By Teran with Sulara

New Year’s Day, 2019

Blessings be, my dear Mother Sulara. I, Teran, and my band of angels come forward this day, the first day of 2019, to bring blessings and joy, to bring blessings, joy, and hope to all those who will receive this message, to all those whose hearts are open to the truth of this magnificent time of transition known as the Great Awakening.

The year that has just passed, known as the Year of the Great Cleansing, brought a lot of changes to a lot of people on Mother Earth and brought, as well, a lot of changes to Mother Earth herself as her inhabitants experienced what were, on one level, tragedies brought about through many different events related to the elements – fire, flooding, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, etc.

On another level, these events were blessings in disguise to many as they gained much wisdom through these cleansings that opened their hearts, minds, and spirits to truths that had been long buried within their hearts as children of God. For the flame of Love which burns within the heart of all of God’s creations, all of God’s sons and daughters, had been forgotten by so many.

Those who experienced these events of the Great Cleansing had forgotten the truth of their divine nature and the truth of the Oneness of all of life, the truth of Unity and Compassion, and the truth of what is the foundation of all of life – Unconditional Love. The foundation of those who experienced the events of the Great Cleansing during the last year was shaken, and their lives will never be the same. Yes, their material worlds were forever changed, but more importantly, their hearts were forever changed.

Most, if not all, have a very different view of the world, realizing that what matters most is not what is without in the world, in the material, but what is within their own hearts, and that the true foundation of life is Love. They have realized that what truly matters is the Love within their hearts and the connection to those whom they love – not what lies without in their reality, but within their own heart of hearts.

This has been a blessing for all involved, even those who do not fully realize the blessings of these events. This has been an important first step in remembering their divine heritage as children of God. It has been an important step in realizing the Oneness of all of life upon the Earth and in all realms. For all of life is created in Love and is connected by this Love of Mother-Father God.

This Great Cleansing, while being extremely challenging for most involved in these events, has also been life changing in a positive way. And for many, it has been the vehicle for transition from life in the Earth to spirit form and back into the heart of God through the doorway known as death. These spirits now know that life never ends, that their spirit lives on, that their spirit doesn’t die but simply changes form.

And so, as we look back on the year 2018 that has just passed, and the doorway to a new year opens, there remain for many more opportunities for wisdom and growth of the spirit, more opportunities for more hearts to open to the truth of the divine heritage of the children of God. What lies ahead in 2019 is the opportunity through free will choice, to open the heart to Love through choosing Love through this gift of free will choice and through claiming the Love that we all are as creations of God/Goddess, created through Love as a part of the heart of the Creator.

Each event in the coming year, each moment of every day, is an opportunity to choose Love and to claim the Love that you are. Many may choose to resist opening their hearts, and that is their right of free will. But many others will open their eyes, their spiritual eyes, and open their hearts to the truth of their divine heritage and to the opportunities which are presented through the Love and the Grace of God. Others may not be ready, able, or willing to see from this perspective.

Those of you who have opened your hearts and claimed the truth of who you are as children of God may be called upon to assist your brothers and sisters as they reach out for help along the way as a part of the Great Awakening. Know that through your Love and Compassion, you can help many move from the darkness, chaos, and confusion into the Light of Truth, the truth that Love heals all things, that Love is the answer to all prayers, that Love shines within each and every heart as a creation of All That Is.

Love is the way, the only way to true Peace, to Joy, to Hope. Love is. Through events that lie ahead in this New Year, many will have the opportunity to fan that flame of Love, to realize the truth of their divine nature, and to choose the path of Love. And you, our beloved brothers and sisters upon Mother Earth, along with us – Teran and my band of angels and all those spirits of Love and Light in these realms who have chosen to assist at this magnificent time of the Awakening – have the opportunity to serve as beacons of Light through your Love, Compassion, and dedication to the Light, to serve those hearts who may need to be guided through the confusion, the chaos, the darkness, and the uncertainty of the times ahead.

Thank you, those who so choose, for your willingness to join us in this great blessing of service, to serve as angels of the Light as we move the children of God and Mother Earth herself into a new reality based upon Love, the Love of the Creator. So have no fear. We in these realms are here with you, helping to lead the way into the Light, into the Light of God, into the Light of Truth, into the Light of Love.

We are your faithful servants, dedicated to God/Goddess and dedicated to being the Way Showers and shining our light together as One. For we are all One, all a part of this Great Awakening where so many will choose to awaken to the Love and Light that they are as a part of the heart of the Goddess.

Step into this New Year in peace, with joy, with hope, and with celebration for the hearts that are opening and that will be opened to the truth of Love and our divine heritage and the Love that we all are as part of the heart of God, in the Oneness of All That Is.

Hey Ho See, we are One. Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

For those who choose to open their hearts, blessings and Grace beyond compare await you. We are honored to be gathered here in celebration of, and in service to, the Great Awakening.