Channeled by Sulara

October 7th, 2023

Blessings, our Sister Sulara. Thank you for continuing to serve as our voice to assist humanity during these troubled times upon Mother Earth. War and violence continue and escalate during these times as well as the natural disasters.

There is no winner, no victor in war and violence. Violence begets violence. Through free will choice, those who explore violence continue to wreak havoc upon your beloved Mother Earth, destroying lives, destroying property, destroying hope for so many.

Those who are subjected to such violent, heinous acts of war are suffering greatly. All who desire and choose to live lives of Peace and Hope guided by goodness and mercy in those areas are forced to go within to find the Peace and the Love of the Creator.

We here, as angels in the physical in the form of dolphins, continue to embody Love, sending out and radiating Love to all those upon Mother Earth who are creating as well as experiencing such dire events as those in the name of Power are flooding them with evil and darkness in the exploration of their power over others. Those committing these heinous acts of violence have lost all remembrance of their connection to the divine Source of Love, All That Is, the Creator.

Because of the divine Law of Free Will Choice, we angels upon the Earth here to bless Mother Earth and all life upon it, cannot stop their choices for violence based upon illusion, greed, and fear. We can and do, however, send out waves and waves of the Creator’s Unconditional Love, Mercy, and Grace to shower those who are experiencing such atrocities to help them go into their own hearts where they can, on some level, rest in the Peace and the eternal Love of the Creator. We are working tirelessly to provide whatever relief we are able to send out into the Earth to all those who are suffering as a result of the choices of those lost in darkness, illusion, and greed in their lust for power.

War begets war. Violence begets violence. Those perpetrators have lost their conscious connection with the Light of Mother-Father God. And yet the Flame of Love, however dimmed, lives on within their hearts as a part of the Oneness of all of life, as a part of the heart of the Creator.

The perpetrators are truly those who are suffering the greatest harm. For whatever is sent out returns to its source. Those who are attacked are surrounded by their beloved guides and angels, by our Love, by the Creator’s Grace as they are a part of the drama which they have chosen, at the level of their souls, to experience. Those who choose Love and yet are experiencing the suffering of war and violence are surrounded by the Grace of God and are delivered from their pain and suffering.

As difficult as it may be to believe that those souls have chosen to experience these heinous acts of violence, at the level of their souls, they have and are not victims but have chosen to be a part of this difficult, challenging time upon Mother Earth. Some may have chosen to be a part of these events to experience the karmic opportunity of past (or parallel) lives in which they were the perpetrators to gain a greater understanding of the consequences of their choices and actions in other lifetimes.

Their own spirits may have chosen to suffer the pain which they themselves have inflicted upon others in parallel lifetimes to experience the consequences of choices made not in alignment with the Love and the Light which exist at the core of their hearts as a part of the Flame of Love that is within the hearts of all created by Mother-Father God.

We know that this is a difficult perspective for many to accept – that there are, at the deepest level of the soul, no victims – that all that one experiences has been chosen as an opportunity to expand their consciousness and their Love as a co-creator, given the divine heritage of free will choice. All of life is loved without judgment by the Creator, no matter what choices are made. Goddess does not punish those whose choices are not in alignment with the Love and Light that reside within their hearts as a part of the heart of the Creator, the One Heart.

Each soul experiences the consequences of their choices and their behavior as they themselves determine. Each soul is loved without reservation, without judgment by Goddess. All are given the opportunity to receive the Love, Grace, and Mercy of All That Is, that they may remember who they truly are as children of God, part of the Oneness of all of life.

All roads, even those of violence and inflicting pain and harm upon others or self, lead to the opportunity of remembering who you truly are as children of God and choosing Light and Unconditional Love in each moment upon your journey. “Victims” and perpetrators are both living the consequences of their choices and have the opportunity to claim the love that they are as sons and daughters of the Creator, created in the energy and spirit of Love.

All are forgiven and all are loved. All may choose Love and experience the beauty of life lived in alignment with the Love that they are, no matter what their past choices, actions, and experiences. No one is forever damned for their choices along the path of life. There is always free will choice and always redemption when one clearly sees who they truly are and chooses Love.

The Love of Goddess exists eternally within each heart, awaiting to be claimed and nourished. The Flame of Love grows and grows as one chooses Love, no matter what their past choices have been. There is only the present moment, and as one claims the Love that they are and chooses Love in every action, word, and deed, the Flame of Love is rekindled and lights the way for all those lost in the darkness and in illusion, greed, fear, and violence. No soul, no action is unforgiveable. Everything ultimately leads to wisdom and to the realization that we are all Love, all One.

We, the dolphins, continue to bless Mother Earth and all of life upon her with eternal Love, Light, Joy, Peace, and Hope. We are here to serve as your angels upon the Earth in every way that we can, as part of the bearers and bringers of Unconditional Love, Light, and Joy, your divine heritage as children of Mother-Father God.

We wish you Joy. We wish you Love and Laughter. We wish you Peace during these difficult times upon the Earth when so many have forgotten their true essence of Love. All are given the opportunity of remembering during this time of the Great Awakening, and we are here with you to remind you and to assist you along the way in the spirit of Love and service, as angels and servants of the Creator.

Hey Ho See, we are One.

Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

Choose Love, choose Peace, choose Forgiveness and Mercy, for all are traveling upon the Earth to remember who they truly are as a part of the Heart of the Creator.