June 22nd, 2023

Blessings Mother, Daughter of the Light. I and my band of angels are most pleased to bring this message through you into the Earth.

The intensity of this time of the Great Awakening continues to build, as more and more are realizing that the only peace, only place free from turmoil is within. For they can no longer depend on the outside world and those events to bring any real stability or joy into their hearts.

Yes, the foundations of the Old World, the old way of being, can no longer be depended upon for any true sense of safety, peace, and joy. As the events build and unfold, the Creator’s flock of souls, His children are being brought to the realization that the old ways based on fear, violence, greed, and illusion no long serve. It is the time of the Great Awakening, the time when many are forced by events to go within for a new way of being, a new way of seeing, a new way of relating to themselves and the world and to their brothers and sisters and the chaos and events that are coming in greater and greater intensity.

Yes, through these events, many are realizing that Love, community, and realizing the Oneness of all of life is the answer to Peace and to surviving amidst the destruction of the old foundations. A new way of being, a new perspective is being brought into awareness. Because of the chaos and turbulence during this time in the Earth, many are being forced to go inside to look for the Peace that they seek. Many are discovering that Love is truly the only constant in this chaotic world, this world that is erupting as the old ways of being are not providing the peace and stability they seek from the outer world.

The chaos and turmoil are the reflection of the chaos and turmoil within the hearts that have forgotten the truth of the Love that they are as children of Goddess, created in Love and wonder and joy by the Creator who has gifted each and every soul with the divine gift of free will choice. So many have forgotten that they are co-creators, and in fact, have created the chaos through their lack of connection to the Creator, to the Flame of Love that is their divine heritage as the children of Mother-Father God.

All of these spirits upon the Earth who are suffering have chosen this opportunity at this time upon the Earth to open their eyes, their spiritual eyes and their hearts to the truth of their divine heritage and the Love that they are. Through the events of this time in the Earth, many are now turning within to seek truth and stability within their own hearts, the only true source of Love and Joy as a part of the heart of the Creator. Many, through these challenges and turmoil, are forced to go within to find the Peace and the Love and the Truth that they seek which the outer world has, they are realizing now, never truly provided.

As their homes are blown away or washed away or burned to ashes, they are finding the answers through Love and connection with the Creator and the community and through the blessings of banding together in community, serving and helping each other through these difficult times. They are awakening to the truth that the only real Peace and Love are not to be found in the external, in the material, in greed, and in making decisions based on fear and illusion that the mass mind thought has offered for so long.

Everyone upon the Earth at this time has asked for this opportunity to awaken to the truth within their own hearts that has been forgotten for so long – that Love is the answer, and that Love lies within their own being and their choices based upon Love, their free will choices as co-creators and their divine heritage as children of Goddess.

The Flame of Love within their hearts has been dimmed through the fear, the illusion, and the greed as they have, for so long, forgotten the Love that they are. These events, these challenges, these difficulties are fanning the flame, the Flame of Love, helping them to remember who they truly are as children of God and helping them to remember that they are the creators of their own destiny through their free will choices as co-creators with All That Is.

To experience a world of Love, a New Earth based upon the only true foundation of Love, their choices must be made based on the Love and the Truth within their own hearts, thus reflecting an outer world, a New World where Love abounds.

Love, Gratitude, Hope and free will choices made and based on Love pave the road to the creation of the New World – one where fear, hatred, illusion, greed, violence, and war have no place in the minds and hearts of the Creator’s sons and daughters. Those who choose to continue in the old ways will not be a part of the creation of the New World, where Love, Hope, Joy, compassion, cooperation and kindness abound, where the Oneness of all of life is known and honored and all realize that as children of God, all that they seek lies within their own hearts.

In the New World, Mother Earth and all of life are honored in the spirit and truth of Oneness in the realization that Love is the only answer and that Love lies within as a part of the divine heritage given to each and every person as a part of the heart of the Creator.

So, know that all is in divine order, even as the storms upon the Earth intensify. For as the Old World collapses and is destroyed, the New World rises, like the phoenix, from the ashes. And those who choose Love are given the opportunity of creating and living in a New World based upon the Love that they discover and claim within their own hearts.

As the storms intensify, keep the faith, allowing the Love within your heart to give you the strength and the courage you need to stand and act in the power of your own Light as you co-create the New World for which you long. You ARE the Peace, the Love, the Joy, the Light which you seek. Claim your power as a daughter or son of the Creator, claim your divine heritage as a co-creator given the gift of free will choice. Open those gifts already within your own hearts and co-create the reality you have come to create through your choices for Love during this opportunity of the Great Awakening.

We, Teran and my band of angels, are here to help lead you from the darkness into the Light. Have no fear, we and all the servants of the Light and Unconditional Love are watching over you and leading you back into the Love within your own hearts as part of the One Heart of the Creator, which is Love.

Open your hearts to all the Love, Light, Joy and Grace that are always offered and found within your own hearts as the children of All That Is.

Hey Ho See, we are One.

Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

And so be it.