September 23rd, 2023

Blessings, my beloved Mother and Daughter of the Light. Yes, as you shed tears for those there on your beloved island of Maui and all over the world who are suffering and experiencing challenge…

We join you and support you during this time when so many are grieving, in pain and suffering the loss of their friends and loved ones. Thank you for offering what you can to support your brothers and sisters. Thank you for sharing your gift, this gift of serving as our voice for many who need support, need words of Love and Hope at this time upon your beloved Mother Earth.

There are legions and legions of angels welcoming those who are returning home into the heart of the Creator and surrounding you of those there experiencing this devastating loss. Yes, many are being challenged in so many ways all over the world at this time. And so many are opening their hearts looking for answers, looking for Hope.

So many are gathering together, answering the call of humanity, opening their hearts to the realizations that this disaster and so many others upon the Earth now are bringing. Life, precious life. The realization that each day, each loved one, each friend is to be treasured in each and every moment.

Many will never again take for granted this precious gift of life. Many eyes are being opened, many hearts cracked open by the events. Many are reaching out for understanding. Many are lost in pain, suffering and anger as they grieve. Yet, many are also opening to the Love of the Creator and their brothers and sisters whom they have taken for granted in past. Many are experiencing gratitude for the blessing of the gift of their precious lives and the Creator when their hearts were closed in past.

It is a time of rising from the ashes, literally, in a new way of being. Gratitude is filling many hearts who had forgotten how precious is this gift of life and Love and Oneness as they went about their daily lives. Those hearts and those lives are changed forever. It is time to begin anew, with new appreciation for all their many gifts and blessings.

This time of the Great Awakening brings with it many gifts and many blessings that for many could not have been claimed without heartache. The heartache brings vulnerability and the desire to gather together with their brothers and sisters as they remember how precious the gift of life and friendship are.

Many are called to serve the Light at this time of darkness, this time before the dawn. After the darkness and the cleansing comes the dawn of new life, new understanding, new gratitude. Many are embracing not only their brothers and sisters and the wonder and beauty of the gift of life, but the beauty of their own hearts, and compassion for themselves as well as for others.

From the ashes and the floods arises a new beginning, the opportunity to create the New World, a new reality based on Love, Oneness, gratitude and true joy based on the realization that Love is the answer… Love for self, love for family and friends, Love for strangers in the realization that we are all Love, all One Heart… Love for Mother Earth and all of life.

We are here to support you, to love you, to surround you with our Love throughout these difficult times when the old ways of being are being destroyed to make way for a better, more joyful life – a New World which will rise from the ashes as the floods and fires help to cleanse, help to carry away those ways of being that no longer serve the heart, serve humanity and all of life upon Mother Earth.

It is a new day, a new dawn, a new beginning, a better way of being in alignment with Unconditional Love and Light through the blessings of the Creator’s Grace. So many are now open to this new beginning, to this Great Awakening that could not be claimed without the cleansing – the cleansing of the illusions, the greed, the fear, the violence, the denial of the Oneness of all of life.

Many eyes and hearts are being opened during this challenging time upon Mother Earth. While anger is part of grief and sadness, gratitude and appreciation for the precious gift of life are also part of the blessings that may be claimed.

Each person experiencing these events that are coming so quickly now upon the Earth has the opportunity to remember the Love that they are as children of God and to claim that Love is their divine heritage as a part of the heart of the Creator.

It is with great compassion and Love that I, Teran, and my band of angels and all those spirits of Light in these realms come close to the Earth to embrace you in our Love, to bless you with our guidance, our presence and hold your hands as you open your hearts to the Grace of the Creator that is surrounding all and blessing all if they so choose to accept it during these times of chaos and challenge and loss.

The spark of life is never lost, whether one remains in the Earth or returns to the side of the Creator. Free will choice is never lost when in the Earth or returning to the heart of the Creator. This is your divine heritage of eternal life.

Through choosing Love, Gratitude, and honoring the Oneness of all of life, you will survive and live to co-create a new and better world, a New World. Each has the opportunity to claim the Love that they are and to live a life of Joy, Hope, Compassion, Love and Light. These are the gifts from the Creator’s heart that you are offered at this time and always, and that are already yours as a child of Mother-Father God.

I, Teran, and my band of angels and so many servants of the Light are here with you now and as you journey and co-create a New World whose foundation is rising from the ashes and your free will to serve as co-creators with All That Is. We love you, we bless you, we support you. We are here to help lead you from the darkness into the Light.

As you acknowledge your loss, your sadness, your grief, and the world’s sadness, grief and pain, remember who you are, a child of Goddess blessed in so many ways. Step into the Light, out of the darkness into the New World, which you yourselves are co-creating as you claim your divine heritage and step forward in faith, courage, peace and hope for the dawning of the Light and the creation of a New World built upon the foundation of Love, Gratitude, Joy and Peace.

Go within to connect with the truth of who you are as a part of the One Heart, the Heart of the Creator. Remember to smile through your pain, your sadness, your grief. It will help light your way and serve as a beacon of Love, Light and Hope for your brothers and sisters… all of life upon your precious Mother Earth.

We and your guardian angels are here with you now and forevermore. We are at your side. Call upon us, feel our Love and you may allow us to comfort and soothe you if you so choose.

LOVE IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE. You are Love. You are loved. You are precious. Life upon the Earth and eternal life are the Creator’s gifts to you.

Hey Ho See, we are One. Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.