Sulara’s Energetic Weather Report & Forecast 9/7/14

Grandmother Moon is working her magic! With the Full Moon happening tomorrow, this reporter woke up feeling “s” waves this morning… energies of softness, sweetness, and serenity.

While powerful for her, these waves may be subtle for some. And others may not even notice them, as an approaching full moon is generally known to bring those emotions that no longer serve our highest and greatest good out from the shadows, up into the light, to the surface of the consciousness to be recognized, acknowledged, thanked, and released to make way for new, more light-filled forces and energies. Out with the old and in with the new!

Slipping into Grandmother Ocean from my weather station here on Maui early this morning and gliding through the waves was like swimming in a slippery, silky sea of Love.

I wish every person on the planet the blessing, the joy, and the magic of this energy on this day and always. Whether or not you are able to tune into this gift from Grandmother Moon, know that it is offered.

Breathe in her heavenly Light, breathe in her Love. Thank her and all the planets, the stars, and heavenly bodies for their gifts. Thank the Creator for your precious life.

May all beings in need of this Love, especially those suffering amidst the war, violence and illness upon the planet at this time, receive this gift of Light and Love. May there be peace in each and every heart.


 Remember that the only constant is change, so it is forecast that conditions will change… Do your best to enjoy the ride!

Stay tuned (that’s spiritually attuned) for the latest updates and further developments in the energetic weather patterns, compliments of your energetic weather station here on beautiful Maui.

 With much Aloha, Sulara

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  1. Al Miner
    Al Miner says:

    Beautifully done, Sulara, and so true. I awoke last night (Sept. 8/9) about 3:30am to a magical stillness. The Moon shinning on the Gulf waters creating a surreal silvery vista, the silence broken only for a moment or two by a soft night bird’s call. The sense of “letting go” of the past, as you wrote, was and is the predominant awareness. Thank you for doing this Weather Report, this is an excellent Guidance placed in your capable hands, heart, and spirit.

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