By Teran with Sulara

June 1st, 2019

Blessings, Mother. Thank you once again for serving as my voice into Mother Earth as my band of angels and I serve as ambassadors of Love between these realms and Mother Earth with the intent of touching the hearts and spirits of your brothers and sisters with our Love and the truth of Oneness.

This time is a great time of opportunity for all to go into your hearts and to connect with the Love and the Light within your heart of hearts as a part of the Creator. For conditions there on your planet are reaching a crescendo of chaos, violence, and heinous actions which support the darkness, rather than the Light, that support greed rather than Love and right action. That serve fear rather than truth and courage. That serve the illusion rather than the truth of Unconditional Love.

We watch these tumultuous times upon Mother Earth with sadness for all the heinous acts of violence and greed and fear. We watch and help as we are guided and allowed to help without interfering with free will choice, full well knowing that the chaos and anger, violence and fear are all part of the divine plan to awaken the Creator’s divine Love within each and every heart as the Great Awakening and the opportunity to choose Love are created through this very challenging time upon the Earth.

Each and every person has the opportunity now and forevermore of going within their hearts and choosing what they want to create as their reality. Do they choose to take part in the darkness, illusion, fear, and violence that is so prevalent upon the planet during this time, or do they choose to create a New World in which Unconditional Love and the Oneness of all of life serve as the foundation and rule as the reality of the New Earth in her ascended form?

The point at which a decision must be made by the children of God is rapidly approaching. For it is obvious, is it not, that the chaos and destruction are escalating, and that all that is in alignment with goodness and mercy, joy, and peace are at risk? Many are asking in their hearts, “How much longer can this go on? How much longer can the violence, hatred, fear, and greed continue to grow and affect all of life upon the planet?” This violence, this greed, this anger, this fear can have no part in the New World where Love, joy, peace, honor, and respect for all of life will be the foundation for all of those who choose Love.

All of the terror, violence, damage, and destruction experienced on so many fronts and in so many ways upon the Earth does serve many purposes. It inspires those who choose Love to come together for the good of the planet and the good of all. It makes the choice for Love much more obvious and much more desired and sought after. It makes for clarity within the hearts of those who are literally sick and tired of a reality where darkness rules. It brings the desire for connection with the Creator and all that is goodness and light to the forefront. It makes it apparent that a joyful, peaceful life based on Love is longed for and worth coming together for in community and purpose.

The heinous acts of violence can no longer be ignored. The pain of living in a world which is run by the forces of greed and illusion can no longer be accepted. Darkness serves the Light. It acts as the inspiration for and the catalyst to choose Love and Light. It encourages one to go into their heart, to the center of Love, to the heart of the Creator which is truly the core from which all of life is created.

Hang onto your hats. For more challenge for all of life upon Mother Earth lies ahead as the chaos and destruction reach a point where no one can deny the need to make a choice between continuing to live in the darkness which is pervading all of life upon the Earth, or choosing Love as the foundation for a New World. This New World is being created by those of you who choose to act and live in Love rather than accept living upon a planet ruled by violence, fear, greed, and the illusion that anything worthwhile or desired is created by choosing the darkness.

Come together in Oneness, demanding change and aligning with all that is based upon Truth, Love, and Light. Go within your heart of hearts and align with the courage that is called for at this time upon Mother Earth, as the violence, greed, and destruction can no longer be accepted and allowed for Mother Earth and all of life upon her. Choose only Love. Support only Love.

Know that you are Love. Know that through your own choices as co-creators with Mother-Father God, a New World based upon Love, Light, Joy, Peace, Compassion, and Oneness can and will be created. Know that you are loved and protected as all of life upon the Earth experiences these challenges and changes that are necessary to creating a new reality, one in which Love is the foundation and darkness and illusion are no longer allowed.

There is nothing to fear. For as you go into your hearts and choose Love for every action and deed, you are protected by the very Love of the Creator. Legions and legions of angels are gathered in all realms to lead the way into the Light and the creation of the New World. Know that all is in alignment with the divine plan and with the Great Awakening, when all are given the opportunity to claim the truth of who they truly are as co-creators with Mother-Father God.

Do not allow yourself to be swept up into the illusion and fear of those who are not choosing Love as the answer for living a life of joy, compassion, unity, and peace.

I am Teran, and I am just one, together with my band of angels, of legions and legions of angels who are here to help lead each and every one who chooses Love into a new life and into the New World, a reality based upon Unconditional Love.

The man Jesus, who was an example of one who claimed His divine heritage of Love and Light as a co-creator with All That Is, made the promise that “all of these things and greater shall ye do.” As you choose to claim your divine heritage as a son or daughter of the Creator and as you choose Love, that promise will be fulfilled as a result of your own free will and choice for Love.

Love truly is the answer to every question. Love yourself, love your brothers and sisters, love Mother Earth and all of life upon her, knowing the Oneness of all of life as creations of Mother-Father God. Choose to create the New World for which you long through every choice made in and for Love.

Hey Ho See, we are One. Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

Go within, into your heart of hearts, which is the heart of the Creator, and connect with that peace, joy, and Love which is yours as a part of the heart of the Creator. We are with you, guiding you, loving you, and holding your hand as you step into the truth of your divine heritage as a co-creator with, and as a divine creation of, All That Is. As the chaos continues and builds, know that the peace, Love, and joy you seek is within your own heart.