Aloha Dear Friends,

I happened upon this Message from Spirit that I channeled almost 10 years ago and feel inspired to share it. I feel that it is as relevant and perhaps even more timely than it was then.

May you enJOY it and be blessed by the Love from Spirit, Sulara

Blessings! And we welcome these questions from this brother of the light who is dedicated to truth.

First, we would like to address the question: Is it too late (to heal the planet)? And we answer this question with a resounding “NO”! Mother Earth is in the process of healing herself, preparing for those energies which will be replacing the lack of love, the lack of respect that have been far too prevalent upon Mother Earth for a very long time (though time is a matter of perspective).

In truth, the abuse of the Earth can and will be reckoned within a relatively short period of time in which Mother Earth will heave and breathe, purify and cleanse… much as you humans stretch in the morning or throughout the day, much as you cleanse yourself with the healing spirit of water, much as you do whatever is needed when a major change is needed in your life. The problems are recognized and addressed, the attitude is adjusted, the problem areas, or areas of dis-ease are addressed by numerous methods – all to bring about a state of balance and ease.

Do not fret or spend time worrying about Mother Earth. The answer is to take action, doing what you know as an individual to assist in the healing and rebalancing of this great spirit, Mother Earth. She is resilient and will shift and change as needed for her own cleansing and to assist in changing the consciousness of her children living upon her body. For each positive, loving action in respect and in honor of the planet will assist in her healing, her rejuvenation. This time of the Great Awakening is bringing new life into her body and spirit as those who live upon her are awakening to the truth of her beauty, her gifts, her needs.

As those who choose to stay and take part in this Great Awakening realize that we are all One – not just fellow humans, but all of life, including Mother Earth, Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, the spirit of the water, etc. and all the living, breathing mana of the Creator – and as they learn to live as One, loving themselves, each other, and all of creation, this Love will be reflected, will be absorbed and will be expanded in the body and in the spirit of Mother Earth.

So do not worry about the Earth Mother; she is a spirit who will shift and transform and survive, who will in fact return to her optimal health, becoming more and more vibrant and constantly renewing her resources as she works in cooperation with all those who live upon her. Those who disrespect and abuse her will no longer be welcome in the new reality where the planet offers her gifts and blessings to those who love her and claim their Oneness with her and all of creation. The abuse will no longer be tolerated. The 1000 years of peace will be that time when all upon Mother Earth assist in blessing her with whatever is needed for her good health and vitality. It will be a relationship based on mutual respect, and all will benefit. The planet has more than enough resources for all who choose to journey upon her if those resources are respected and treated responsibly.

As part of the Great Awakening, new (to the Earth at present) but ancient knowledge will be awakened within the hearts and minds of those who choose to take part in this grand renewal. Yes, living simply, living sustainably, honoring the Divine Feminine as well as the Divine Masculine, taking the time to go within to connect with the Love and Peace and Joy that is the Creator and thus a part of each and every living spirit, are all a part of the healing of Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. But as well, there are methods that will be brought into the consciousness of the scientists and inventors, as well as others, that will assist in using the planet’s resources to the greatest, most sustainable advantage.

The power and gifts of the Sun, of the spirit of water, of the mineral kingdom, of electromagnetic energy will all be used to the greatest advantage. Methods to make use of this power and these gifts will be brought to the consciousness by many guides and angels such as those helpful spirits from Orion and others whose purpose at this time is to assist in the Great Awakening and renewal. There are many extraterrestrials who have made it their joy and their purpose to bring knowledge and assistance in discovering the tools that will benefit all of mankind and all that is a part of creation upon Mother Earth at this magnificent time. So yes, there is much that the individual can do to assist in the healing and renewal of the planet, but there are also many gifts that are being brought to the planet by benevolent spirits who are taking part in opening the hearts and minds of individuals as well as society as a whole.

The most major shift that is occurring is that as one accepts and claims their Oneness with Mother-Father God, All That Is, the Creator, they open to claiming that Love and that co-creativity. This then translates into taking responsibility for expanding that Love through every action, thought, and deed.

One who truly knows herself to be One with the Creator, a part of that divine Love, can no longer treat any other spirit or part of creation with anything but Love and compassion, whether that be a neighbor, Mother Earth, or any of the blessed creations and living things upon the planet. Feeling and knowing oneself to actually be in the heart of the Creator, a living, breathing part of that Love, makes it impossible to harm oneself or any other living thing.

To know and live the Peace, the Love, the Joy of All That Is, is to reflect that peace, that Love, that Joy to all, thus expanding the heart of God to touch all of life. In this way, more and more are gathered into the heart of the Creator.

Congratulations to each and every one of you who is reading this, for you have chosen to be a part of this Great Awakening, an expansion of the Love that is the heart of all creation. Thank you for taking part in this magnificent time as a co-creator with Mother-Father God, using your precious gift of free will in a way which will benefit all. Bless yourselves by opening your hearts, minds, and souls fully to all those gifts that are being offered. In this way, you bless all of creation as the Love that is God is expanded – bringing light into hearts and minds and spirits beyond measure.

So we congratulate you, we honor you, and we bless you as you journey into the bliss of the Love and the heart of the Creator.


The wind, the breath of God
The rain, the lifeblood of Mother Earth
The Sun, the light of the Creator

and all the elements send you our Love and our gratitude for honoring us by acknowledging our Oneness.

Hey Ho See, We are One.
Hey Ho Sha, We are Love.

And So Be It.