Sulara’s Energetic Weather Report & Forecast 9/24/2014

For the Intergalactic Energetic Weather Headquarters, here is your latest Energetic Weather Report from the station here on Maui:

A special Aloha to all of you out there who may sometimes feel like an energetic yo-yo!

On the day that Mother Earth ushered in and celebrated Fall Equinox 2014, this reporter experienced a heightened energy, and an influx of sweetness and gentleness in spite of the continuing storms of violence and escalating warfare in many parts of the globe. Allowing for individual differences, other weather stations may have reported varied energies and experiences on that powerful day.

Following right on its heels, the New Moon, though hiding her face, made her presence known to many through energy shifts and disruptions ranging from very subtle and mild to more intense. Heaviness, waves of energy felt sometimes as heat waves, and sleeplessness were among the conditions reported here on Maui.

As always, this reporter finds relief from these latest energetic weather anomalies through connecting with the spirit of the water, slipping into and gliding through the liquid Love of Grandmother Ocean.

Whatever the weather, a sense of peace and calm can be found by connecting to the anchor of Love which is the Divine.


If you are experiencing one or more of the above symptoms, either subtly or strongly, remember that the only constant is change, so it is forecast that conditions will change… So enjoy the ride! J

Before the end of October, we will be feeling the energies of a Full Moon total eclipse and on the new moon, a Total Solar Eclipse. These events, as well as the passing of an asteroid near the Earth, which is an amplifier, will give our shadows and repressed feelings the opportunity to come to the surface into the light to be released. So expect the unexpected… it may be a wild ride. Hang onto your hat and your heart!

And remember: You’re always in the heart of the Creator, and from there you can weather any storm!

Stay tuned (that’s spiritually attuned) for the latest updates and further developments in the energetic weather patterns, compliments of your energetic weather station via Sulara!

With much Aloha, Sulara