Sulara’s Energetic Weather Report & Forecast 10/8/2014

The Energetic Weather Report for October 2014’s Full Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse:

Wowie, Zowie! I’m glad that’s over! This energetic weather reporter forgot to expect the unexpected…

This month’s moon wakes her up, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed early (2:45 am) on Tuesday morning. Unable to go back to sleep, even with the help of her double dose of chamomile tea, as the long day progresses, she feels weirder and weirder, super energized, and has difficulty functioning in her daily life as she vibrates with Grandmother Moon’s powerful energy coursing through her body… so powerful that she’s unable to determine how her own body feels. There’s almost a sense of gritting her energetic teeth, if you can imagine that!

As the evening and the time of the full moon and total lunar eclipse approach, she experiences a few tears of release and cleansing related to some old stored emotions that no longer serve, and some general irritation. Acknowledging and thanking those shadows for showing up to be released, it’s a perfect opportunity for her to do a brief personal ceremony of Ho’oponopono (an ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness) for herself and a loved one.

Uncomfortable energetically, this reporter goes to bed hoping to get some sleep and knowing that she may miss seeing the eclipse. (DARN!) Up briefly at 1:45 am Wednesday morning, she sees that the full eclipse has occurred and the edge of the moon is shining brightly as the shadow moves back across her face. She goes back to sleep and just before dawn, she is greeted by the magnificent sight of the plump, pink moon heading for a dive into the ocean as she sets. Beautiful!

Aahhh… a new day. And to her deLIGHT, the energy remains heightened, but she notices that the weirdness and intensity have passed, and she feels rejuvenated, with a great sense of balance and ease, peace and calm… a renewed sense of joy. She slips into the Ocean of Love for her morning swim. At the end of her swim, she repeats her ritual of turning a somersault in the water, thanking the Creator for her life, and celebrating that life as the bubbles tickle her.

Do you have something that tickles you, that makes you giggle with joy? I hope so! And if not, I hope you find something that does, and that you treat yourself to it as often as possible! The greatest gift that you can give to yourself and to the Creator is to live a life of joy.


If you experience any of the above, either subtly or strongly, know that you are not alone. You are never alone. And remember that the only constant is change, so it is forecast that conditions will change… So enjoy the ride!

Stay tuned (that’s spiritually attuned) for the latest updates and further developments in the energetic weather patterns, compliments of your energetic weather station on the island of Maui.

Aloha, Sulara