Christmas Day, 2019

Blessings, dearest Daughter of the Light, Sulara. Yes, this is your Brother Jesus who is gathered with your beloved son Teran and his band of angels, to bring this message of Love, Hope, Joy, and Peace to all those who are open to receive it. The tears that are flowing are coming from your heart, are coming from a place of pure joy and pure Love. For your pure, beautiful heart recognizes my Love, the blessing of my presence this day.

You have called me through your Love, through your sacred prayers this day, this day of celebration of my birth, this day when all whose hearts are open to the Love that I am as your Brother, and open to the Love within their hearts as the children of God may open to receive infinite Love, blessings, and Grace from the office of the Christ and from the Creator Herself.

For this is the time of claiming, the time of opening your hearts to who you truly are as a son or daughter of God. A time to claim the gifts that are already yours, a time to embrace who you truly are and to embrace the truth of your divinity. It is the time of the Great Awakening, which Teran and his band of angels have been speaking of and preparing you for. Now it is time for each one of you hearing or reading this to choose to claim, to acknowledge the Love that you are as a co-creator with All That Is if that is in alignment with your free will. If you so choose to open your heart, we now bring you blessings of Love, of Grace, of healing, of joy. We bring you the Love which already resides in your own heart as part of the heart of the Creator.

For those who are true to this Love in thought, action, word, and deed, choosing Love over fear, kindness and compassion over hatred and violence, this is your gift this Christmas Day or whenever you choose this… this special dispensation of Love and Grace. It is a gift that will open your heart to the truth of all that you are as a divine creation of Love and Light.

You truly are what you are looking for. Look no further. Simply look into your own heart and know this truth – that you ARE Love, that you ARE Joy, that you ARE Peace. No longer look without for this gift that is already yours. You are precious, you are loved, you ARE Love. Know it, feel it, claim it. As you do, you serve as the example to many, assisting them in claiming the truth of who they are as children of God.

All of the struggle, the chaos, the challenge of these times is bringing the gift of claiming who you are and claiming the gifts of Grace that are being offered at this sacred time, this holiest of holy times. No matter what the beliefs, no matter how one celebrates Love, this is an opportunity, an offering made to all. This gift is received and opened through your choice for Love.

Go into your heart of hearts and choose to accept the Love that is within whole-heartedly, without reservation. Love and honor yourself as a co-creator and as a child of God, as Goddess Herself loves you – without condition, without judgment. Embrace yourself in the fullness of Love that knows no bounds. This gift is offered this day and every day. This opportunity to accept the Love that you are is offered each and every moment. This blessing of Love awaits only your acknowledgment, your choice to accept yourself as the Love that you are, as the creation of Love that you are as a son or daughter of Mother-Father God.

I, the spirit of the man known as Jesus, have come forth this day to answer the knocking at the door of your own heart. Everything you have been looking for is right there, through the door of your own heart. Know that I am Love, no matter in what form you choose to know me or imagine me. Know that you yourself are the Love that you are looking for. Know that you are the embodiment of the Love of the Creator. You may choose to claim your own divinity as a part of the heart of the Creator.

If and when you choose to claim the Love that you are, know that this Love always resides within your own heart, waiting as a gift to be claimed and opened. And as that choice is made, your spirit spreads its wings and flies, free at last in the truth of who you are as a child of God and co-creator with the gift of free will.

Only you can make this choice. Only you can choose to go within and claim the truth of the Love that you are as a part of All That Is. Claim this truth as you speak aloud this mantra:
I AM the Love of God.
I AM the Joy of God.
I AM the Peace of God.

Acknowledge this truth, claim this truth, live this truth. Know that everything you are looking for is already yours, inside your heart of hearts.
I, a Brother of Love, join with Teran and his band of angels to bring you this gift which is already yours. You only have to claim this gift of Grace, open it, and live it. I am here in your heart, as a part of the Love that you are, as a part of the Oneness and Love of all of life, created in Love, out of Love, and for Love. Go forth this day and every day in the peace and the joy of this truth, that you are Love.

We are honored to be with you this day. Thank you for opening your heart and allowing us to bring our message of Love and Hope, to touch your heart of hearts with our Love, our blessings, and our Grace. Be at peace, now and forevermore, knowing that all is in divine alignment for the highest and greatest good for you, for your Mother Earth and all of life upon her.

Hey Ho See, we are One.
Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.