I LOVE TO DANCE! – 11/6/15

I’ve loved to dance ever since I was just a little girl… I come from a dancing family. My dad had a small business in Cuba before Castro, and he and my mother used to fly there from our home in St. Petersburg to check on business and celebrate life by dancing the rhumba, mambo, cha-cha, etc. in in the night clubs there. They would bring drums and music home and we would all dance around the living room together. My dad said he would take Mom to Cuba every 6 months, because after a trip there she was especially romantic for about 6 months. 🙂

Genesis’s and my son Teran, who is in spirit form, loves to dance too.

“I, Teran, love to dance, to move, to sway, to flow with your own rhythms and with the different rhythms of life. Dancing is a beautiful way to express this internal rhythm and to connect with the rhythm of life. It is an excellent way to ground. It is a way to dance your prayers into the Earth, to feel your connection with Mother Earth. It is a wonderful way to flow the energy in relationship with Mother Earth. I encourage you to express your joy, your oneness, your beauty through dance, to allow the rhythms and the energy of life to move you, to move through your body and connect you to the Earth, to others, to your own heart, to the hearts of others, and to the one heart – the Creator. It is a beautiful expression of joy and connection to all of life, to dance. Dance your joy. Dance your peace. Dance your love. Dance your oneness with all of life. Feel the flow of life moving through your body in the rhythm of life. Open yourself to attune to the rhythms and to the heartbeat of Mother Earth and the heartbeat of life upon Mother Earth as a child of God, as a child of the Universe. Have you forgotten how to dance? I, Teran, am asking you to remember, and to help those who have forgotten how to dance to remember, and to dance your prayers into the Earth and dance in grace, with,grace, and with the grace of God.

“The dance may become quiet, more introspective at this time, during this season of winter which is fast approaching. Stillness in itself is a part of the dance of life. Stillness has a rhythm of its own. Honor the stillness as well. Sending you much love, my partners in this dance of life.”

-from “Keys for Creating Your Life”, Volume Three, by Teran with Sulara

Teran and I invite you to dance! Aloha, Sulara