Aloha Dear Friends,

I offer you this Message from Spirit of Hope and Rebirth. May we all
move through these times of challenge
connected by our Love and our Oneness.

From my heart to yours…

With Many Blessings & Much Love, Sulara

April 12th, 2020

Blessings, O beautiful Sister of the Light! This day holds so much hope and so much promise for so many upon Mother Earth at this time – the promise of the beauty and new life of spring, and the promise of eternal life as exemplified by our dear Brother Jesus, who walked upon the Earth as a man embodying the Christ Spirit more than 2000 years ago.

These times have brought to many upon your planet hardship, challenges, and the loss of many beloveds. While this is a tragic time for many throughout the planet, this is also a time of rebirth for many as their hearts have been opened through the events which for so many have been heartbreaking or at the least challenging. It is the time of rebirth, of Spring, of spirits and hearts opened to the truth of the importance of life, precious life.

Eternal life is the message brought to so many by our Brother Jesus. We, His family upon the Earth – the maidens and disciples, all those who chose to walk that walk with Him at that time – come to reassure you, along with our beloved Brother Jesus, that just as there is a light at the end of this tunnel, there is eternal life, the gift of eternal life given by Mother-Father God as She created each of you in spirit and has given each of you the opportunity to explore your divine heritage as a part of the heart of the Creator.

Each of you, as a child of God, has eternal life. For the spirit never dies. The Love which is the Creator only expands as each soul explores its free will and divine heritage through life upon Mother Earth and in infinite realms. Each spark of the Divine is a part of the heart of the Creator, given the right of free will choice.

And as difficult as this time upon the Earth has been and continues to be, it has been a blessing for those who whose hearts have been opened to the truth of the Love, Unity, Oneness, Compassion, and Peace which lie within each and every heart as a part of Mother-Father God. And as the trees and blossoms awaken to new life at this time of Spring upon Mother Earth, many hearts are reawakening to hope and to the truth that we are all One, that we are Love.

A gigantic wake-up call has been issued through the challenges of this time to those who have been asleep, to those who have forgotten the truth of their divinity and the blessings which are always offered and available to each and every heart who is willing to acknowledge and claim the Love that they are through their choices for Love. This wake-up call continues, adding more and more whose hearts are opening to the Love of the Creator and to the Love that they are.

This wake-up call is part of the Great Awakening that is happening all over the world. All are offered this opportunity of hope and a New World and a rebirth. And for those who choose not to take part in the creation of the New World, their eternal spirits will continue to have the opportunity of this Great Awakening in other realms. For life is eternal, and all roads in all realms lead back to the heart of the Creator. There are many pathways, many opportunities leading back home. Each soul has the gift of co-creation and free will choice and may create their own opportunities to reawaken to the truth of who they are as children of God, when and if they so choose.

We are here with you as you are reading or hearing this, part of the Spirit Family of our beloved Brother, who chose to walk upon the Earth to bring the gifts and blessings to all who had open hearts and recognized the Love that they themselves are through the eyes and the heart of Brother Jesus. He has never left the Earth plane, but remains within the hearts of all who so choose to open to Love and to the truth that we are all One Heart whose spirits never die and live eternally as One with all of creation.

We – Mother Mary., Sister Mary Magdalene, Joseph, all the maidens and apostles who assisted Jesus as He walked his walk long ago – have come forward to bring you this message of Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace. Our Brother has never left you as you choose the Love which He exemplified and lived during His walk upon Mother Earth. Know that all is in divine order and truly, the spirit never dies, and no one leaves the side of the Creator. Your body in the Earth provides the temple of the living spirit of Love.

Our Brother Jesus is with us here now, filling your hearts with His Love and His Grace, which are always offered without judgment. No matter what path you choose, you are always honored and loved by our Brother and the Creator as you explore your divine heritage of co-creation and free will choice.

Know that many blessings are being experienced through this time of challenge, and great will be the reward for those who choose to be Love and to act in accordance with Love. It is the time of Spring, of rebirth and of hope for those who can look into their own hearts and claim the Love which lies within as a part of the heart of the Creator.

We are here with you, helping to lead the way, at the side of the Creator as so many hearts are opening to the truth of who they are as children of God. We thank you for this opportunity to speak from our hearts to yours on this holiest of holy days, one which promises rebirth and eternal life.
Hey Ho see, we are One. Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

Our Brother remains at One with you, within your heart of hearts if you so choose. May Peace be yours, now and forevermore.