Channeled by Sulara – August 31st, 2019

Blessings, dear Daughter of Light. We are so joyful to be with you again this day! We appreciate your willingness to serve as our voice.
In our last meeting you were surprised, to the point of stepping back a moment while receiving our message, by our rather intense message regarding the issue of 5G. And soon after our message, the issue was brought right into the neighborhood of your beautiful home, the Hawaiian Islands, with the plan to rain 5G down upon your islands through the use of a huge drone based on Lanai… as you so aptly observed, “right at our front door!”

We are so pleased to see and say that because of actions by you and your team and many others all over the planet, many are being educated about the dangers that this technology brings. Many, both there on your planet and in your corner of the world and in these realms, have gathered to bring attention to this issue and to educate those who are caught up in the energy, excitement, and promises of wealth, fame, and notoriety through moving forward with this ill-conceived and ill-understood technology.

So many are moving forward without any care for the Precautionary Principle, moving ahead believing that there is nothing to fear from these electromagnetic energies related to 5G. As so many more are aware of now, that is truly not the case. We, and so many other spirits, have been working together with you to prevent the destruction of your beautiful home, planet, and all of life. Working together, we are making a difference, and at this point in the journey, there is much more light and hope that those who need to be awakened to the dangers will be in time to save Mother Earth and all of life upon her from needless pain and suffering. Thanks to you and all who are working tirelessly to educate those to the true dangers of this technology which could bring destruction again, as once happened in Atlantis so long ago, by Earth standards of time.

Truly, there is no time, and thus rather than a “past” lifetime, this is a parallel lifetime – a parallel reality – and you there have the opportunity to create a very different outcome than that of Atlantis. Many who are gathered there and all over the planet have experienced that destruction of Atlantis through technology that was not given the care through scientific examination and testing that could have prevented the destruction of Atlantis in that reality. You all who share that experience have determined to gather together to prevent a similar experience. We honor you for joining together for this purpose, and we join with you as guardians of the planet and all of life upon her.
Bless you all and bless all of our joint efforts. Thank you for heeding our message and sharing with those who have also chosen this work as their kuleana (responsibility) as you have. We dolphins and all of life upon the planet who share this kuleana send our Love, gratitude, and blessings to all of you. All of life in all realms is precious. All of life is interconnected and interdependent.

The Oneness of all of life is not understood by so many humans on Mother Earth. All of life is a spark of the Creator. All of life is filled with the Light and the Love of All That Is, the Creator of all life. What one person thinks, says, and does affects all of life. We are all Light, interconnected with each other and all of life.

So during these intense and challenging times here on Mother Earth, be the best steward of Mother Earth and all of life upon her by acknowledging this Love and this Oneness. Let Love be your guide in your thoughts, your actions, and your deeds, knowing that the New World which you are creating will be one in which Love is the basis, the foundation, of that creation.

Those who do not understand the Oneness of all of life, our precious interconnectedness, will not move into that new reality. For the New Earth is being created by those who choose Love and understand that we are co-creators with Mother-Father God, given the divine heritage of free will choice and co-creation. Replace each negative or fearful thought with one of Love. Respond to anger, fear, and violence with Love and compassion, sending Love not only to the victims of unloving actions, thoughts, and deeds, but to those perpetrators.

Life is a journey, an exploration of our divine free will choice as co-creators. It is a journey of coming back home, into the heart of the Creator through wisdom gained as a result of your free will choices.

So send Love to all who are unknowingly putting Mother Earth and all of life into danger. Send Love to all those perpetrators who are causing pain and suffering. Send Love and prayers that their hearts are opened to the truth of who they are, divine sparks of Love who have lost their way. With the help of your prayers and your Love, they may find their way Home into the heart of the Creator and who they truly are. Thank you for your compassion, for your gift of Light to all those who have lost their way. Thank you for being the beacons of Light that will lead them home into their own hearts and into the heart of the Creator.

We, the dolphins, send you Love, joy, and playfulness to assist you in moving through these challenging times. Go into your hearts and anchor yourselves into that Love which will see you through the storms upon Mother Earth as you move forward into the creation of the New World. Find that peace that you seek within your own heart of hearts, as the One Heart of the Creator.

He Ho See, we are One. Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.