By Teran with Sulara

May 25th, 2018

Blessings, dear Sister of the Light! Things have certainly heated up since our last meeting (given with a note of loving humor, as Lama Sing would say)!

The Goddess Pele brings her gift of the fire of transformation and purification to assist in the healing of Mother Earth, releasing pressures in a way in which the greatest amount of imbalance is transmuted with the least amount of harm to human life. While many have lost their homes, Pele is considerate of preserving human life while her fires transform tremendous amounts of energies that have been imbalancing to Mother Earth and all of life upon her.

Many are mesmerized by the power and beauty of the Goddess Pele. The majority of those affected by this cleansing and balancing honor Madame Pele, and some understand that this clearing is necessary for the well-being of the planet and all of life upon her. Pele has been relatively gentle, giving much advance warning and the opportunity for most to move out of harm’s way and gather their most treasured possessions.

This cleansing is necessary and an important precursor to the even more significant changes that lie ahead as part of the Great Awakening and the opportunity for those who so choose to co-create the New Earth where Love, peace, unity, and cooperation are the foundation of a new way of being upon Mother Earth for those who choose Love.

Many eyes and hearts have been opened through this life-changing event, with the Goddess using great compassion in sparing life while clearing old energies to make way for the new, and assisting in ushering in the significant changes called for in the creation of the New World. Yes, Pele working together with Mother Earth has shown great constraint and compassion, offering the opportunity for many to open their hearts to what is truly important in life.

Hawaii is an important center of the new ways of being, of the foundation that is being created for the New World as old energies are transformed and transmuted. The islands of Hawaii are at the heart of the New World and will become a center for those who choose to remain on Mother Earth, but not the Mother Earth as it is known now. For the planet is shifting its consciousness, clearing out the old thought forms of chaos, violence, and fear as she prepares to ascend into a new vibration of Love. And all those who so choose to co-create the new reality, the New World, will change vibratory levels along with the planet.

This is nothing to be feared, but an opportunity and a blessing brought forth through the grace of Mother-Father God, the Creator who granted life in the form of Love. A return to that original consciousness of Love is what is being offered by the Creator Herself to those who choose to claim their divine heritage of Love, Light, Joy, Compassion, and Peace. This gift, this opportunity, is offered to all. All are equal and equally loved by the Creator. None are judged, no matter how heinous the crimes and choices may have been as souls have journeyed through consciousness exploring their gifts of co-creativity. Each one has the opportunity to choose Love, the Love which already resides within each heart as a part of the heart of All That Is. All of life is a spark of the Light of God. This remembrance of the origins of all of life resides within each and every heart and all of life upon the planet and in all of existence.

The Great Awakening is the awakening and opening of hearts to this truth and understanding that through the Creator’s gift of free will choice, this Love may be remembered and reclaimed by those who have forgotten and lost their way as they have journeyed to explore their gifts of free will choice and co-creativity.

Many are drawn to the beauty of the fires of transformation, and these fires have sparked the remembrance of the origin of life for many. That origin, that foundation, is Unconditional Love. Many are drawn to the light of the fire of Pele like moths to a flame, as this event is triggering the memory of the source of all of life – the flame of Love.

So release all fear and celebrate that the time of Awakening is here, in each moment that you choose Love not fear, choose compassion and kindness not violence, choose peace and joy rather than chaos. All that you need to be a part of this new reality, the New Earth, the Promise of Love for all of life in Oneness, lies within your own heart. You do not need to be anything you are not. You are perfect as you are. You simply have to remember the Love that you are and make your choices based on that truth.

This is a magnificent moment in time in which the grace of Mother-Father God is granted to each and every person and to all of life. What do you choose?

As you choose Love, you are guided with Love and compassion every step of the way by those angels of the Light who have chosen to serve as guides and beacons of Light at this monumental time upon Mother Earth. The Way will be made clear. The Love will be palpable. You will be filled with an expansion of the indescribable Love which resides within your own heart. The lines of Light which connect all of life will become visible, and the Oneness of all of life will become undeniable as these lines of Love and Light become visible and all of life is seen as an expansion of the heart of the Creator and the Love that is at the core of all of life and at the heart of all of Creation.

So look with joy and hope and a heart filled with gratitude as this opportunity becomes a reality, as the Great Awakening opens hearts, minds, and spirits to the truth of All That Is and to the truth of our divine heritage as co-creators with Mother-Father God.

You are magnificent. You are beautiful. You are perfect just as you are. Know that you know. Know that you are everything you desire to be and that you are a co-creator of the planet of Love, joy, and peace that you long for.

Everything lies within your own heart. Know it, claim it, live it. Bless yourself and all others with the Love that you are as a part of the heart of the Creator.

In great joy, I, Teran, and my band of angels offer you our Love and our hands as you make this choice to be the Love that you already are and to create the New World that you imagine, manifesting the world that you imagine into reality.

Live each moment in gratitude. See beyond the chaos, the destruction, the fear, the violence, knowing that you have the power as a son or daughter of God to bring in the new consciousness through your choices based upon the Love and truth of who you are as a child of, and a co-creator with, God.

Hey Ho See, we are One. Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

Take shelter in the peace, the joy, and the Love that are within your own heart as the journey into the Light continues. Welcome the fires of transformation and transmutation, and the Mother Earth for which you long will rise as the Phoenix rises from the ashes – a new life, a New World.