A Thanksgiving message from Teran & Sulara, from KEYS FOR CREATING YOUR LIFE, Volume Three by Teran with Sulara

Blessings. And we are honored to come forward on this day before that special day known as Thanksgiving, when many of God’s children put aside a special day to be aware of their blessings, to be thankful for their blessings, and to share their hearts and their love with those whom they consider family. It is a very blessed holiday, and if each person would begin each and every day with this awareness of the abundance and the blessings in life, each day could be a holiday, bringing many special gifts and much joy into the hearts, minds, and souls of everyone who participates.

Giving thanks to the Creator, to all the guides and angels and beings of light who walk this path with you, and giving thanks to your own spirit for choosing to take this journey upon Mother Earth at this time is a beautiful way to begin and to end your day. At the close of the day, giving thanks for the opportunities which have been presented, the love that has been extended, and the joy which has been created and experienced throughout the day encourages an attitude of mind that frees the spirit and opens the heart to receive greater and greater blessings. So let each day be the holiday of Thanksgiving. Let those whom you love know the joy in your heart that they bring by being a part of your life. Don’t save your expressions of love for just a few special days throughout the year, but begin each day claiming that state of abundance and being blessed which is yours as a
child of God.

Look for the rainbow in each and every day, no matter how black the clouds. There is a rainbow in some part of your life. It may be partially hidden or very difficult to see at all. Seek out the rainbows. Place your focus, your attention on the joy and on the magnificence of the colors of the fabric that make up your life. Together they make up a kaleidoscope of magnificent beauty. So when there are thunderclouds or dark clouds in your day, remember that the rainbow still exists. And it is a matter of placing your focus on those gifts and those blessings which make up your rainbow of life.

This is one of life’s greatest lessons – that there will always be the dark and the light and all shades in between; and yet it is your choice whether you support and encourage the light or support and encourage the darkness or anything in between. Wear a smile in your heart, and let that smile color your day, no matter what may be presented in the outer world. This does not mean that you should deny the range of emotions that make up the experiences in your day. It simply means that when a brief thundershower passes, allow yourself to stand in the rain and experience the rain. Experience the cloudiness, and yet allow that cloud to pass. Better yet, step out into the sunshine of the smile of your heart. It is a choice – whether you dwell in your sorrow or frustration or pain, or whether you allow those colors to be a part of your fabric but then move beyond and choose not to dwell in those vibrations.

Give thanks, no matter how difficult the challenge that’s been presented. Give thanks that you have the strength, the clarity, and the love to meet any situation, choose for your own highest and greatest good, and move beyond it. The world is what you make it – a bowl of cherries or a cup of vinegar. It is a simple matter of reaching for one or the other, ingesting it, and allowing that energy to become a part of you, a part of the fabric of your life. Of course, the rain will fall. The sky will darken. The thunder will rumble. How else could you know the joy of the sun coming out from behind the clouds – warming your heart, your spirit, brightening your day?

There is always hope – hope of a new day, a more joyful experience. It is a matter of surrendering to the human condition and knowing that, just as you have chosen the difficulties along the path, so do you have the ability to choose to turn your head toward the light, even during the darkest of times. There is always a ray of light and a rainbow hidden behind what may seem the most overwhelming challenge.

As you retire, briefly think over the events of the day and look through eyes of love as you see the gift in each and every shadow and challenge. As you become more adept at this, you will reach a point where in the middle of such a challenge, you will be able to say, “I can meet this challenge and clearly see the blessing, the gift within.” Principle Number Twenty-four: *Even in the Darkest of Times, There Shines a Ray of* *Light, a Ray of Hope*. This ray is the Creator, for the Creator is ever present and ever radiant, showering Her love into even the darkest of nights, into even the darkest night of the soul. Look for the rainbow, and it will appear. It will show its face, and its face is the face of God – ever radiant, ever present, ever blessing everything of which it is a part, and it is All That Is; thus all things are blessed with the light of God.

So this holiday begin to treat every day as a day of Thanksgiving, as a day to count your blessings, share your love, and speak the truth and the love within your heart to each and every brother, sister, mother and father whom you meet. Giving thanks opens the way for a bountiful harvest on all levels. Giving thanks expands the spirit, the heart, and the soul into its own unlimited love, which is eternal and which is infinite. For the
love of the Creator dwells within and knows no limit. Greet the day with joy and gratitude in your heart. And observe how many hearts are
opened and uplifted by sharing your holiday, by treating each person on your path as one of your own beloved family. Share the joys, the sorrows, the blessings – all of life – with those who look up to you, with those who seek your guidance and your confirmation of love as the foundation, the only true foundation of life. Material wealth is not what we hold within our hearts as we pass through this lifetime and beyond. It is the love which has been offered, received, and shared. So share your love with those who walk with you on this path of life. They will be thankful that you have shared the gratitude within your heart, brightening your own heart as well as theirs.

Honor those times of sadness, of darkness, of challenge. They serve very valuable purpose. They are as springboards to the light. For remember, around even the darkest corner or behind the blackest cloud, there lies a rainbow filled with light, filled with love, filled with joy. And know every moment, every experience to be a blessing in the fabric of your life. You are here to experience every aspect of creation as you choose. Allow a wide variety, a wide choice of color on your palette as you paint the picture of your life, knowing all to be an important brushstroke creating the masterpiece of your life.

And as your day is through, give thanks for all of life – the good times, the not-so-good times – and know that you have grown, you have become a wiser person as a result of each and every thing that came your way. You have presented each and every opportunity to yourself as a gift and a blessing. See each experience as that gift or blessing. Some may be more difficult to experience as that thought form, and yet, may be all the more valuable as a result. For as you search and determine the blessing, there are many gifts that are opened along the way. So share the love, share the feast, share the gratitude within your heart – not only on this special day, but every day. For every day is a day worth celebrating, honoring, and loving self and all others as a part of self and a part of God. For we are all one family, sharing in this feast of life. May you count your blessings each and every day and come away from the table satisfied, nourished, and filled with the love with which the feast was created. For the feast was created by God, and God is love. Many blessings to you. Until we meet again, Namaste.