October 12th, 2019

Good afternoon, dear Mother. Thank you for your willingness to once again serve as our voice, the Voice of Oneness. For truly, we are all One, part of the Unconditional Love and Light which is the Creator. We, Teran and my band of angels, join with all of life to bring you our Love and our perspective in alignment with the Creator and all those spirits of Love and Light who are gathered here in service this day.

As more and more of you humans choose Love and acknowledge the Oneness of all of life, the Light of the Creator grows, opening and enlightening hearts during these challenging times. More and more are awakening to the truth of who you truly are, children of Mother-Father God, co-creators who have been gifted with free will choice. More and more hearts are awakening to the truth of their divine heritage as children of God/Goddess, created in Love as a part of the heart of the Creator.

The Great Awakening is underway as many are experiencing the truth of the Oneness of all of life, that we are all created equally from the Love and the Light of Father-Mother God, and realizing that your free will choices create the reality, a reflection in the world without of what lies within the heart. What is focused upon and given the energy of thought is what is created.

The power of co-creation is such a gift and such a responsibility! For every thought, word, action, and deed affect all of life. You have the power, through your individual choices and the focus of your thoughts, words, and deeds to create Love, joy, and peace, or to perpetuate the fear, anger, violence, and illusion that is so prevalent in the Earth at this time. You truly are the co-creators of the New Earth through your desire, your attitude, and your choices for Love or fear and illusion.

As more and more of you awaken to the truth of who you are as children of God, this Great Awakening will lead the way to the creation of the New Earth through the realization that as co-creators, your destiny and the destiny of Mother Earth is in your hands. You have the power of choice. You are the co-creators of what you imagine to be the planet that you want to create. It is time to allow yourself to imagine your planet Mother Earth as one where Love, joy, peace, compassion, truth, harmony, and cooperation reign.

As you imagine heaven upon Earth, it is important to realize that heaven is within your own heart, not separate, not outside of self. As Mother Earth prepares to ascend and become the New World, the more time and energy that you can put into imagining the heaven upon Earth that you desire, the more quickly will that become your reality. You truly have the power to co-create what you dream of. Allow yourself to dream, and as many join together imagining a planet based on Love and Peace, the sooner will that become your reality, the reality of the New Earth.

It is important during this time to be impeccable in your choices for Love. Stand in the truth of your own heart, that which you know is in alignment with the Creator’s Love and Light. Your heart speaks loudly and clearly if you will but ask and listen. Follow the guidance, the truth within your heart of hearts. Choose the path of truth, the path of joy, the path of Love, and peace will be created through following and honoring the truth within your heart. We commend you all for your courage during these challenging times. Thank you for remaining strong in spite of great adversity and chaos.

Your President Trump has been leading the way for so many to choose Love over what he represents – illusion, violence, untruth, a lack of compassion and understanding of the Oneness of all of life. He is playing his part in these times which are separating the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. While he serves the darkness where fear, illusion, and violence reign, the path of Love and Light becomes so much more obvious to those who know that his choices, his example are not in alignment with the path of Love.

Hold him not in anger or contempt, but know that all is divine order and that he is helping so many to recognize that his is not the path of truth, honor, and Light, but the path of illusion and separation from the Creator and the Truth, Love, and Light that are in the heart of the Creator. The choices are becoming more obvious, and many are now seeing the path of Love, Light, truth, compassion, and justice much more clearly.

See with the eyes of the eagle, and know that he is a blessing in that he is allowing many to choose the path of Light as his choices are obviously not in alignment with Love and Light. Those who follow and emulate his choices will remain in a reality where deception, greed, anger, and violence rule. Each has free will choice and creates their own reality. There is no judgment. The Creator loves all as His children, created in Love and given the right of free will choice.

You, who are acknowledging your divine heritage as Her children created in Love and Oneness with all of life, are co-creating the reality that you desire, a New Earth based upon a foundation of Love, unity consciousness and cooperation, collaboration, harmony, peace, joy, compassion, and the freedom which comes from claiming your divine heritage as co-creators with Mother-Father God.

Claim the truth of your boundless blessings, your opportunity during this time of the Great Awakening, to open your heart to all the gifts, blessings, and grace that are being offered at this momentous time, when you have the opportunity to co-create the New World for which you long. Choose Love in your thoughts and in your actions, and you become the Love that you are. Choose peace, choose joy, and you become the peace and the joy that you are as a part of the heart of the Creator. By your choices and your example, you are helping to lead the way into the Light, into the truth of your divine heritage and your power as co-creators and children of God/Goddess.

The time is drawing near, the time you have been waiting for, the time of the ascension of the planet as you yourselves co-create the New World, the one which you co-create through imagining a world based on Love, freedom, truth, peace, and joy. Thank you for serving as angels upon the Earth, leading the way upon the path of Light. You are beacons of Light. You are joining with us, Teran and my band of angels and all the spirits of Love and Light who are gathered in the name of the Creator’s Love, to claim the Love and the beauty that you are as children of Mother-Father God.

All is moving in divine alignment with All That Is. Gather together with those of like mind, supporting and encouraging each other on this path of Love and in this time of the Great Awakening, when all are given the choice of awakening to the truth of who they are as spirits of Love and Light in body, exploring their co-creativity as they acknowledge and honor the truth that all of life is One, created in, by, and for Love.

Have no fear. What lies ahead through your choice of Love is beyond your greatest imagining of Love and joy. We celebrate this time of the Great Awakening together with you, holding your hands and holding you in our hearts now and forevermore as the New World becomes a reality beyond your greatest imagining.