Channeled by Sulara – November 25th, 2018

Blessings, dear Sister of the Light. We are honored to have you once again serve as our voice at this magnificent time upon Mother Earth. We the dolphins, along with the whales, continue to prepare for the times ahead here on the planet, as we serve as guardians and protectors of the planet and all of life upon her.

It is our special honor and blessing to be a part of these times upon Mother Earth as she, and those who so choose, prepare to ascend into a new reality, a new dimension where the truth of the Oneness of all of life as part of the Creator, All That Is, will serve as the foundation for the New Earth. It is an opportunity, a blessing, a gift of Grace from the Creator that has heretofore not been offered to those upon the Earth. This is the time of the Promise, that time when all are given the opportunity to claim their divine gifts as Children of God, in the recognition and fullness of their divine heritage as co-creators with Mother-Father God.

We, as part of life upon the planet, have agreed to serve as guardians of Mother Earth and all of life upon her during this magnificent time and opportunity. For while we are in this form and live in Grandmother Ocean, where we are capable of balancing and maintaining the electromagnetic grid of the planet, we are servants of the Light, vanguards in special service to the Creator, sharing our own unique gifts to assist at this time of the Great Awakening.

Not many understand our role at this significant time, or even understand that we are One with you humans and with all of life upon Mother Earth and the cosmos as creations of Love, the Creator Herself, a part of the One Heart, all of life created as a part of the crystal of Love, each facet of the crystal a valuable aspect with unique gifts to share.

We, as well, have parallel lives, where many of us are exploring our gifts of co-creation, our rightful heritage as part of All That Is. We, as all of you, have been given the gift of free will choice and thus exploration as we see fit as co-creators. We, as you, exist in many different realms in many different forms.

Here upon the Earth, we serve as angels of the Light, remembering our connection to Mother-Father God throughout this service. We are fully aware of our purpose as healers of Mother Earth and all of life upon the planet, guardians of the electromagnetic grid, and Way Showers of the Light.

So many of you humans do feel our connection as angels of the Light, and thus are drawn to us in anticipation and excitement without fully understanding the reason for this attraction and the joy that is felt when we are encountered. This joy, this excitement, is experienced all over the globe as you humans come in contact with us. And there, in Maui, this is especially considered a blessing and a gift by many who do not even understand how to express this connection. For the joy and the Love of the Creator are felt so powerfully there that at the level of the spirit, the soul remembers the connection, the Oneness with Mother-Father God and all of life while in most, this is not a conscious memory or in knowing.

So know that you are being supported and guided by God’s angels in many forms. Master Teachers, the Elders, and legions and legions of angels in all forms and from many realms are gathered together to help orchestrate and carry out this event of monumental proportions, this event of Grace, glory, and magnificence beyond understanding. How to prepare for something beyond your understanding? By being in your heart, in a place of pure faith, trust, and joyful expectation. Choosing Love in action, word, and deed to the best of your ability is your ticket to this grand event, this Great Awakening.

Go within your hearts and connect with the truth of who you are, Sons and Daughters of God. You are created in His image with the divine gifts of free will choice and co-creation. Move beyond fear, knowing that what awaits you is Love, Joy, Hope, and Peace beyond your imagining, the claiming of your divine heritage as Children of God.

And so, as you come in contact with us and the whales, know that we are brothers and sisters in Love and Light, as part of the heart of the Creator. Claim the fullness of your power and your Love. We are here to ease the way, to show the way at this magnificent time of the Great Awakening and creation of the New Earth.

In eternal Love, we send you peace and blessings as a part of the One Heart.

Hey Ho See, we are One.

Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.