By Teran with Sulara

July 24th, 2018

Blessings, Daughter of the Light. And we join you once again in great joy as we serve together at this powerful time upon the Earth. This is a time of reckoning, so to speak. It is a time when the forces of light as well as the forces devoid of light are at their height of empowerment.

And it is a time when those who are serving the Light must join together to build the power of Good, Love, and Light to move these energies which would interfere with the claiming of the divine gifts that are each person’s birthright as a child of God. As our friends the dolphins have shared, it is the Time of the Great Cleansing in preparation for the Great Awakening.

Those shadows that are creating a burden, interfering with a clear Path of Light, affecting choices in a negative way, are being brought up into  consciousness from the subconscious where they have been affecting one’s ability to claim their birthright of Love, Joy, Peace, and Compassion for self and others. These times are fraught with the result of illusions, or shadows, which have been hidden in the psyche, hidden in the emotional body as a result of experiences along the path of life, this lifetime and others. These shadows interfere with clear sight and result in poor choices. These choices that have been affected by the shadows in the subconscious and mental and emotional bodies are the result of fear and a lack of freedom due to hearts that have been broken, hearts that have been closed to the truth of humankind’s divine nature.

An example of such a shadow is this channel Sulara’s belief that she has had that she is unappreciated. This shadow, this belief has created an energy that draws energies that reinforce this fallacious belief. An experience in past has impacted her emotionally which created this illusion, and this illusion has brought manyfold experiences that have reinforced this shadow.

We use this example, with her permission, so that others can relate to the experience of recognizing and then acknowledging a shadow through the pain and intense emotional reaction to events that bring a shadow to the surface of one’s consciousness. Some who experience a similar emotional overreaction to an event may be able to remember the first time that they felt such a powerful emotion, when the shadow was created. Others, like her this time, may have no memory of a specific event which resulted in the creation of the illusion.

When an exaggerated emotion surfaces that is related to a shadow that has been in the subconscious, it allows that emotion to be recognized, acknowledged, and expressed fully. In this case, Sulara experienced very deep pain and sadness surfacing as a result of the false belief that she is unappreciated. Without judgment, she let the tears flow freely, and with the intent to do so, released whatever experience was at the core of the creation of the shadow as well as the emotions related to the incident.

Releasing the emotions into the Violet Flame of Love upon the altar of God with harm to none, and also affirming the truth that she is in fact appreciated, and affirming her own appreciation for self, she then closed the door upon her past experience that was at the core of the creation of this shadow. By doing this even though not cognizant of the specific event that created the illusion or shadow, she has now released this impediment to her true joy and the knowledge of her true divine nature, which is one of complete joy. This has lightened her spirit and enabled the clearing of the energy that continued to create events and circumstances that supported that false belief about self.

So spend time, especially during this time as the Full Moon and the Lunar Eclipse approach, in silence and in honor of those shadows that may be rising to the surface of your consciousness to be seen for the illusions that they are, and that may be released into the Violet Flame of Love, where these energies are transmuted into Love with harm to none, removing a blockage to the freedom of the spirit.

This is an example of what you may experience, as this channel has, as a part of the Great Cleansing. Whatever intense emotions surface during this time, step back to see them in unconditional love for self, and know that you are able to release these shadows, and that weight will be lifted from your spirit and from your emotional body, revealing the truth of your perfection and the beauty of your soul. In this way, you can clear burdens that no longer serve you. The energies of the new and full moons and the eclipses are a blessing which allow these shadows to surface and to be released, to lighten your burdens and enlighten your body, mind, and spirit.

See yourself and know yourself in your perfection, as a beautiful son or daughter of God, without judgment, knowing that these experiences and the creation of these illusions or shadows have been a part of your learning in this human experience, part of your journey into the truth of your divine nature and part of the experience needed for your wisdom and growth.

So during these powerful times of the Great Cleansing, it is important to honor this process by providing the time and space for self to feel and get in touch with these energies that are surfacing to be recognized, acknowledged, honored, and released. And while the experiences of these shadows coming into the light may be very painful and challenging, know the whole process to be a great blessing, an opportunity to clear old patterns, beliefs, and illusions that no longer serve you – an opportunity to release old baggage, so to speak, that has been interfering with your pure joy and the claiming of your divine nature.

With your intent and through loving self unconditionally, without judgment, these shadows can be released and transmuted into Love, allowing you to experience great healing and a great lightness of being as the weight of these illusions is shed, allowing your spirit to shine brightly in the truth of your beauty, wholeness, Love, Light, and Joy. And so, honor this time of the Great Cleansing for what it is – a blessing upon the path of claiming the truth of who you are as a child of God.

Call upon you own Higher Self, your guardian angels and guides to assist you through this time. We, as well – Teran and my band of angels – are here at your side to assist you through these times in preparation for the Great Awakening and a time of great Peace, Joy, and Love as the truth of your divine spirit is claimed.

Hey Ho See, we are One. Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

And so be it.