Channeled by Sulara

March 3rd, 2024

Good morning, our beloved Sister Sulara. These times, they are a-changin’. We bring our joy, our Love, our blessings, our hope into Mother Earth this morning through you, our voice.

Events upon the Earth are proceeding as this sacred time, the time of the Great Awakening, proceeds in alignment with the Divine, the divine destiny of all those who have willingly and knowingly chosen to be a part of the creation of the New Earth. As that creation is occurring as has been foretold, the foundations of the old – based upon illusion, fear, violence, and greed – must crumble, and along with those foundations, the beliefs of humanity that are based in fear and illusion.

Nothing else matters besides Love. Love is the answer to all questions. Love is the building block of the New World, a world in which the Oneness of all of life is known and accepted. For all of life is interrelated, connected by Love, Light, and Grace, which act as the “glue” which connects all of life. All of life has spirit and is created by All That Is.

When the spirit is forgotten and is ignored, humankind’s creations crumble and are revealed for what they are – creations that without the foundation of the Creator’s Love and Light – cannot continue to feed the hunger, the need of your brothers’ and sisters’ quest for true, Unconditional Love. All of creation is born of the Creator’s Unconditional Love, and yet, if that Flame of Love is not fanned, is not nourished, that creation cannot bloom into its full potential.

It is like a plant without water, nourishment and the Light of the Sun. Hearts cannot bloom and grow into the magnificence for which they were created if they are allowed to wither without the care and nourishment that are needed to reach their full potential, their full beauty.

The events upon the Earth at this time, the time of the Great Awakening, are an opportunity for those who have lost and forgotten their true connection with All That Is, to wake up to the realization that they have forgotten their connection to the Divine, to all of life, to the Oneness of all of life. All are given the opportunity through the events to be awakened, to realize their full potential as children of Goddess, created of, from, and for Love.

In their exploration of the gift of free will choice and co-creation, Her children have strayed from the Source of all of life, Mother-Father God. These events upon Mother Earth are a wake-up call that for most, can no longer be ignored. As the material world tumbles and falls around them, they are faced with the naked truth of the consequences of their choices made without regard for the Oneness of all of life.

Mother Earth, as she is disregarded and dishonored as the source and the gift of life for all those upon her, can no longer provide all the necessities of life that she is capable of providing for all. If she is not honored, loved and nourished, she is no longer able to provide all the gifts which she should be able to provide to all of the Creator’s children living upon her.

Thus, she must begin anew through cleansing by means of fires, floods, and whatever means are necessary for her renewal. She will survive, while those who do not honor and cherish her as the living spirit that she is may not if they do not awaken to the necessity of honoring, cherishing and feeding her the Love and the respect that she needs. She has been used and abused and not taken into account as those who have lost their connection to the Source of all life have forgotten their Oneness with all of life and with Mother Earth.

All of life is interconnected. Love is the key to true happiness, true Joy, true Peace. As you walk together with each other, honoring, respecting, and loving all of life, a New World will be created – one in which free will choice, co-creation, and honoring the Oneness of all of life all contribute to claiming the blessings of your divine heritage. All that you long for is already yours as you open to the Love that you already are as a part of the heart of the Creator.

We, the dolphins, love you and are here to help open The Way to claiming the truth of the Love, Light, Joy, and Peace that you already are. Feel our Love, feel our Joy. Love, laugh, and join together with those who are claiming the Love that they are as children of Mother-Father God. Be all that you can be by claiming the Love that you are and choosing Love in every action, word, and deed.

We are here to remind you that we are with you on this journey into the Light and into the creation of the New Earth. We are here to assist you in remembering who you are and the Love that you are as part of the heart of the Creator.

Hey Ho See, we are One.

Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

Walk in Peace through the fires that are needed to cleanse Mother Earth and all the hearts who have forgotten their true divinity as children of Goddess.

You are never alone. We angels here on Earth are with you and joining with legions and legions of angels to help show the way back into your own hearts and into the heart of the Creator, which you have never left, only forgotten.

It is time to remember. It is time to join together at this time of the Great Awakening to create the New Earth for which you long. There is Hope. You are this Hope in every action, word and deed chosen in the name of Love.

And so be it.