By Teran with Sulara

December 11th, 2018

Blessings, dear Sister of the Light. Yes, we feel and share your excitement at this time in the Earth, as the Grace of God is present and being offered to each and every person whose heart is open to these blessings at this monumental time upon the Earth during this Season of Love that is like no other.

The spirit of the Christ is present not only in the presence of Jesus as this time of the celebration of His birth approaches. The spirit of the Christ is being felt by so many who are ready to acknowledge their divine heritage as Sons and Daughters of God/Goddess as they claim the fullness of their spirits and their gifts as they connect with the Love of the Creator within.

Yes, the excitement is palpable, is visible from these realms as more and more are becoming aware of this special gift that is being offered to all those who are ready to open their hearts to the Love that they are.

This comet bears the Light and Love offered to all those who are ready to claim the Love that they are. This emerald green light which is being showered upon your entire planet is bringing the Unconditional Love of the Creator to all of Her children who are opening up their hearts to who they truly are as creations of All That Is and who are opening up their hearts to receive this healing which is coming to cleanse body, mind, and spirit to prepare for the Great Awakening.

Legions and legions of angels are present as this great gift and blessing is directly offered from the Grace of God Herself. As you look into the heavens to connect with this heavenly vehicle which carries the blessings and the healing offered directly from Mother-Father God, breathe into this emerald green light. Fill your heart with this stardust.

Fill your heart with this Unconditional Love which is a special dispensation at this holy time, the Season of Love. Whether or not one recognizes or celebrates Jesus or His birth into the Earth, this Light of Love is offered to all who are acknowledging and claiming the Love that they are as creations of, and co-creators with, Mother-Father God.

All those who open their hearts to accept this gift of Grace, of Unconditional Love and healing, will be changed forever, on all levels. This gift of Light and Love is lifting all the illusions and darkness of fear from those who so choose to accept this gift. The burdens of all parallel lifetimes, lived on Mother Earth or in any other realm, are being dissolved by this cosmic light, which is none other than the Love and Light of the Creator.

All that needs to be done to receive this magnificent gift is to open your heart in Love and forgiveness for self and all others, and the intent and desire to live your life guided by the Love that you are as a Child of God. This is a gift heretofore never offered to Mother Earth and all of life upon her.

Take this gift, this emerald green light of healing into your hearts. Breathe it into every cell in your body, into your energy field, and into all of your bodies… into your very soul. This is a blessing beyond compare. So many are so excited, for their spirits have chosen to be present at this time for this gift.

All those upon the Earth are being showered with this Light of God, whether they are aware of the presence of the comet or not. Those who are not aware but have chosen to live their lives in Love and for Love, and have opened their hearts to Love, which is the Creator, are receiving this gift. It is a matter of free will choice. All those who choose Love shall receive this Love and healing.

So go forth now in hope, joy, and the expectation of all who know themselves to be a Son or Daughter of God, deserving of their divine heritage of Love, Joy, and Peace. As you accept this Love, this direct Grace from God, you will see through eyes of Love, hear the sounds of Love, feel and taste the infinite beauty of Love, smell the fragrance of Divine Love. You will touch the heart of God. For you are a part of the heart of the Creator, as is all of life upon Mother Earth and in all realms.

All of life is One. All of life is created in Love and is a facet of the crystal of Love of All That Is. Go now and celebrate this divine gift which is yours, a part of your divine heritage as a child of God, if you so choose.

May the peace of Mother-Father God fill your hearts, replacing all fear, replacing all sadness, all mistrust. You are always in the embrace of the Creator. You are always in the heart and in the hands of the Goddess. You are always loved beyond measure and beyond your comprehension. You are always the Light and Love of the Creator as a facet of the jewel of All That Is.

As you accept this gift, this Grace from God, you become all that you are in the fullness of your divine spirit… One with God, One with each other, One with all of life upon Mother Earth and everywhere.

In great joy to bring forth this message of hope and joyful expectation, I, Teran, and my band of angels join you and all of the heavens in celebration of Love. We are honored to join with you in joy, in hope, in celebration. Open your hearts to this divine gift now, and breathe in the Peace of God which is your divine heritage forevermore.