OH HAPPY DAY! – 1-16-17

I’ve had a lot of challenging days recently, as perhaps some of you have. But today the swell calmed, the vog (volcanic fog) lifted, & I got to swim in my beloved Grandmother Ocean once again & take in the sacred song of the whales, filling my heart with their Love & blessings. Now all is well once again in my world, and I’m wishing the same for you! 🙂

The whales and the dolphins in Grandmother Ocean bring special gifts and blessings. They are helping to hold the energy to bring in the blessings of greater and greater light and higher consciousness into the hearts, minds, and spirits of all who walk upon Mother Earth. They are the special guardians of Mother Earth, holding the vibration of peace and love for all.

Connecting with the spirits of these special creatures allows one to connect with the spirit of love within. For this consciousness of love exists within the heart. It has but to be recognized, acknowledged, claimed, and nourished.

– from “Keys for Creating Your Life” Volume 4 by Teran with Sulara