August 9th, 2019

Blessings, Sulara. There are many gathered here today to bring forth this message. For the energies of chaos have been building and building. As our dear friends Laarkmaa reminded us all recently, “chaos is the mother of change.” And it is high time that positive change comes to your planet after all the violence, corruption, chaos, and dysfunction in all areas of life and in government as your planet transitions into the Love and Light which you all await as the Great Awakening brings what you have all been creating in your desire for a planet based on peace, joy, hope, and Love.

All of this chaos is serving great purpose in bringing that change that each and every one of you reading this has been longing for and envisioning, as you yourselves are the co-creators who are envisioning the New Earth, the New World where Love reigns. There is little time remaining now for the answer to your prayers. We know that it all seems surreal to you now – that all of the pain, suffering, and distress so prevalent upon your planet can all be transformed.

And yet, that is what is occurring as these events upon Mother Earth are opening eyes and hearts to the truth that fear, violence, and greed have no place in the new reality of the New World. So many are seeing clearly now the error of their ways, which have been influenced by fear and illusion. So many, through their experience of tragic events, have realized that they do have choice, that they do have responsibility for the pain and suffering they see all around them and all around the planet. Those who have been afraid to stand up for what they know in their hearts to be right are finding the courage to stand up for what they know within their hearts is true and just. They are finding the courage through their free will choice to stand in their power and align with Love, Truth, and Righteousness.

Many hearts have been opened, and many hearts are on the brink of turning toward the Light which is within their own hearts as children of God, created in the Love and Light of the Creator. Yes, there is more to come, more events that will shift the balance that will allow Mother Earth and all those who so choose, to claim their divine heritage and the Love within their hearts as a part of the heart of the Creator.

The choice point for those who have been on the fence, so to speak, is quickly approaching. Many of you have made the choice for Love much earlier, and have been patiently (or impatiently for some) holding firm to the truth and the Love within you as the trauma, the drama, has been unfolding. Like the eye within the storm, you have been waiting as the chaos has been doing its work to create change – a change for the better for the planet for all whom so choose Love.

Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your trust. Thank you for anchoring the Love in your own hearts in the middle of the storm. We commend you all for your strength and the blessing of your examples in a world that seems to most to have gone mad.

Change is coming – a change which is impossible for us to describe to you. For each person’s experience will be unique. What we can say to you is that the Promise of a New Earth and a new reality based upon the Love and peace which are longed for are coming. Each person, through their right of free will, will make their choices, and the Great Awakening will move Mother Earth and all of life upon her who so choose into a new reality of Love, joy, hope and peace. All are loved by the Creator, all are given this opportunity.

We, Teran and my band of angels, are blessed to be a part of this work, and honored to be present for each of you to help move you into the New World for which you long. No one who desires to claim the truth of who they truly are as a son or a daughter of God will be left behind.

As these days of chaos come to an end for those who choose to claim the Love that they are as their divine heritage, you will step into your true selves, embodying the Love, the power, and the beauty of who you are as co-creators with Mother-Father God. We thank you for standing in courage, in your truth and power, as all seems to be crumbling around you. Have no fear, for you are held in the heart of the Creator as the magnificent transition and ascension approach. Have no fear, for you are loved and protected beyond measure.

And as the phoenix rises from the ashes, so shall your planet and all who so choose to create this New World be lifted upon the wings of God and shown the truth of your divine heritage and the truth of who you are as children and co-creators with All That Is.

So stand strong as the New Earth rises from the ashes like the phoenix. Those fires continue, cleansing, clearing, transforming the illusion and the shadow to bring a new day, a new dawn – the dawning of the New Earth, where Love, Peace, Joy, and Hope become the reality.

We congratulate you for your clear sight, your pure hearts, and your strength as you have been walking through the fires on the way to the creation of the New Earth, the reality for which you long.

Legions and legions of angels and beings of Light are here with you leading the way, supporting you. We honor you, we bless you, we protect you. Hold peace in your hearts, knowing that all is in divine alignment and that there is nothing to fear, and everything to hope for and look forward to in joyous anticipation.

With so much gratitude to have been called forward this day to share this message of hope, I am Teran, one of God’s angels called to help lead the way for those whose hearts are willing.

Hey Ho See, we are One. Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

And so be it.