Aloha Dear Friends,

WOW! The Love and the Power I felt while receiving this message was
magnificent… almost overwhelming!

May you all claim the Love, the Light, the Power, the Peace, the
magnificence and the Beauty that you are!
May you stand in the power of your Light!

Sending Blessings & Love, Teran & Sulara

Stand in the Power of Your Light

May 13th, 2020

Blessings and gratitude, Mother, for your willingness to serve as my voice to bring forth this message of Love, encouragement, and hope. Have no doubt that I, Teran, and my band of angels as well as legions and legions of angels are present, close to the Earth, to assist those during this time of challenge upon Mother Earth who are asking, whose hearts and spirits are willing to receive guidance, to receive encouragement and hope as The Way is prepared for all those who choose to co-create the New World based upon Unconditional Love and Light.

This has been an extremely difficult time for those all across the globe who have lost friends and loved ones as many have chosen to leave the planet at this time. And many others have chosen to have their eyes, their hearts, and their spirits opened in preparation for the birth of a New World, a new existence brought forth upon the wings of the Love of the Creator and all Her helpers in the Light. They are supporting and coming to the aid of those who wish to release the darkness, the illusion, the greed, and the violence that are so prevalent upon your planet.

There are those who would control life upon Mother Earth for their own purposes if they are allowed. It is a time for vigilance. It is a time to pay attention to the often subtle attempts of those who dwell in the darkness to influence all of those upon the planet that they are able to, to give up their free will and allow themselves to be dominated, to be used for their selfish purposes and greed, their hunger for power and control.

So open your eyes, read carefully between the lines of the laws that are being put forth in an effort to take control, to dominate, to continue the fostering and the encouragement of fear. Call upon your intuition, in alignment with your heart’s wisdom and knowing. Gather together in Oneness, in the knowledge that together, you have the power to turn the tide, to overcome the energies of darkness and those whose purpose is to dominate for their own selfish purposes and needs. Awaken to the truth that you are powerful, you are magnificent, that you are co-creators together with Mother-Father God.

Be vigilant. If something – some movement, organization, new law, etc. – is not in alignment with the Creator’s Love and Light, band together and take action to stop it. Complacency has no place at this time upon Mother Earth. Join together and rise up in the Love that you are. Join together in the Oneness of all of life that is created in Love and for Love.

The purpose of life is to acknowledge and claim the Love that you are, to claim that power that cannot be taken from you unless you allow it. This is a monumental time upon the Earth, the time of the Great Awakening, and awakening to the truth of your divinity and power as a co-creator with the Creator, given the right of free will choice. Open your eyes, your spiritual eyes, and ask to be given the Grace to see clearly, hear clearly, and act in and out of Love for your own spirits and all of life upon Mother Earth, together in the Oneness and the majesty of the precious life that you have been given.

Now, more than ever, is the time to claim your power and stand in that power, to stand in the Love that you are as a son or daughter of God, given the opportunity at this time of creating a New World based on the foundation of Love, Truth, Compassion, Peace, and Joy.

You have chosen to be here at this pivotal time upon Mother Earth to take part in this Great Awakening and this Great Uprising in the face of the darkness which is fighting for dominance in every corner where complacency would allow. Rise up in the name of Truth. Rise up in the name of Love. Rise up in the name of Oneness, in the name of all that is sacred.

Go within and claim your power. Know that you have all the courage and power that you need to turn the tide, to wash clean with the waters of Love the darkness – the illusion, violence and fear – that is doing all that it can to prevail upon Mother Earth. It is time to honor, to heal, to support Mother Earth and all of life upon her through the power of your free will and choice for Love.

You are being called into a gathering of Light, called to defeat the darkness through Love, Truth, and Compassion. Gather together as One in the name of Goddess and take whatever action is needed, guided by Love and Light, to dissolve the darkness, to stand in the power of Love. Everything that has been happening is in divine alignment with this opportunity to create the New Earth that you long for.

Stand up in your courage and in your power to be counted as one in the army of Love and Light serving the Creator, Mother Earth, and all of life upon her. The choice is yours. The time is NOW. Stand up and be counted, joining together as One Heart, the heart of Mother-Father God.

Those who have left the planet during this pandemic are safe in the heart of the Creator. They have chosen their paths, and all paths and choices in all realms are honored by the Creator. Do you choose Love? Do you choose to awaken to the truth of your divinity and to this opportunity of the Great Awakening and creating a New World that you yourselves can imagine into manifestation?

Stand in your power. Know the truth that is in your heart. Stand in that truth and speak that truth and join the voices of all those who choose Love and stand in their truth and in their power as creations of the Creator’s Love, as beings claiming their gifts of co-creation and free will choice.

This message today is our call to power, the call to claim your power as children of God. You ARE Love, you ARE Peace, you ARE Joy. Claim your gifts and live your life in the beauty of your own creation, the New World which you yourselves are creating through your desire to live in Oneness, together with all of life, in Love and for Love. Claim your authority and act with that authority, guided always by Love and the truth within your own heart of hearts.

We – Teran and my band of angels – are calling you to take action in alignment with the Love that you are and the New World that awaits you as you claim the Love and the Power and the Beauty that you are. Fear not. You are guided as you move through these times of challenge and rebirth. You are watched over and protected by the Creator and all the spirits of Love and Light in all realms dedicated to assisting in this time of the Great Awakening.

Feel the joy of what you are creating within your heart, in joyful anticipation and joyful expectation for the blessings of the New Earth, the new life that awaits you as you choose Love, join together in Love, and take action in the name of Love and All That Is. We are with you, as are countless legions of angels dedicated to bringing the awakening of the Light and Love within your own hearts into your awareness and into the manifestation and the birth of the New World.

Hey Ho See, we are One. Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

Keep the faith. Trust that all is in divine order and claim the Peace, the Hope, the Truth, and the Love and the Light that are yours to claim as your divine heritage as a part of the heart of the Creator.