January 10th, 2020

Blessings, dear Daughter of the Light. We are honored and blessed to have been called upon to bring our message of Love and hope into the Earth. For this is a time when Love and hope are needed beyond measure. It is that time of chaos that marks the transition of the birth of the New Earth. For Mother Earth and her human inhabitants as well as all of life have been dishonored, treated in ways that are not in alignment with the Love that is needed by the planet and all of life upon her.

It has reached a point where life on the planet cannot sustain itself. The violence, the greed, the fear, the disrespect have damaged Mother Earth herself. The mother of all of life who nourishes her children through her generous gifts cannot and will not continue to be disrespected and harmed as she has been for so very long. The planet herself and all of life upon her were created in Love, and that Love has been dimmed through the illusion which has become so prevalent upon Mother Earth.

The purpose of life has become lost to so many upon the Earth – to claim the Love that you are and be Love. Most have forgotten and turned away from the beauty and the power and the truth that all of life is created equally in the Love of the Creator. All of life deserves to be honored, respected, and loved as a part of Mother-Father God.

That truth has been lost as competition, greed, violence, and a lack of kindness and compassion have become rampant. The Oneness of all of life has been forgotten by most, lost as humans have become separated from the truth of the divinity and Oneness of all of life. This will no longer be allowed to continue – the destruction and lack of honor and respect, and the unconscious actions that have resulted in so much harm to the planet itself and to all of life upon her.

There are pockets of Love upon the Earth where the truth of the divinity of all of life has been remembered and honored. There are hearts upon the planet who remember who they really are as divine spirits of Love, living to experience their co-creativity with All That Is. But those pockets and those hearts upon the planet who remember who they really are, are too few and too far apart to overcome the illusion of fear and separation.

Thus Mother Earth as well as those who know the truth of the Love in which all are created and should be honored have chosen, have co-created the opportunity of the Great Awakening, the reawakening to the truth of the divinity of all of life. All are given the opportunity through the chaos and the challenges so prevalent upon the Earth to remember who they truly are as children of God and co-creators with free will choice. Many are being awakened to the truth of who they are and to the hope of a planet where Love rather than fear rules, where Love, joy, peace, compassion and kindness are recognized as the true state of the human heart and human experience.

A new beginning is at hand as the Great Awakening fills hearts and minds with the truth of the Oneness of all of life, with the truth that the Love which has been forgotten is being reawakened within the hearts who so choose to turn away from the darkness and illusion toward the Light.
A new reality, a New Earth, is being created by and for those who are willing to claim their divine heritage of Love and those who choose Love over fear, truth over illusion, kindness and compassion over competition and violence. This Great Awakening is occurring right now and is becoming the reality of those who choose the Light.

For those who choose to remain in the illusion that they are separate from the Creator, from each other, and from all of life, that choice is honored without judgment. The opportunity to reawaken to the truth of who you truly are as children of God is always offered. The Grace of God is always offered to those who choose to open their hearts to the truth and claim the Love that they are. All are honored and loved, no matter what their choice. All have the opportunity to live in the reality of their own choice. Free will choice is the divine heritage that all are given as a part of the heart of the Creator.

And so, as these times of chaos heighten and choices are made, those who choose to ascend with Mother Earth and co-create the New Earth will be blessed with the Love and the peace within their own hearts as that Love, Peace, Joy, and Compassion are reflected into the New Earth which is being co-created by those who so choose.

There are legions and legions of angels whose honor it is to assist in the Great Awakening and to lead the way into the Light and into the New World. There will be joy and celebration beyond imagining. There will be the joy, the beauty, and the peace which have been dreamed of by those who are creating this opportunity of the Great Awakening and the New Earth.

And those who choose not to take this path will be honored as well as they choose to leave the planet as she ascends. Their spirits and choices are always honored and held in the greatest of Love and compassion. It is all a magnificent journey of co-creation and free will choice, the inherent and divine rights of all the children of the Creator.

This is a time of opportunity and grace upon Mother Earth unlike any other time upon the planet. Know that as you choose Love, you are Love, and there is much joy and celebration ahead. There is nothing to fear as you choose to acknowledge the truth of who you are, the Love with which you were created by the Goddess Herself.

As you are surrounded by chaos as the birth of the New Earth proceeds and you yourselves move through this transition, go into your hearts and know that you are always safe in the heart of the Creator, All That Is. Know that as you pass through this time of transition, Hope, Joy, and Peace lie ahead in the reality which you yourselves are creating. Hold this Peace in your hearts in trust and faith that all is in divine alignment.

We, the spirit of the dolphin, along with all the angels upon the Earth and in all realms serving Mother-Father God are with you, helping to lead you into the Light, Joy, and Peace of the New Earth. Hold joyful expectation in your hearts. Know that you know the truth of your divine heritage, and that this opportunity is a gift which the Creator and you yourselves are offering. Let this knowledge help you weather the challenges that you shall pass through on your way into the New Earth and the reality you long for and have dreamed of.

We are here with you, joining hands with you. We are the guardians of the planet, joining with you to create a new reality of Love, Joy, Peace, Unity, and Compassion. Hold hands together now with us and all the angels of Light as we transcend the darkness and step into the Love of who we truly are as creations of Mother-Father God, who is Love.

Hey Ho See, we are One. Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.