By Teran with Sulara

April 25th, 2024

Good morning, our beloved Sulara, my mother in the Earth. We come to you again on this day with our message of Love, Hope, and Peace during these times of turmoil upon the Earth. We are here with you all, watching and waiting, at the ready to assist any and all who are asking for help, asking for and open to guidance to assist in moving through these trying times upon Mother Earth.

Most all would agree that change is needed. Peace is needed. The end of violence, war, destruction, illusion, greed, and so much more that is not of the Light is needed upon your planet. But how is this to be accomplished? What can you and all of Goddess’s children upon the Earth do to bring about the change that is needed and desired?

You have the power. You are not victims. You are co-creators who have chosen to come into the Earth at this tumultuous time upon the Earth. You are the change that you seek. The Power of Love can change the consciousness of God’s children upon Mother Earth.

As more and more open their spiritual eyes and their hearts to the truth of the Love that they are, to the power of their divine heritage of free will choice, opening their hearts to the Creator’s Love which resides within their own hearts, the Great Awakening will be manifested and the change needed for the creation of a New World will be realized.

More and more of the Creator’s children are awakening to the truth of their power as co-creators, acknowledging and taking responsibility for the opportunity to be part of the change that is needed to create heaven upon Earth. For what is reflected upon the planet is what is within the hearts of the Goddess’s children.

Victimhood, fear, confusion, chaos, violence and war can and will be vanquished upon Mother Earth as the Creator’s children claim the Love that they are and live their lives in accordance with the Love with which you are created and your divine heritage of free will choice. You are the co-creators of your own destiny and the destiny of your beloved Mother Earth.

For many, it is a long (as you experience it in the Earth) and arduous journey as the events upon the planet encourage them to turn inward, to their Creator, whose Unconditional Love resides within each heart as the Flame of Love. Each and every choice for Love fans this eternal Flame of Unconditional Love and Light. God’s Grace is present for all upon this journey back home, the Great Awakening, as all are encouraged to go within to the Source of all Love, the Creator.

None are forsaken. None are truly lost upon the journey. Their true natures are just forgotten, to be remembered as they look within their own hearts, acknowledge the truth of their divinity, and claim that Love that they are as children of Mother-Father God.

Claim this Love, this Light, and this Peace that is within that is yours to claim in every moment, according to your free will choice. Focus on Love. Focus on Joy. Focus on Peace, Gratitude, and Compassion, and you will become a radiating Light to your brothers and sisters.

Your example can help lead the way back into the hearts of those you touch. You are a radiating Light of Love, Compassion, Hope, and Peace if you so choose to be. Your example can change lives, can open hearts to the truth of their divinity, to the power that they possess as children of the Creator.

The more your Light shines, the more hearts are opened to the truth of the Love and the Power that they are and that they possess as they choose and claim the Love that they are. Thank you for opening your hearts and serving as Angels of Light upon the Earth at this powerful time upon the Earth, the Great Awakening.

We – Teran and my band of angels – have chosen to help lead the way from the darkness that prevails upon Mother Earth, into the Light of the Creator, into the Love and the Light of the New World, one where each honors themselves, each other, and all of life upon Mother Earth and the Oneness and connection of all of life as part of the heart of the Creator.

As the violence, fear, chaos, and confusion escalate upon Mother Earth, go within to the only true place of safety and peace, into the heart of Goddess, where all answers are to be found. Love is the answer to all questions. Those answers, that Path of Light are to be found within your own hearts, as your divine heritage.

Have compassion for your brothers and sisters who have lost their way, who have forgotten the Love that they are. Through choosing Love, your heart shines and touches all of life upon your precious planet. You and your choices for Love are the answer to peace upon Earth, as those choices create a New World, one that is built upon a foundation of Love rather than fear, violence, and illusion.

Claim the Love that you are and help lead the way with me, Teran, my band of angels, and legions and legions of angels in these realms as well as there with you upon Mother Earth into the New World, which you yourselves are creating as the masters of your destiny and that of the New Earth. You are the artists, the masters and co-creators. You are the answer to a New World where Love and Oneness, Peace and Compassion are created by and with the Grace of Goddess as you claim Her Love within your own hearts.

Do not doubt your power. Stand in the power of your Light while the Old World crumbles around you in order to make way for a New World where the phoenix rises from the ashes, knowing that all is in divine order and that you have the power and the opportunity to create the reality you long for and envision.

Trust. Have faith. Remember that you are never alone. Be grateful for your precious lives and this unparalleled time of the Great Awakening. Awaken to the truth of the Love, Light, Peace, and Power within your own hearts as a part of All That Is, and all the glory that entails and is already yours if you choose to claim it.

Thank you for allowing us to share our perspective and encourage you to claim and to be all that you can be. Thank you for joining us as we lead all those who are willing into their own hearts and into the New Earth.

Hey Ho See, we are One.

Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

And so be it.