By Teran with Sulara

February 14th, 2019

Greetings, Mother. And on this day of the celebration of Love, we connect our hearts with yours in the spirit of Love and Oneness. For we are all One Heart, part of the Love of the Creator, from which we are all created.

And as there is so much chaos in the Earth, so many actions, words, and deeds that are not based on Love, all of the events are assisting in leading many onto the Path of Love. For the polarities are becoming more and more pronounced, which in fact makes it easier for many to choose their paths. Violence or compassion and loving-kindness? Fear or trust that all is unfolding in alignment with the divine plan? Working in service to Unconditional Love and Light, or supporting darkness and illusion? The choices are presented, and free will choice is honored by the Creator, in alignment with the divine plan.

The year of 2019 has been referred to by our dear friends Laarkmaa as The Year of Collaboration. Many have felt a shift and noticed opportunities being presented which are separating those who are choosing the path of Love from those who choose fear, violence, and illusion. Those who have chosen the Path of Love, the Path of Oneness, are being brought together to work in unity and collaboration to create the foundation and structures of the New Earth as the old foundations are crumbling. There is excitement in the air for those of you who are choosing to co-create the New Earth and are being brought together to create a planet based upon Peace and the principles of Love and Oneness.

It is a time of great celebration here in these realms as well as there on the Earth as those who have chosen the path of Love are being connected to those of like mind. You are being brought together to put your minds and hearts together to create the planet and the reality that you have dreamed of. It truly is The Year of Collaboration and co-creation in which you all on this Path of Light and Love are connecting heart to heart and are being given guidance from many spirits in these realms in the creations needed to support a world in which Love, Joy, Compassion, and Peace is the foundation for all of life.

Mother Earth and all of life upon her are being honored and appreciated and supported in a new way by many. The truth of the Oneness of all of life is being brought to the forefront in the actions, words, and deeds of those who have chosen Love and are working together in the co-creation of the New Earth.

It is an opportunity like no other that is being presented to the children of God who are awakening and remembering their divine heritage. This opportunity, this gift of Grace from the Creator is offered to all. There is a quickening which many are feeling and becoming aware of as the ascension of Mother Earth and all whose choice is to be a part of this Great Awakening are remembering who they truly are as creations of, and sons and daughters of Mother-Father God. Many are awakening now and claiming the Love that they are and claiming the truth of their divine gifts of free will choice and co-creation.

Those who choose not to awaken and claim their gifts are honored and loved just as all of you are. They are to be honored and regarded with Love and compassion for their choices, with the knowledge that all paths eventually lead back to Love and the heart of the Creator. All of God’s children are loved and honored without judgment. There is no punishment by the Creator for one’s choices, only Love and compassion.

So join together with those of like mind and those who envision a world based upon Love, compassion, kindness, joy, and peace. Celebrate your uniqueness and your Oneness as you are guided to release everything that no longer serves you as you step more firmly, day by day, upon this Path of Love which is the Great Awakening and the Promise that you are loved and you are no lesser or no greater than all of God’s children.

Your choices determine whether or not you claim the Love that you are as one created in Love, by Love, and for Love. Make your choices in each moment determined by the Love within your own heart as a part of the Love of the Creator. And create together with your brothers and sisters the Planet of Love and Peace which you envision.

We are with you. Legions and legions of angels are here with you to ease the way as this transition, this ascension proceeds. Release all fear. Know that you are always in the hands and the heart of the Creator, as a part of All That Is.

You are showered with the Grace of the Goddess. Open your hearts to receive all the gifts and blessings now and forevermore that are being offered as you create the New World and as you awaken to your own divinity, to your own Love as a part of the One Heart, the Unconditional Love of the Creator.

We hold you in our hearts on this day and always, and we celebrate your awakening and your choice for Love.

Hey Ho See, we are One.

Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

We thank you, Sulara, for allowing us to come forth with this message of Love this day and each time we meet, in Love and for Love and in celebration of Love.

Celebrate the Love that you are. Allow yourself the Light-ness of being one who knows themselves to be Love.