Channeled by Sulara – May 12th, 2019 (Mother’s Day)

Blessings, dear daughter of the Light, on this day of Love, in which the spirit of Love and Creation is honored through honoring all mothers, honoring the beauty and the Love which dwell in the hearts of all who serve as co-creators of, and vehicles for, the children of Mother-Father God as they are birthed into the Earth to experience the journey and adventure of life upon the planet.

For as spoken of in your new book, GRANDMA’S SCHOOL OF LIFE, Mother Earth serves as a giant classroom in which so many lessons are learned and wisdom is gained through incarnation into human form – an opportunity to learn, to grow, to explore, to co-create, and to gain wisdom and remember who you truly are as children of and co-creators with All That Is.

There is a challenge and an opportunity occurring right now to stop destructive forces which are moving ahead in the name of “progress” on the Earth, and even into the space above and surrounding your planet. This is related to the expansion and creation of greater and greater electromagnetic energy pervading all of the planet and the space surrounding your planet, and the possibility of all of life experiencing saturation with EMF, electromagnetic energy which has the potential of harming all of life in a quest for greater and greater, and faster and faster electronic connection all around the Earth, known as 5G.

Certain forces are surging ahead in their quest to control human life, which has the potential of annihilating all of life upon the planet. For the principle of Ahimsa, do no harm, has not been taken into account in this project, and the harm that can result has not been fully investigated related to this expansion of electromagnetic waves in the name of “progress.” The Precautionary Principle is not being honored to allow adequate testing to ensure the safety of humankind and all of life upon the planet.

Forces that do not have the highest regard for, or consideration of, human life and all of life are at the helm of this movement in the name of “progress” and scientific advancement. This is a dangerous course that all need to be made aware of. Action must be taken to safeguard all of life and humankind as well as the health and well-being of Mother Earth herself, the blessed Mother of you all, who provides your precious home as you journey and explore your co-creativity upon the planet.

We encourage you to open your hearts and minds to the truth of this danger which exists now and is growing exponentially every day. Action must be taken to preserve the health and well-being of all of life. Inaction will result in destruction and suffering. This threat is nothing to be complacent about. The warning and knowledge are being brought forth from many different sources now to all of humankind. Investigate and do your research, and then take appropriate action in unity, together in and for the Oneness of all of life to save your planet and all the precious life upon it.

We, the dolphins along with the whales are doing what we can to assist. We are the guardians and protectors of the planet, but we cannot save your planet alone. We need your understanding of the gravity of the situation. We need your cooperation through your self-education, research, and investigation of the threat and your willingness to work together in unity with your brothers and sisters all over the world to ameliorate the threat of danger, harm, and possible annihilation of life which can become a reality if no action is taken, if you choose to stick your heads into the sand, so to speak, rather than educate yourselves on what is being touted as progress for your Earth.

Action to stop the progress of the 5G movement is what is needed NOW. Research the information that abounds, the studies that prove that this movement is not safe, is not in the best interests of health and safety for Mother Earth and all of life upon her. Do your part. You can and will make a difference by joining together in unity, cooperation, and collaboration to stop this path of destruction and annihilation for your beloved Mother Earth and all of life upon her.

We are here, as your loving companions upon Mother Earth, to assist in bringing this danger into the consciousness of all upon your sacred planet. We are your ambassadors of Love. We are your companions in protecting Mother Earth and all of the precious life upon her.

On this day, your Mother’s Day in which you celebrate Love and Creation and show your gratitude for all the Love which you have received by returning that Love through your own Love and appreciation, we call upon you to take action. To do whatever you can do to bring attention to this danger and to call for action to ensure the survival of your beloved Mother Earth and all of her children and all of life in the spirit of Oneness and unity and cooperation.

This is our message to you today. Do not fall into complacency, ignoring this very present danger. It can be stopped. This path of destruction can be diverted with your willingness to do your research and come together, taking action to bless yourselves and your beloved planet upon which you walk and live, which provides you, together with the energies of Father Sun and all the elements, to exist in health and well-being if you take the appropriate action to protect your Mother Earth and yourselves.

So on this special day of honoring your mothers, open your eyes and your hearts to stop the threat of what is afoot in the name of progress. We are here with you, working alongside with you to save the planet and to move forward into the ascension of the planet and all of life that so chooses to be a part of this ascension.

We love you and encourage you to heed our message of Love and protection for you this day. We ask you to honor and to protect all of life by taking action in the name of Love to protect your planet, yourselves, and all of life from this threat which is very real.

Hey Ho See, we are One. Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

In the spirit of In Lak’ech, we the Dolphins are here to serve you and join with you in Love. We are honored to join our voices with those who also serve the Creator in the spirit of Love, who have also come forward to bring this threat to your consciousness, to call for action together in the spirit of unity and collaboration.