Sulara’s Energetic Weather Report – Solar Flare Update 9/13/14

As the day moves into evening, I become lighter and lighter… so energized that I am here on the Earth, yet at the same time hurtling through space… I feel like a rocket ship perfectly on course!

Unable to feel my body… no aches, no pains. Simply this vibration, this energy. I AM the solar flare. Ahhh… the other edge.

Sleep? Who needs sleep? I let go of any frustration, any belief that I need to sleep. I am Love. I am shining, I drift in and out of sleep, feeling totally energized, totally at peace, totally whole and present in the moment.

I awake, welcoming in the beautiful new day. Good morning, Father Sun. Good morning, Creator. Thank you for my life!

Looking forward to experiencing the energies of a different hemisphere, thousands of miles away… in the middle of magnificent Grandmother Ocean, of which I am a precious drop.

Energetic Weather Forecast:

 Remember that the only constant is change, so it is forecast that conditions will change… Do your best to enjoy the ride! J

Stay tuned (that’s spiritually attuned) for the latest updates and further developments in the energetic weather patterns, compliments of your energetic weather station here on beautiful Maui.

 With much Aloha, Sulara