Channeled by Sulara

April 15th, 2023

Blessings on this beautiful day, dear Sister, as you are present with our energy in the physical here on Lana’i. Yes, this is home for many of us, the energies conducive to our good health and joy, and to fulfilling our purpose of bringing peace, Love, Joy, and healing and balance not only to Lanai and the Hawaiian Islands, but to the entire planet. For our work, our healing energy and works have no boundaries, no limits.

Our spirit can be present everywhere as our physical presence blesses all there and wherever we are over the globe. Yes, we are blessed to frolic and play there in the warm waters. We are at peace there, in the waters off of Lana’i. We are allowed to exist there in harmony and in peace, generally honored and our presence enjoyed with gratitude and excitement. For our aura, our energies of Unconditional Love reach out and embrace all those with open hearts, and especially those who understand and honor their Oneness with us and all of life. We are blessed to be there, in that sacred place, honored and loved by many.

As you know, it is always not so in many places upon the Earth. Pray for us, for our freedom from the violence which does occur in some places as we are tortured, maimed and killed, or taken from our homes in the ocean and from our pods to places where we are used for the purpose of greed and for entertainment. Yes, pray for us, and as well, for those who have no understanding of our Oneness and the Oneness of all of life as creations of the heart and the Love of the Creator.

We are playing our part there on Mother Earth to bless and heal humanity and all of life, and also to educate and awaken those who believe that it is okay to maim and kill God’s creatures and that we are unworthy and undeserving of Love, compassion, kindness and care, and protection from harm. Yes, do what you can to bless all creatures, all life that is dishonored and treated with cruelty and death needlessly and callously.

Yes, support the efforts of our guardian angels there on the Earth such as Ric O’Barry and those of the Dolphin Project, who work to educate and bring awareness of us and of the sacredness of life, all of life, and to the Oneness of all life. Thank you for your efforts, for your support in this work of serving as examples of those who honor all of life and the Oneness of all life. “We’re In This Love Together,” (by Al Jarreau) as the song goes. Thank you and all those who are working together to bring this truth to those who are awakening to and honoring this truth.

We love you and we love all of humanity and all of life. We have chosen to take this form as servants of the Creator, being channels of Love, Light, Joy, healing, kindness and compassion to those upon Mother Earth, those who are willing to open their hearts to embrace Unconditional Love and the truth of Oneness of all of life during this time of the Great Awakening. So many have forgotten, but so many are being awakened and reminded of how precious all of life is, in every creature, in every form.

This is a time of remembrance, for every soul and every heart has at its core this memory of their creation and the creation of all of life as part of the heart of the Creator. Many have forgotten the truth of Oneness with all of life as they have journeyed, exploring the fullness of the gifts of their divine heritage of free will choice and co-creation. Many have gotten lost in the illusion and the darkness during their explorations. But all will ultimately awaken to the truth of the Unconditional Love and Oneness of all of life as part of the One Heart, and return to Source.

There is occurring upon Mother Earth what may seem to be a never-ending opportunity to be reminded of your divine origins. Through tragic events that shake humans to the core of their beings, they are remembering who they truly are as children of and co-creators with All That Is, Mother-Father God. Rather than thinking of this time as a time of tragedy and hardship for many upon Mother Earth, think of this time of the Great Awakening as a time of remembrance and a time of great opportunity to embrace the Love that you are and to honor yourselves and all of life.

From our perspective, it is a time of great blessings, when many are given the opportunity to choose and to remember the Love with which they were created and to BE that Love, free of the illusion, greed, violence and darkness that have become so prevalent in the hearts of so many. The storms, the flooding, the tornadoes, the shaking of Mother Earth, the fires and all such disasters are shaking the foundations of many, shaking them to the core to reveal the truth of your divine heritage of Love and co-creation.

These events are, from one perspective, gifts that facilitate the remembrance of who you truly are as children of Goddess, and necessary to the creation of a New World based upon the foundation of Unconditional Love and Light. The illusions are being seen by many for what they truly are, creations of a humanity that has forgotten its divine heritage of Love, Light, Joy, hope, kindness, compassion and freedom.

Know that all is unfolding exactly as it should as part of the divine plan for humanity to awaken and remember and to claim the Love that it is. We, the spirit of the dolphin, are here with you in that paradise (Lana’i), and we are together with all in spirit, working together with angels upon the Earth, all over the globe, and in spirit to assist in this Great Awakening. It is a work of great service and joy and infinite Love.

Open your hearts to the hope, peace, Love, Light and joy that already exist within your own hearts and in the New World which you yourselves are creating as you choose Love, honoring all of life in the truth of Oneness.

Hey Ho See, we are One.
Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.