February 29th, 2020

Blessings to you, dear Daughter of the Light. We are honored to bring you and all those who will read or hear this, our message for today, February 29, 2020. The energies have been, and continue to be, very intense in the Earth plane. For the energies and events are ramping up, so to speak, as more and more light is brought into your planet to assist in the awakening, the Great Awakening, that is occurring.

The virus that is spreading upon your planet is another opportunity for many to awaken to what is truly important in life, as well as an opportunity for those who are choosing not to continue their journey on the planet. There is nothing to fear. As always, everything is in divine alignment with each person’s free will choice. No one is a victim.

Those who leave the planet now leave because their spirits have chosen this time to depart. Do not allow your news sources to create fear and panic in your hearts. Do what you know to do to protect yourself and those for whom you are responsible, knowing that these events are just another part of the quickening, which is facilitated by many factors and events, and is moving energy with the purpose of opening hearts, minds, and spirits to the truth of your divinity as a creation of Mother-Father God, as the divine being you are as a child of God.

Stop and smell the roses, look at the gifts and blessings that you have with an attitude of gratitude, with an attitude of joyful expectation. For while you and others may be experiencing discomfort on the physical, mental, or emotional levels, there is great purpose in all that you are experiencing. Awakening to the truth of who you are as a creation of Love, with free will choice and the opportunity to create the world that you can imagine filled with Love and blessings and Grace, a New World free of the violence, fear, and darkness that is so prevalent upon Mother Earth, is a divine opportunity that can be celebrated rather than feared.

Many have lost their way on their journey of free will choice and created this chaos, this state of fear, violence, illusion, and all manner of trauma upon the Earth. The Love with which they have been created has been forgotten. This time and all the events occurring are leading all who so choose into the truth of who they are, children of God with free will choice and the gift of co-creation and the opportunity to create a New World based upon the true foundation of all of creation – Love.

So as the chaos and fear heighten, go into your hearts and celebrate the truth of the perfection of these events which are leading many into opening their hearts, opening their eyes and minds to see the truth that there is always free will choice, and that what you hold in your hearts and what you nourish, is what is reflected into the world around you.

You are safe in the heart of the Creator, no matter what is going on around you. Know this truth and claim this truth – that to create a new reality based upon the foundation of Love, the old must fall and crumble. And then, as the phoenix rising from the ashes, a New World will be created, will be borne upon the wings of the Creator and all Her legions of angels taking part in this magnificent time of Ascension and creation.

Mother Earth will be cleansed and healed and honored and respected as she is meant to be. Mother Earth can support all of life, all who choose to ascend with her, with great ease and joy. It is a grand collaboration which is the result of the realization and honoring of all of life, the claiming of the Oneness of all of life. Humanity working together with Mother Earth, all of the elements, and the spirit and Oneness of all of life will result in the realization of what humanity longs for – a New World where Love, Joy, Compassion, and Hope reign in the minds and hearts of all.

Thank you for your trust. Thank you for your faith that all is in divine alignment for the creation of the New Earth that so many long for. Those who encourage hate, fear, greed, illusion, and darkness will no longer be a part of the New Earth. Those who do not honor Mother Earth and all of life as One and creations of Love as a part of the heart of the Creator will not be allowed to continue in this new reality. For all are given the opportunity to take part in the Great Awakening, and the free will choices of all are honored.

We thank you all who are choosing the Love that you are for your courage, your trust, and your faith that the chaos and the discomfort all are in divine alignment as you move forward in co-creating the New Earth for which you long. We are with you. I, Teran, and my band of angels are honored to assist you in moving forward into the Light as you ascend together and with Mother Earth into a new reality based on the truth that you are Love.
Through cooperation, collaboration, unity, kindness, and compassion, you are co-creating the world that you desire. Reach out to each other with kindness, compassion, and Love as you step into the Light of the New World and leave behind, through your choice for Love, the fear, anger, greed, violence, and darkness of those who have lost their way and chosen to cling to the old rather than claim their divine heritage as children of Goddess.

Find that center of calm, peace, and strength within your heart as the chaos continues and builds. Know that there is nothing to fear and that we are here to help lead the way into the Light of the New World which you yourselves are creating as you choose to be the Love you are by following your heart and choosing Love in every instance.

You have chosen to be here at this time of chaos, of transition into the Great Awakening. Thank you for staying the course and not giving up hope, no matter how hopeless the events on the Earth appear. There is a divine plan. You are an important part of that divine plan as co-creators who are claiming the truth of who you are and claiming your free will choice to release the fear and the illusions that are so prevalent upon the Earth and are encouraged by those who have forgotten their divine heritage of Love and Grace on their journey.

You are blessed as the Creator gathers you into Her heart. You are blessed as you claim the Love that you are, expanding that Love as you love yourself and all of life unconditionally as One Heart, claiming the Oneness of all of life. Know this to be a time of opportunity and of Grace. You are never forsaken by the Creator and all of Her legions of angels who are surrounding you and holding you in their Light and their Love.

Celebrate that the time is here, that by choosing Love, you are creating the New Earth for which you long. Celebrate that the choice is yours, and that the Grace of Goddess is descending upon you to lift your spirits and fly your spirits upon her wings of Love into the Love, the Joy, the Peace, and the Beauty of who you truly are.

Hold hope in your hearts and know that you are truly blessed as you move through this time of chaos and transition as you choose to claim and to open the gifts that are being offered at this time of the Great Awakening. Call upon us. Feel our presence with you and our Love for you as we guide you through this time of the Great Awakening.

With so much joy to journey together with you at this magnificent time…

Hey Ho See, we are One. Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

Go to that place of Peace within your heart of hearts where the Love, which is the heart of the Creator, of which you are a precious, unique part, resides.