Sulara’s Energetic Weather Report 9/12/2014

Solar Flare Alert!

Well, for all you folks out there sensitive to energies like this reporter here on Maui, today may feel like the other edge of that double-edged sword! Waking up this morning, aching and feeling like I may have been run over by a truck in my dream time, I check in with my energetic weather consultant (and husband) Genesis for some of his esteemed shamanic help. Am I coming down with the flu, or feeling the mass mind thought related to the escalating energy of war and violence on the planet, as I have in past?

Assuring me that neither is the case, the guidance through him from the spirit realm is that I am feeling the powerful wave of energy from the solar flare hitting Mother Earth today. What to do? Get in the ocean with the whale and dolphin energy. The mission of these spirits of love and light is to hold the electromagnetic grid of the planet. There is protection from the energetic effects of the solar flare by immersing myself in Grandmother Ocean, in that energy of love and support. Aligning myself with that, I help myself as well as the planet.

Dragging myself out of bed, I head for the beach where I slip into the ocean, entering the whale energy through my intention to join in their song and in the love of the dolphins to help support the planet. Instead of the usual ease I feel while swimming, I feel heavy and it takes a lot of effort to move through the slippery, velvety softness of the water. Returning to my intention, by the time I leave the ocean I feel a lightness both in my heart and in my body. Thank you Genesis, thank you whales and dolphins for your gifts & blessings!

Feeling the effects of this flare but don’t live near the ocean? You may want to try joining the waters of your body with the waters of the planet, which are all energetically interconnected, by taking a shower with the intention to join in the ocean of Love and Oneness with the spirit of the whales and the dolphins.


Stay tuned for my next report, after our return from Moorea (Tahiti) where I will be attuning to the energies of the Southern Hemisphere… With much Joy and Aloha from Maui, Sulara