By Teran with Sulara

March 23rd, 2019

Blessings, dearest Daughter of the Light. Mother Earth and all of God’s children upon her have reached a point where those who are ready and willing are being called upon to step into the Light and step into the truth of who they are as children of God.

The challenges upon the Earth – the violence, the heinous acts of violence that continue to be committed by those who have chosen to follow the darkness and illusion so prevalent upon the Earth – have not abated, as those who are perpetuating the fear and illusion continue to choose to follow a path of darkness.

And those who have chosen to follow the path of Love and Light are now being asked to stand in their power as children of God and to open their hearts fully, transcending this darkness and allowing their Light and Love to shine into every corner of Mother Earth that is lacking in Love and is in need of healing. Banding together with those who choose the path of Love as co-creators with All That Is, the Light and Love that you send out into the planet can and does make a difference.

For the flame of Love within the heart of hearts of those who are choosing the darkness and illusion cannot be fully extinguished. The light within each heart created by Mother-Father God, no matter how dim, still exists. At the deepest level of their hearts, these children who have lost their way and strayed far from home, the Creator’s heart, remain always children of God with the right of free will choice and are offered the grace and divine gifts that are their heritage as creations of the Love of Mother-Father God.

Prayer by all of you who are claiming your divine heritage and your gifts of co-creation, can and will help to lift up the consciousness of those who have forgotten who they truly are. So we encourage you – I, Teran, and my band of angels – to join us in calling upon the Love and the Light of the Creator to touch those hearts who long to remember who they are as children of God.

Pray for all of those who are lost to find their way back into the heart of the Creator and to remember who they truly are as children of God, each a jewel upon the crown of the Creator. A special dispensation of Grace is offered at this time of rebirth, at this time of hope for humanity. For the Light is never extinguished, no matter how dim the flame of Love within the hearts of the children of God. This season of Spring is a time of rebirth for all those who so choose, for all those who open their hearts to receive this Grace.

We invite you, those who have chosen to open your hearts to the Love that you are, to join with us in prayer for the healing of Mother Earth and all of life upon her and all of humanity who choose to accept this special dispensation of Grace from God. We in these realms join our hearts together with yours to offer as much Love and Light as possible to Mother Earth and to all of God’s children as the ascension of the planet, and all of those who so choose to transcend the darkness and chaos so rampant upon the Earth at this time, proceeds.

We offer you our hands, we offer you our hearts in Oneness to assist in this offering of Love and Light to all of life upon the planet in preparation for the ascension of the Earth and the creation of the New World as a part of the Great Awakening. Trust that all is in divine alignment with All That Is. Trust that by aligning with the Love within your own hearts, you are always safe and always protected, no matter what is happening in the outer world as a reflection of the chaos and fear within so many hearts.

Aligning with the Love and Light within your heart allows you to weather any storm. Turn your attention and focus upon the Love that you are as a part of the heart of the Creator. We are here with you always, guiding you upon your path of Light. You will be protected and lifted into the New World through claiming the Love that you are as a co-creator with Mother-Father God.

Release all fear in the knowledge that you are co-creating the New World for which you long. Offer the Creator’s Love to every heart that needs healing. Some will hear the knocking at the door of their heart and open it to accept the offering. All of life is offered this Grace and Love from God, to accept if they so choose during this time of Spring and rebirth. Hold hope, joy, and gratitude within your heart. In this way, peace will fill your being and lead the way into the New World.

Thank you for joining us and the Creator in this offering of new life at this time of the Great Awakening. Thank you for blessing yourselves and your brothers and sisters by choosing the Path of Love. Thank you for opening your hearts to the truth and the blessing of the Love that you are by sharing this Love and offering this Love fully to yourself and to all whom you meet and all for whom you pray.

Let us join together in Oneness and in the heart of the Creator. Walk in Peace now and forevermore, in the knowledge that all is in divine alignment.

Hey Ho See, we are One.

Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.