March 16th, 2020

Blessings, Dear One. We join you today, we join our spirit with yours as you have so graciously offered once again to serve as our voice as we bring this message to our brothers and sisters in the Earth plane at this rather chaotic, confusing, and challenging time upon the planet.

The events present at this time upon Mother Earth (related to the Corona virus) are giving many the opportunity to step back and slow down, have time on their hands, so to speak. While some continue to work, others find themselves at a loss because their normal routines have been put on hold. It is an opportunity for those with more time than usual to use this time to step back and look through opened eyes with a different perspective at their lives and at what is truly important in their lives.

Some may choose to be more still, to allow themselves to be human BEings rather than human DOings. So many have been disconnected from their spirits, from the Oneness of all of life, forgotten in the hustle and bustle of doing, that they are not what they do. Many believe that the more that they do, the more activities that they participate in and the busier they are, the happier and more successful they will be. This is NOT true, and this pause in the usual routines for many can have a very beneficial effect upon those who use this time to stop, breathe, and step out of their normal routine.

There are those who are focusing on fear and the downsides of this pause. This is a matter of personal and free will choice. There are many who will recognize the opportunity to change some habits that have not been serving them and realize that much connection to their own hearts, spirits, and their loved ones has been set aside in the interest of activities that do not support their highest and greatest good and their true happiness. Busy-ness does not equal happy-ness. A balance is needed between activity and contemplation, between focusing on the external and being present with one’s spirit and connecting with the truth within their own hearts.

So many have forgotten the blessings and gifts of connecting with their own precious spirits and the truth, beauty, peace, Love, and joy which are always present as a part of the heart of the Creator and always available within their own hearts. So few take the time to know themselves, to become aware of and honor the sacred truth within their own hearts.

Going within and connecting with what is within your heart and connecting with the Creator is the key to living a balanced, joyful healthy, and yes – most productive and satisfying – life. For balance of mind, body, and spirit is difficult to achieve when one is always focused on the external and depends upon events in the external world for their joy, sense of success, and their happiness. When one does not connect with the heart to fulfill their deepest desires, joy, success and happiness are only temporary.

So please remember that this time is an opportunity and a blessing, not a time to react in fear, but a time to spend connecting with your own heart, your own needs and desires, and your own sacred truth. Know yourself. Bless yourself by honoring the truth within your heart and providing, as a result of the time spent within your own heart of hearts, whatever is truly needed for your own balance, joy, and fulfillment.

Yes, these are chaotic and challenging times upon Mother Earth. You have chosen to be present during these events. You have chosen to give yourself the blessings and opportunities that are available as a result of these events. Use this time to truly get to know yourself and what is important to you and what fulfills you. Focus on your blessings and on gratitude. There is so much to be grateful for.

Use this time to release those habits and activities and relationships that no longer serve you. Use this time to awaken to the beauty. Love, light, and joy within your own heart. Find that place of peace within your own heart that does not depend upon the external and your activity in the outside world. Use this opportunity to reconnect with who you are and what you need for true, long-lasting joy. Your spirit has the answers that you seek. Connect with your spirit and the Love that you are as a child of God through connecting with your own heart.

Know that this time, this slow down, this pause can be a true blessing to your own happiness by going within, exploring and honoring what you find. Acknowledge and honor the truth within your own heart. Reconnect with the beauty, the peace, the joy, and the Love that you are a son or a daughter of God. True peace and happiness are to be found within your own heart. Open your heart to all the Love that you are. Reconnect with your spirit and what brings you joy upon your path of Light.

Take a break from the chaos in the external world and reconnect with the truth of who you are by the simple act of going within, into your own heart. And let your heart guide your steps. Honor yourself and your truth. Know that you know. Know that true happiness, joy, peace, and fulfillment are yours by reconnecting with your own spirit and acting upon the sacred truth within your own heart.

You are the captain of your own ship. Reconnecting with the Love within as a part of the heart of the Creator will guide you through the stormy seas at this time of chaos if you allow yourself the time and freedom to reconnect with your own spirit and the heart of God by going within and honoring and acting upon the truth that you find within.

We, the spirit of the dolphin, bring you this reminder that all that you seek is within if you will but open your own heart to the Love that you are and reconnect to the beauty, peace, joy, and light that you are as a child of God. This is your divine heritage. For you are created from the Love of the Creator, and only you can reclaim this Love that you are.

We bring you the gifts of balance, ease, joy, and harmony as you read or hear these words. We bring you our Love. For we are all Love as a part of the Oneness and the heart of the Creator… all One Heart.

Hey Ho See, we are One.
Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

Remember that you can always return and reconnect to the Peace, Love, Light, and Joy that you are by going within into your heart of hearts. This truth awaits your rediscovery, acknowledgment, and claiming. And remember that joy and playfulness in your daily lives can help to open your heart to all that you can be.