For your timely “Stand in the Power of Your Light” message just before this racial unrest!

And thank you, Humanity, those who are standing up together peacefully in the Power of Your Light!

“You have chosen to be here at this pivotal time upon Mother Earth to take part in this Great Awakening and this Great Uprising in the face of the darkness which is fighting for dominance in every corner where complacency would allow. Rise up in the name of Truth. Rise up in the name of Love. Rise up in the name of Oneness, in the name of all that is sacred…

“This message today is our call to power, the call to claim your power as children of God. You ARE Love, you ARE Peace, you ARE Joy. Claim your gifts and live your life in the beauty of your own creation, the New World which you yourselves are creating through your desire to live
in Oneness, together with all of life, in Love and for Love. Claim your authority and act with that authority, guided always by Love and the truth within your own heart of hearts.”

Sending Blessings, Love, Peace & Gratitude to all, Sulara