Aloha dear Friends,

We are so blessed to be assisted by those spirits of the natural world,
the dolphins and so many others
who love us, guide us, and protect us. I am honored to bring you this
message from our friends who
love us and Mother Earth and all of life upon her, serving us all as our
beloved guardians.

Wishing you Love, Laughter, and Liberty,


Channeled by Sulara – November 11th, 2019

Greetings, Dear One. We are delighted to join with you this most auspicious, deeply powerful day in which the energies are aligned with the sacred number 11 and the energy of Mercury transiting the Sun, as well as the waxing Full Moon energy. An auspicious, powerful, and positive collection of energies working together to bless your planet and bring conditions to all of life on your planet conducive to positive movement affecting the entire Earth and the Collective Unconscious.

There is much just ahead to assist Mother Earth herself and all of life in moving forward in unification with the forces of Love and Light and the co-creation of the New World, one in which hearts are joined in collaboration and unification in alignment with the highest and greatest good for the planet and humankind, as well as all life.

We continue to be quite pleased and hopeful with the progress that has been made and is continuing with educating those who are pushing for greater technological “advancement” in relation to 5G. More and more eyes and hearts are being opened to the truth that more and greater technological development is not necessarily in alignment with the highest and greatest good for Mother Earth herself and all of life upon her – quite the opposite, in fact.

We are celebrating the success that has been achieved in reaching and touching the hearts and minds that have been caught up in the excitement of technological “advance” without careful study and alignment with the Precautionary Principle. As you know, we have been working in collaboration alongside you and your team as well as many other groups upon the planet related to the 5G movement that was beginning to move quickly in the direction of annihilation for Mother Earth and all of life. So we join you in celebration! Remain watchful and continue the educational efforts to assist in stopping this ill-planned “advancement” upon your planet. We are honored to take part in this very concerted effort in collaboration and unification for the highest and greatest good for God’s children and all of life.

We continue to work with humanity as the shifts and changes that lie just ahead will assist in moving the consciousness of many toward the realization of the Oneness of all of life, in the realization of and the claiming of the divine heritage gifted through the Creator, as all are created in Love as a part of the heart of the Creator.

Many amazing adventures await you and others as they claim the truth of who they truly are as children of God/Goddess, co-creators with free will choice. It is an exciting time to be in the Earth, and all of life here has chosen to be a part of this monumental time of the Great Awakening. There are no victims of circumstance. Each and every heart upon the Earth has chosen to be here at this time of opportunity, awakening, and Grace.

So begin each day with gratitude for your precious gift of life at this time of profound opportunity, the opportunity of claiming who you truly are as children of God/Goddess. It is time to claim the truth of your magnificence. It is time to spread your wings, to fully embrace the Love that you are as a part of the heart of the Creator. Know that you are surrounded always by loving spirits, your guardian angels who are holding you in their hearts and in the safety and Love of All That Is.

It is a time for joyful anticipation, a time to trust that all is in alignment with the Great Awakening, a monumental time like no other in the history of Mother Earth. Hold Love, truth, and courage in your hearts as events unfold which are leading all into the truth of the magnificence of who you truly are as children of Mother-Father God.

Release all fear and ground yourself into the truth of who you are as co-creators. Open your hearts to the Love, the Light, the Peace, and the Joy that surround you, enfold you, and are you at your very core as a son or a daughter of Goddess.

The truth of your magnificence is being revealed to all those who choose to open to Love and the Oneness of all of life. This opportunity is available to all through the Grace of the Creator. Love will lead the way to the creation of the New World which you yourselves are creating. Love and courage are the answers to claiming your own magnificence and all that you seek. You already are all that you seek.
All that you hunger for is already within, in your heart of hearts. This is the truth that has been forgotten by so many, and this is being revealed through the events that are in truth the blessings that will open hearts to the magnificence which lives within your own heart as a part of the heart of the Creator.

So we bring you this message of hope this day. Hold on tight as you move forward through the coming events upon Mother Earth, designed to open your hearts to the truth of your divine heritage. We, the dolphins along with the whales and so many other spirits of Love and Light, are here to guide you, to protect you, to show you the way. Breathe in Love, breathe out Trust. Step forward upon your path of Light, guided by the knowledge, truth, and Love within your own heart of hearts.

You are here, by choice, and it is an amazing journey. God’s Grace is being showered upon you. Step forth in courage, knowing that you are loved, honored, and protected upon this journey of hope, as you yourselves are creating the New World for which you long. All that you need is within. All that you need to do is claim the Love, the joy, and the peace that you already are as a child of the Creator. Know it, claim it, be it. Be guided by the Love and the truth within your own heart every step of the way.

Gather with your spirit family of Love as together you create the New World. You are surrounded by and enfolded in our Love and the Love of countless other guardian angels and spirits of Love united in bringing forth this Great Awakening.

Hey Ho See, we are One. Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

Go into that perfect peace which is within you now and forevermore. We love you. We are with you. Thank you for opening your hearts to receive the Grace which is shining down into your open hearts on this magnificent journey of Love, faith, and trust that all is perfect, now and forevermore.