the Angels of the Light, are here to help you follow the Light into your own hearts, for you are part of the One Heart, the Creator. Be not afraid, but step forward into the Light and into the New World. We are here with you, shining our Light as a beacon into the New World as you step upon and follow your Path of Light. That Path of Light leads into your own heart, which burns brightly as the Flame of Love, which can never be extinguished.

You are the Love of God. Unfurl your angel wings and fly upon the wings of the Creator into the New Earth which you yourselves are co-creating through the Grace of Mother-Father God. That Grace surrounds you and enfolds you, leading you into the Love and the Light that you are.

Feel our Love. You are never alone. Trust that all is in divine order. Fear not.

Hey Ho See, we are One.

Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

We are the Angels of the Light. Feel our Love. Let our Light warm you and enfold you and lead you, show you The Way into your chosen destiny as a child of God during this time of Awakening. And so be it.