November 26th 2023

By Teran with Sulara

Blessings, my beloved mother, Daughter of the Light, serving the Creator during this time of the Great Awakening. Those events and energies continue to bring those upon your beloved Mother Earth the opportunity of choosing Love and claiming their divine heritage of Unconditional Love & Light and free will choice to assist in co-creating the New World based upon the Oneness of all of life and your divine gifts from the Creator – Love, Joy, Compassion, and Peace.

It is a challenging time for so many upon the Earth. Thank you for your continued prayers for Peace, for Love and blessings and Grace for all those upon Mother Earth and in all realms experiencing difficulties and challenges. These difficulties and challenges bring with them the opportunity for many to open their hearts to Love, to help create the change that is needed to co-create a New World based upon Love, Oneness, and the Peace and Joy that are created through free will choices made through connecting with and claiming your divine heritage of Unconditional Love, Light, and co-creation as children of Goddess.

You wonder, how can all the violence continue? How much pain, suffering, and death must occur before action is taken for change? There will come a point, a tipping point, so to say, when those whose eyes and hearts have been opened to the truth of the Love that they are, and they finally claim their gifts of co-creation to take the action needed to create the New Earth they envision through their gifts of free will choice and co-creation.

Love is the answer… claiming the Love found within their own hearts and making the choice to take the action needed based upon that Love, that Flame of Love found within their own hearts. When there is nowhere else to turn but inward in the midst of the chaos, violence, and destruction found in the outer world, that tipping point is reached. That tipping point then allows the co-creation of a New Earth based upon Love, Light, Truth, Peace, Compassion & Joy.

For the outer world is but a reflection of what is within the hearts of so many. The time of the Great Awakening is here now, the opportunity to bless yourselves with the gifts of the Creator that you have already been given, if your brothers and sisters go within and claim them and take responsibility to make the changes they desire to manifest.

That time of opportunity is here now. It is time to go within, making your choices based on the Love that in truth you are, and joining together with those of like mind to make the changes desired. There is power in numbers. Those of you choosing to claim the Love that you are within your own heart of hearts will create the tipping point as you gather together that will enable the creation and manifestation of the New World that you long for, based on the foundation of Love and Oneness that is and always has been within your own hearts, part of the One Heart of the Creator.

We, Teran and my band of angels, are here with you today to thank you for your bravery, your courage, your strength as you continue to live through these times of chaos and turmoil, going within and making your choices based on the Lovew within your own hearts.

Where should you put your focus in order to help co-create the New World? On the Light and serving as a beacon of Light for your brothers and sisters who are lost in the darkness, the illusion, the fear, the greed, and the violence, those who have lost their connection with the Creator and their divine heritage. They have forgotten that Home is where the heart is. All those lost souls who have lost their way want to come Home. They need your example and your Love to help show them the way Home. So, don’t disconnect from what is going on around you in the world, a reflection of the pain and suffering humans have within and are enduring. But reach out in Love to serve, to help your brothers and sisters remember the Love that they are.

Through your Light, your kindness and your personal compassion, serving as one who is claiming the Light that you are and making choices based on Love, you can help them to remember their divinity and the gifts that are already theirs as children of Mother-Father God.

We commend you for remembering who you truly are and basing your choices and actions on that Love. Thank you for staying the course in spite of the chaos surrounding you, for remembering to go into your hearts to ground yourself into the Love and remember who you truly are.

We know it is not easy. We know it is not easy to trust that all is in divine order and to align yourself with the Love, Light, and Grace that the Creator offers and has gifted to you. Take heart that there is positive change coming for all of you who remain true to your purpose and the Love that you are. There is Light at the end of what seems to be this endless tunnel of darkness. Your Love, your Light, your example, your service, your choices in alignment with All That Is and the Love that you are, are making a difference and are lighting the way for many lost in the darkness and chaos of the planet.

We are here to serve you, to help light the way, to fill your hearts with our Love and assist you on this journey into the Light during this time of the Great Awakening. It is an awakening into the Love and the Light that you already are as a child of God. You are helping to awaken your brothers and sisters to the truth of who they are and that they can make the changes that they long for through going within and claiming their gifts of free will choice and co-creation.

There are legions and legions of angels here at the ready to help you and all who choose Love and through your choices are co-creating together the New Earth. Open your hearts to the Love, the blessings and the Grace that are offered by the Creator to those who open their hearts to accept and claim those gifts and who they truly are as the children of All That Is.

Call upon us, Teran and my band of angels and all the heavenly host in service to Mother-Father God and all those upon Mother Earth willing to open their hearts through their free will choices based on Love. All are loved. All are given the choice to be all that they can be, all that they are and want to create. Claim the Love, the Peace, the Joy that you are.

We are here with you to help lead you from the darkness into the Light as a part of the heart of the Creator.

Hey Ho See, we are One, Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

May Peace be with you now and forevermore and reflected into your beloved Mother Earth.