Channeled by Sulara – January 28th, 2019

Blessings, dear Sister of the Light. We are honored to meet once again as you serve as our voice at this magnificent and powerful time here on Mother Earth. All of life upon the planet is being affected by those energies that have been brought into the magnetosphere as a result of the recent full moon and full lunar eclipse.

All of life upon Mother Earth as well as in the heavens whose honor it is to serve at this time of the Great Awakening are working together to do all that is possible to assist in assuring that the transition of both Mother Earth and all of life upon her can and will experience the transformation that the planet herself, humans, and all of life upon her experience this magnificent Time of Transformation in the smoothest, most comfortable, most ease-filled way possible.

That being said, these powerful and intense energies related to the changes that are occurring as part of the Great Awakening are experienced by many of those sensitive to energetic shifts as dramatic at times, causing some discomfort and even pain at times.

The key for those as sensitive as you are, as you have already been told and which we wish to share through you for others now, is to know within your heart of hearts that all is in divine flow, in divine alignment. It is imperative if one is to experience the upcoming shifts and changes in a state of as much comfort and ease as possible, as Mother Earth and all of life move through the process of ascending into the New Earth, to hold and affirm an attitude of complete surrender, faith, trust, and gratitude as this process continues.

Fear and resistance to change need to be replaced with joyful expectation and openness to being in the moment and flowing with all the energetic and physical changes that are occurring as part of the process of this Time of Great Transformation and the ascension of Mother Earth and all of humanity and life upon the planet that have chosen to be a part of this Great Awakening and ascension into a new vibration that is the foundation of the New Earth, one in which love rules and love manifests the changes desired and asked for by all such as you who have chosen to BE Love and to release all connection to those energies of violence, fear, and illusion.

This process, of course, is not without challenges, as all of life that has chosen to be a part of the New World is experiencing changes on every level. Some are finding those changes more difficult to adapt to than others. Thus the importance to look from a perspective of trust, joy, gratitude, and joyful anticipation as the process unfolds. That process is unfolding now, as many have made their choices to be a part of this magnificent opportunity to live life upon the earth in the Oneness of the heart of the Creator, with all actions and deeds based upon Hope, Joy, Love, Unity, Compassion, and Oneness with all of life.

We dolphins are ambassadors of Love for the planet and all of life upon her – as are the whales and countless other forms of life upon the Earth. For all of life is created from and by the energy of Love, All That Is.

So that is our message for this day, short and sweet. Know that your life is precious. Know that you are blessed by the Grace of God and all those creatures and energies of Love and Light that are participating in this monumental Time of Transformation, the Great Awakening, and the creation of the New Earth. It is a reality well worth any temporary discomfort and lack of ease you may experience during the process.

Keep the faith. Keep your heart open to the truth that all is in divine alignment and is manifesting in the reality which you long for, have asked for, and are now co-creating along with the Creator and all of those angels and spirits of Love and Light who have joined together both in the heavenly realms and upon the Earth to create a planet in which Love is the foundation for all of life.

Leave all doubt, all fear behind. Live in the moment, with your heart filled with Love and open to all the blessings, gifts, and grace that are being offered as a part of this Great Awakening, the awakening within each and every heart that so chooses to be the Love that you are as a part of Mother-Father God and a part of the truth of the Oneness of all of life as a part of the heart of the Creator.

We the dolphins, along with all of the forces of Love and Light that are here to serve you and your planet, shower you with Love, Hope, and the magnificence of Grace that is being offered to you now and forevermore by the Creator Herself. Love yourself and all of life as Mother-Father God loves you – without limit and without judgment.

Release all fear as you step into the reality which you yourselves are co-creating. Step upon this path of Love and Light filled with the Peace that you are as a child of God who has chosen and acknowledged Love as the true source of all of life, All That Is.

Hey Ho See, we are One. Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

May you dwell now and forevermore in this Peace, Love, and Joy that is the true source of all of existence as a part of the One Heart of the Creator.