December 4th, 2016

Blessings and good day. Someone has asked of us, “Who or what is the Creator?” We are excited to be called upon and to serve in this manner.

The Creator is the force, the power, the energy of Love. The Creator is, was, and always shall be. The Creator is an energy from which all is created. The Creator has created everything with Life Force, or Mana, which is Love. The Creator is energy. Everything in life is made up of energy, the energy of Unconditional Love, in its pure state. While the Creator has expanded this Love by creating all of existence, He/She has gifted His children with this power of creation through free will choice.

So, you might ask, if everything is Love, created by the expansion of the Love that God/Goddess is, why is there so much darkness in the world? Why is there so much violence, so much sadness, so much illusion? While the Creator Herself is Love, and all is created in Love, because the Creator gifted this power of co-creation to His children through free will choice, all souls have been given the right to create in any manner they so choose. As the soul’s desire to explore co-creation and free will choice is without restriction and without boundaries, Mother-Father God has not stepped in to interfere with this gift of co-creation to Her children.

So in truth, the essence, the core of all creation is Love. And yet, through this right of co-creation, humans have had the opportunity to create darkness out of Light, hatred, violence and fear out of Love. So all of this creation at the hands of His children is an exploration of this gift of Love, this gift of free will choice. Violence, fear, greed, illusion, all aspects of darkness are an expression, an exploration in which, through free will choice, this Love that is the Creator, that is at the core of all of existence, has been used to create in the third dimensional reality of Mother Earth, duality. This duality is a part of the creation of humankind. All of these things are expressions of an absence of Light, an absence of Love.

The ability to create duality, to create darkness, fear, violence, and all manner of what you would term negativity, serves a purpose for humankind and is in fact part of the Creator, which is Love. In the soul’s quest for exploration of creation, these thought forms and energies lacking love and light are useful to those who take part in their creation in that as one experiences the results and the consequences of these actions and thought forms based on choices lacking in love and light, that spirit gains wisdom and knowledge and understanding related to their own power of co-creation and free will choice. It is an experience allowed by the Creator as a part of the exploration of life and co-creation.

Once these energies are experienced by the children of God, there comes a point where the co-creator turns back, so to speak, to the essence of the Creator and Creation, back to Unconditional Love and Light, back home to the heart of the Creator. These “negative” choices are a part of the expansion and contraction that is the Creator.

The Creator is Love, you are Love. You and all souls may choose to claim this Love. This is your right of co-creation and free will choice. If one chooses darkness over light, violence over peace, fear over joy and freedom, that is their right. But they are still the Love and the Light and the Peace of the Creator, the Flame of Love within their hearts as a part of the heart of the Creator. That Love is never destroyed. It remains in the heart to be claimed, chosen, honored, and nurtured as one explores this gift of creation and free will from the Creator.

Energy is never destroyed. All of life is created from the energy of Love. Choices may change the form of this energy, but the Love is never destroyed. Its form is simply changed, and yet the nature of this energy is to return to its source, Love. And at this time on Mother Earth, the Creator, God/Goddess Herself and all of Her angels and beings of light are stepping in to bring those energies needed to remind all souls that the Truth and essence of all life, and of the Creator, is Love.

At this time in the Earth, all are being given opportunities to see and to experience this Truth and to be reminded of their free will choice to claim the Love that they are, that the Creator is. Those who do not choose to see, to act out of and to choose Love have the right to continue to focus on and nourish the lack of Love, the darkness, which is the opposite of Love. As our friends Laarkmaa always say, “Even the dark serves the Light.” For as the darkness is experienced in its fullness, the spirit is given the opportunity and the assistance to turn back to the Love that they are, back home to the Love which is the Creator, back to the purity of Unconditional Love – which is their essence, the essence of All That Is.

We hope that our words through this channel have touched your hearts, have reminded you of the Love that you are as a part of Source, The Creator. Remember that you always have the right to claim the Love that you are and to expand this Love which is the Creator. Feed the flame, nourish the Light by choosing to claim fully the Love that you are. Do this and spread your angel wings, and allow your spirit to fly, back home into the heart of the Creator, All That Is.